Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 51

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Zhao Nanyu’s back was soaked with blood after 40 lashes. He had excellent endurance, and didn’t even cry out because of pain from beginning to the end. But, listening to his dull hum was more painful to see.

Most of the Zhao family members were watching, except for Zhao Wenyan who was still studying in the academy. The other brothers of similar age stood silently watching. No one dared to plead for Zhao Nanyu, not even Zhao Chao. He knew that his grandfather wouldn’t be hard towards Zhao Nanyu. The second brother rebelled against his grandmother. Being whipped was not a severe punishment.

Zhao Bo1[if you don’t remember, he’s the Zhao family member who always mocked Zhao Nanyu in the early chapters stood on the edge and watched this good play. It’s strange to say that although his second brother was not very pleasant and his grandmother didn’t like him, the number of times Zhao Nanyu was punished from was only a few times. It was not easy to see his second brother embarrassed once.

Originally, Zhao Bo was still looking at it with great interest for fear that he would miss a little detail.

Unfortunately, he didn’t see an interesting expression on Zhao Nanyu’s face. Gradually, he didn’t think it was interesting.

Tut, wasting time.

Zhao Bo thought that if he had known that his second brother’s expression was this boring when he was punished, he wouldn’t come see him, and would just find other interesting things to pass time. This would be better than standing in a daze, watching him.

When the whip was over, the pain from Zhao Nanyu’s back was very severe. He knelt for a long time, so his knees were aching. He straightened up slowly while he gradually became paler.

Having beaten him like this, old man Zhao felt soft hearted and waved his hand, “Help the third young master to go back.”

Zhao Nanyu’s face was pale and his voice was light. “No, this grandson can go back on his own.”

Old man Zhao knew that he was stubborn. Since he said that, old man Zhao was too lazy to talk to him, and didn’t continue to pester him.

Song Luan had been waiting outside. When she saw Zhao Nanyu, she immediately ran to him and looked at the bloodstain on his body. She wanted to touch him, but she dared not for fear of hurting him. Her eyes were red, like she was scared to death. “Is it painful? I…I..I’ll…”

She said incoherently, “I… I’ll help you. I’ll help you with the medicine.” After a long pause, Song Luan said regretfully, “I will not trouble you in the future.”

After this incident, whenever she would see the old lady, she would talk less, and won’t argue again.

Song Luan was very guilty. Zhao Nanyu was punished for her so badly that his face was white and bloodless, as if he would fall down any time.

Zhao Nanyu put his hand on her shoulder, and leaned most of his body on her. He smiled at her, so that she wouldn’t worry anymore, “Don’t blame yourself. Don’t think too much.”

The more he said this, the more uncomfortable Song Luan felt. She wiped the water from the corner of her eyes and carefully helped him walk.

The servants in Huai Shui residence had already prepared hot water. Song Luan was not afraid of shame this time. Her throat was sour, but she took the initiative to say, “Take off your clothes. I will clean your blood for you, and then apply the medicine.”

Zhao Nanyu’s eyes drooped, and his lips rose slightly. “Okay.”

The man’s body is thin with smooth skin. There were are many whiplash marks on his back.

Song Luan wiped the blood on his body with a damp cloth and asked, “Does it hurt? If it hurts, you must tell me.”

Zhao Nanyu closed his eyes and could still smell her fragrance on the tip of his nose. He smiled softly, “Doesn’t hurt.”

In spite of what he said, Song Luan didn’t dare to exert too much force. She finally dried his back and found the powder for hemostasis and scar removal in the cupboard and sprinkled a little bit on his wound.

Song Luan heard him hiss and stopped quickly. She swallowed and carefully said, “Bear with it a little longer, it will be okay soon.”

“Well, it’s hard for you.”

After the powder was applied, Song Luan was relieved. She took a long breath and pressed her weak finger on his shoulder. “Don’t move around tonight, or the wound will hurt.”

Zhao Nanyu casually put on his clothes, and obediently responded well.

In fact, Zhao Nanyu didn’t feel much pain. Seeing that Song Luan was so worried about him, he deliberately acted as if he was in pain. As soon as they walked out of the room, a servant girl came to deliver a message that someone came to visit.

Zhao Chao came uninvited and sat down to drink tea. There was a medicine bottle in the middle of the table. It seemed that he brought it for him.

Zhao Chao wore a straight blue coat, and looked very upright. There was a three-point shallow smile on his fair face. After seeing Song Luan, he stood up and explained in a slow voice, “I’m here to deliver medicine to my second brother.”

Although Zhao Chao was very kind, Song Luan couldn’t force to like him in her heart. Her intuition told her that this younger cousin is very deep-minded, hypocritical and scheming.

