Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 52

Translated by: Tinker

It took Zhao Nanyu half a month to get rid of his injury. This half month, he requested for leave and didn’t go to Dali temple.

The situation in the capital was becoming more and more serious. After the emperor woke up, the first one to be cleaned up was the queen family. Both the queen’s father and brother were sent to prison, and the 10th prince, who was the queen’s son, was demolished of his crown prince title.

The sixth prince had been raised by the queen since he was ten years old. According to the truth, he should also be affected this time. However, during the period when the emperor was in a coma, he was so depressed that he didn’t do anything other than stay in the royal palace. He didn’t even fight the forces who tried to remove his own wings.

Although the queen received several punishments, the sixth prince was given an exemption.

After a few days, the emperor seemed to have finally made up his mind and ordered his ministers to draw up an imperial edict for the queen. After hearing about this, the sixth prince knelt outside the Wenhua hall all day and pleaded for the queen in tears.

Just after noon, the old eunuch came out of the palace, and said helplessly, “Sixth highness, you’d better go back. The emperor said that there are no more people left.”

The sixth prince’s voice became hoarse these past few days. Even with a hoarse throat, he yelled towards the Wenhua hall, “Father, you are kind. The queen is also confused and deceived. Over the years, the queen had been sincere in treating father. Please think twice.”

There was no response from the Wenhua hall.

Until evening came, the sixth prince was still kneeling at the gate of the palace. Finally, a word came out from inside the hall. It was cold at that time. The old eunuch drew his hand into his narrow sleeve and said, “Go back. The emperor went back to rest already.”

The sixth prince, with a sad face, got up from the ground and patted the dust on his knees. “Thank you very much.”

The sixth prince limped out of the palace. As soon as he got out, his sadness disappeared. He gave a sarcastic smile and ordered, “Go back to the residence.”


The queen’s strength had been exhausted, but even so, the queen couldn’t die yet. After all, she was his mother in name. If he wanted to become a great man, he needed a mother with high status.

Although Zhao Nanyu was idle at home, he was one of the few officials promoted under these circumstances.

He was directly transferred from Dali temple to be the chief censor of the inspector’s court. At first, when they heard that Zhao Nanyu was transferred to the inspection court, no one in the Zhao family could believe that he’s not working in Dali temple anymore. How could he suddenly get into the emperor’s eye?

Compared with other people, Zhao Nanyu was still indifferent to this promotion. His usual behavior was still the same even after being promoted. No one told Song Luan about this news.

After the family dinner this month, Song Luan also foolishly told Zhao Nanyu that the people in the second room seemed to be more polite to them than before.

Zhao Nanyu smiled and said nothing.

When it came to family dinner, Song Luan had a bitter stomach and wanted to vomit. She not only had to face the old lady’s face, but also dared not stretch her chopsticks, so she didn’t eat enough.

As soon as she came back from the main courtyard, she began to have a stomachache, and it seemed to be tumbling. She felt nauseated after. Zhao Nanyu gave her a mouthful of warm water and said, “Is it better?”

Song Luan frowned, but her stomach was still very uncomfortable. She shook her head, “Not yet better.”

These days, Zhao Nanyu’s gentleness made her temper grow stronger and bigger. She pushed him away, “I don’t want to drink water. Just let me vomit.”

Zhao Nanyu didn’t mind being pushed by her. He picked up Song Luan who was half squatting on the ground. He said to the servant girl outside the room in a cold voice, “Ask the doctor to come and have a look.”


Before the doctor came, Song Luan vomited all the things she had just eaten in her stomach. Zhao Nanyu took a generous breath for her and poured her a cup of water. “Gargle.”

After Song Luan vomited, the feeling of nausea in her chest disappeared by half. She poured half a cup of water to clean up the taste in her mouth. After slowing down, her face became ruddy.

At this time, the doctor had already arrived. Song Luan refused to let him feel the pulse. Maybe she had taken too much medicine, so she was afraid of the doctors, but even more afraid of their dark and bitter medicine.

She licked her face and acted coquettish with Zhao Nanyu, “I just ate and it only hurt my stomach. I’m not going to make a fuss and check my pulse!”

Zhao Nanyu held down her hand, which was frantically moving. “Take a look. It won’t be too bad.”

Song Luan was used to making trouble for no reason these two days. “Just don’t let the doctor look at me. Don’t bully me.”

He said directly to the doctor, “Doctor Du, please.”

She turned her face and didn’t want to see him. She was so angry that she handed her wrist to Dr. Du.

After checking the pulse, Dr. Du said slowly, “It’s just a bad stomachache. Madam should eat less heavy food next time.”

She murmured in a low voice, “I didn’t eat much tonight “

She only had few meats on her plate, and couldn’t even finish all of them.

Zhao Nanyu thanked Dr. Du and sent the man out in person. Song Luan sat by the bed with her back to his body. She was still angry at his self assertion and didn’t intend to talk to him.

She felt complicated. On one hand, she felt that Zhao Nanyu also cared about her, but on the other hand, she felt that this man dominated her too much. He had to intervene in every detail.