After clearing her throat, she replied, “Thanks for your thoughtfulness, but I have already applied medicine for your second brother.”

Under the moonlight, the beautiful face of Song Luan was fairer, and the bright and lustrous light sprinkled on her shoulder, which made her look serene and beautiful.

Zhao Chao looked at her twice for a while before he felt disdained. He had ignored her beauty since her insides were like a decayed rotten wood, but he couldn’t help but admit that her skin was indeed fascinating.

Zhao Nanyu quietly pulled Song Luan behind him and touched her head, “You go inside the room first. I’ll talk to him.”

Song Luan left quickly without saying anything. Anyway, she hated Zhao Chao. It’s better not to meet or talk to him.

“Grandfather had a good face today. Is the pain felt by second brother very bad?”

Zhao Nanyu took the medicine bottle in Zhao Chao’s hand. He put it casually, and said, “Well, it’s not serious.”

But he pretended that it hurt so he could see Song Luan’s concerned face.

“Second brother, do you really like second sister-in-law?” Zhao Chao remembered that this was not the first time he asked this question, and at that time, Zhao Nanyu never answered him.

After a long time, Zhao Chao heard the soft “Hmm” sound. If he didn’t carefully listened, he wouldn’t hear the small voice from Zhao Nanyu. It was easy to be ignored.

Zhao Chao’s smile gradually stiffened, “Second brother, what do you like about her?”

In the eyes of Zhao Chao, Song Luan is worthless, vile, wicked, and shameless.

Zhao Nanyu’s eyes were cold and his voice was low. “When is it your turn to take care of my affairs?”

Listening to this low tone, Zhao Chao knew that his second brother was angry. He kept his voice, and didn’t continue to prompt him for an answer.

In fact, there was something more important for him to say tonight.

“Second brother, the emperor is awake.”

Zhao Nanyu raised his lips and said, “No, the emperor has never been in a coma.”

The crafty emperor was testing all the people under the throne–his wife, son and ministers. In the great temptation, only those who could calm down could survive.

These days, the queen moved frequently and even risked recalling her father and brother to the capital secretly for the last battle.

The queen took advantage of this situation to break the sixth prince’s confidants.

“Not in coma?”

“Yes.” Zhao Nanyu looked out the window, and at the sky, “We don’t have to do anything.”

“Such a good opportunity…”


As long as it’s ruthless enough, the queen could be uprooted this time.

Zhao Nanyu replied, “No need.”

Zhao Chao always believed his second brother’s words, so he nodded. Without asking for more information, he said. “Since second brother has already made arrangements, so I will go back first.”

“Okay.” After a pause, Zhao Nanyu called him back, thought about it, and said,” I will not appear in front of her2In all honesty, I don’t know if this was a her or him. I think this has something to do with the poison. in the future.”

Zhao Chao knew who the second elder brother meant by ‘she’.

“Yes, second brother.”

When he left, Zhao Chao suddenly began to sympathize with the beautiful woman in the residence who didn’t know anything. His second sister-in-law is stupid and poisonous. Maybe she didn’t know how many days she has left to live.

After knowing this second sister-in-law, Zhao Chao knew that she didn’t like to be controlled. But his second brother was a man who liked to control everything in his hand.

This conflict–just like water and fire, between the two was incompatible.

Song Luan was too weak to be his second brother’s opponent.

Song Luan eavesdropped between the cracks of the door, but Zhao Nanyu caught her. The moment the door was pushed open, she nearly fell to the ground. Fortunately, he held her waist in time.

Zhao Nanyu looked at her with a smile, “Look at what I caught? What kind of rabbit was pulled out?”

Song Luan’s face turned red. “Did you know from the beginning that I was eavesdropping?”

When she couldn’t wait for an answer, she quickly added, “Well, I admit that I eavesdrop on purpose, just because I think he is going to speak ill of me.”

Zhao Nanyu rubbed her face. “Well, I know you hate him. I won’t let him appear in front of you in the future.”

Song Luan was stunned. “I’m not mean to that extent.”

Zhao Chao was his family. How could the family disappear just because he said it?

Zhao Nanyu didn’t explain. As long as he wanted to, there were thousands of ways to do it. Of course, it’s impossible for him to say these words in front of Song Luan. It’s not good to let her know too much.

Zhao Nanyu had a wound on his back, so he could only sleep on his side.

Song Luan was forced to lie in his arms. In the middle of the night, Song Luan still couldn’t fall asleep. She thought Zhao Nanyu had already gone to sleep, so she boldly poked him in the face. “I heard…you admitted that you like me.”

Song Luan bent her eyes and suddenly smiled happily. “Also, I am so beautiful and kind, no one will not like me.”

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