Zhao Nanyu knew that she did not eat too much food when they were in the main courtyard, so he ordered the kitchen to make a bowl of chicken soup noodles. The aroma was overflowing, so when Song Luan smelled the smell, her stomach grumbled. She wanted to eat the noodles.

Although Song Luan was hungry, but because of her self-esteem, she restrained herself very well.

Zhao Nanyu ate the noodles slowly. Song Luan was angry at the sound of his eating noodles.

She would look pitiful if she cried now.

Song Luan scolded Zhao Nanyu in her heart. She poked her little finger at the quilt under her body to play.

Suddenly, a large shadow covered her eyes. The man sighed and pushed the bowl full of noodles to her. He laughed, “Wipe your mouth.”

“Don’t give it to me. Let me starve to death.”

Listening to her childish words, Zhao Nanyu laughed more deeply, “I can’t finish it.”

Song Luan turned sideways, “You deliberately ate the noodles alone in front of me. Didn’t you want me to vent my anger?”

It’s bad to make fun of her.

Zhao Nanyu said what he always say to her, “I’m worried about you. Even if you don’t like to see a doctor, if you feel uncomfortable, you still have take care of yourself. Don’t inflict yourself with trouble.”

What he said was reasonable, and Song Luan couldn’t refute. She was speechless.

She was a little angry, but she held the bowl, and buried her head to eat the noodles. She didn’t want to continue talking with him.

“Oh? You don’t want to talk to me?” Zhao Nanyu pinched her ear and moved closer to whisper.

Song Luan trembled, “Don’t lick my earlobe, I can’t focus eating.”

Why was he sticking closer to her? Was she that fragrant?

Zhao Nanyu’s lips and teeth moved downward, and he softly bit her neck, “Delicious.”


It’s sweet and fragrant. It’s really delicious.

Song Luan did not have the delusion that she could correct the male lead’s twisted and paranoid character.

That would just be a dream.

She could only pray that the male lead wouldn’t become more abnormal.

It’s good to be a gentle young master.


Zhao Nanyu recovered from his injury and was officially admitted to the inspector general’s court.

Up to now, no one dared to look down on him. Even Song Heqing looked up to him.

This brother-in-law was more competitive than he thought.

Song Luan received an invitation letter from Song Yu at home, saying that she wanted to get together with several sisters and invited her to the poetry festival before her wedding ceremony.

After two days’ consideration, Song Luan finally decided to go. The poetry appreciation meeting was not only her and Song Yu, but also the invitation letter was handed to everyone, so she had no proper reason to decline it.

Every year in the early winter of Daliang, there was a poetry appreciation meeting, which lasts for ten days. Scholars gather together, and this made the atmosphere lively.

In the early winter, there was no snow and frost. The cold weather outside seemed to drill the bones of the body. Song Luan was afraid of the cold and wrapped herself up tightly. She wore a red cloak with a warm and soft fox hair on her head.

She took a servant girl and went out of the door.

Song Yu was waiting for her in the restaurant ahead of time. When Song Luan entered the elegant room, she was stunned, “Why isn’t there other people?”

In the invitation, Song Yu said that there were other people, was it a lie?

Song Yu gave her a sweet smile and poured her a cup of hot tea. “Sister, be at ease. Please sit down. The other sisters have not arrived yet. Maybe they’re delayed with dressing up.”

Song Luan didn’t like the smell very much. She went to the window and was about to open it, but Song Yu stopped her hand. “Sister, it’s cold. I’m afraid we’ll be cold if you open the window.”

Song Luan twisted her eyebrows. “It’s okay. I’m not afraid of freezing.”

She was dressed enough that the wind coming through the window didn’t freeze her at all.

Song Yu bowed her head in embarrassment. “This sister is wearing less clothes today. This sister is really afraid of typhoid fever.”

Song Luan remembered that today was not far from Song Yu’s marriage day. No wonder she was afraid that she would freeze. No one would want to be sick on the day of the marriage.

Resisting the discomfort, Song Luan closed the window again.

Song Yu lowered her eyes. No one saw the calculation in her eyes.

Even with the doors and windows closed, Song Luan could hear the noises in the street. She had already drunk two cups of tea, but the other sisters did not arrive yet.

Gradually, Song Luan also noticed something was wrong. She glanced at her servant girl and found that the servant girl had already been separated from her by Song Yu.

Song Luan was about to stand up, but her legs were weak.

Before she got up, she fell back on her chair.

Song Luan’s head was dizzy, her limbs were weak, and her white face was covered with abnormal flushed of pink.

She knew that she was cheated by Song Yu.

There was no one else at all. The reason why Song Yu didn’t let her open the window was that there was something wrong with the aroma in the room.

Song Luan opened her lips and asked, “What do you want to do?”

Kill her? Or did she want her to be insulted?

Song Yu’s smile at the moment was slightly ferocious.

After her plan was successful, she was obviously in a good mood, and she said slowly, “You will know immediately.”



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