Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 53

Song Luan was rudely thrown into another room by Song Yu. The windows and doors were tightly closed.

Song Luan was exhausted, her cheeks were getting red, and the temperature inside her body gradually rose.

In her heart, Song Luan thought that Song Yu was really one of those vicious characters of this book, and her harmful means were vulgar.

She barely supported her hand and sat by the bed with an unsteady breath. She smiled sarcastically at Song Yu. “You want a man to insult me, do you?”

Wasn’t it written like this? Of course, Song Luan thought that this kind of plot was for dogs.

Song Yu’s eyes were full of fierce light.

She walked two steps forward, approaching Song Luan. Her sharp fingernails slowly scratched Song Luan’s cheek. With a ferocious face and a cold smile, she spat out harsh words, “How can you call it an insult? Don’t you like men the most, sister?”

Although Song Luan was not her, she still had to explain for the original owner, “I only like good-looking things.”

“My sister has been holding it up for months, so I’m going to help you today. My sister doesn’t have to thank me.”

“I thank you for your kindness. Let me go now. If anything happens to me, your brother-in-law will not let you go.” Song Luan could only scare her by mentioning Zhao Nanyu.

“You should worry about yourself.” Song Yu knew that as soon as Zhao Nanyu finds out about Song Luan, he would see a scene where Song Luan was entangling with other men. At that time, it would be certain that Zhao Nanyu would not let Song Luan go.

No man could tolerate his wife that made them wear a green hat, plus Song Luan in the past had been ‘stirring up trouble’ outside. Where would Song Luan have a good life if her husband finds out?

Song Yu thought viciously that she could not marry someone she loved, so she would never let Song Luan have a good life.

Song Luan’s body was getting hotter and hotter, and she forced her brain to try and stay awake. She bit her teeth and said, “I’m your sister, I’m not doing you any harm, do you really want this?”

“Sister? Ha? I’ve lived under your shadow since I was a child,” Song Yu said, “And why can you do everything you want? I don’t eat as much as you and also not as pretty as you. You’ve been making fun of me all these years.”

Song Luan underestimated Song Yu’s hate for her.

The growing resentment spread deep into Song Yu’s heart, creating the situation today. “Song Yu, wait for me to get out, I will kill you.” Song Luan stared at her, saying word by word.

Song Yu was really shocked by what she said for a moment, but now she had no way out even if she wanted to regret it.

She clapped her hands and walked outside facing an ugly and short man.”Serve my sister.”

Both Song Luan’s brain and eyes were painful. She was in chaotic.

She was soberly awaken by a man in front of her.

She really wanted to vomit the present cliche plot.

Vulgar! Vulgar!

If Song Yu wanted revenge, could she come up with an out-of-the-ordinary method?!

As the man gradually approach her, Song Luan shrank back. The man grinned at her. Song Luan’s eyes were hurting by looking at this ugly person. Her sister was also absolutely dead, where did she find such a disgusting person to insult her?!

Song Luan gasped, carefully groping out a defensive dagger from her narrow sleeve. And when the man moved forward, she lifted her hand and used all her strength to plunge into his chest.

Her clothes were covered with blood stains that had been splashed, and she couldn’t bear the thought at the moment. Song Luan walked slowly to the door.

She leaned her ears to the door, listening carefully to the movement outside. She was afraid that Song Yu was still outside. After listening for a while and making sure that there was no one, Song Luan pulled the door and ran.

She did not run very quickly because of her weak health. She didn’t know what was in the incense.

Song Luan didn’t know where she was. After looking at the inn, she slipped out the back door…

She didn’t dare to walk through the main road, she could only sneak down the small path.

She was exhausted after having run for a short time. She was grasping for air by the wall. Her body slid down, sitting at the corner of the alley, and wringing her palm with her fingernails. Only feeling the pain could she keep her calm.

Song Luan secretly regretted it. She was too scared that after stabbing the man, she immediately left and lost the dagger. She could have used it twice by cutting her thigh so it could disperse some blood clots.

Song Luan remembered one time in the original book, when the original owner was caught by Zhao Nanyu having a good time with other men.

She could no longer remember the specific description, but after she was caught being raped, Zhao Nanyu only looked at her with cold eyes, and immediately closed the doors.

Oh, shit. Oh, shit.

She was in a fuck-shit plot.

Song Luan had no doubt that if one day Zhao Nanyu saw that she betrayed him, he would cut her head off.

This was the reason why she did not have a lot of men. People who are too extreme in character will do extreme things.

She is more inclined to love in a long time.

Song Luan’s brain was getting dizzy, her vision was almost hazy, but she suddenly heard a familiar voice.”Ah Luan!? Why are you sitting here?!”

Song Luan gasped for breath. She tiredly raised her eyelids and looked up. It’s Huai Jin.The handsome face was shocked and surprised. He was dressed in red, and he looked even more dazzling in this winter season.”I…I..I have no energy.” Her legs and hands were soft.

She couldn’t stand up. Her body was so hot that she was about to burn up.

Song Luan had sweat on her forehead. There was an abnormal pink flush on her face. Huai Jin was carrying the steamed buns he just bought, but without saying a word, he let go of the steamed buns and reached out his hand to help her who was almost collapsed on the floor.

Huai Jin opened his mouth and was startled. “Did you kill?! Why is there blood on your body?! And how did you get out with this look?! your husband bullying you again?”

Song Luan was uncomfortable, but she endure hard, “No…not him, you take me back. Walk through the back door, don’t let anyone else see you.”

She would be criticized again if anyone sees.Song Luan meant to take her back to Zhao’s house, but Huai Jin misunderstood her words. He was young and strong, so he carried her and ran to their yard.

In the past, He and Song Luan often stayed in this yard. Hua Jin was a little happy because Song Luan hadn’t been here for a long time and hadn’t asked him to drink wine together.

He put Song Luan on the bed and watched her cry in pain. He stamped his feet anxiously, “Shall I call a doctor for you?”

Song Luan sobbed at the quilt and swore that she would make Song Yu cry when she was ready!Huai Jin was young and smart. He knew that Song Luan couldn’t be seen by outsiders.

What’s more, if he ran out to call a doctor, Song Luan would be alone and it wasn’t good!

Song Luan looked at the furnishings of the house and choked, “I want to go back to Zhao’s residence.”

“Ah? I made a mistake. Then I can take you back to Zhao’s residence now?” Huai Jin’s voice was getting lower and lower. To be honest, he was afraid of being kicked by Zhao Nanyu again.

“I feel sick. Go and get me a bucket of cold water.”

Huai Jin found out later that she had been drugged. His words were lower as he said something in his heart, “I’m more effective than cold water.”


It’s winter now. The cold water would damage her body.

Song Luan didn’t have the strength to stare at him, “You. go. fetch. water. I am not afraid of cold.”

Huaijin saw that her expression was firm and her lower lip was bitten with blood, so he said, “I will go now.”

He quickly took a bucket of cold water and put it in the room. He helped Song Luan as he scolded, “Who did you harm? It’s too vicious! I’m in pain seeing you like this. When do you plan to leave Zhao Nanyu? Although I can wait for you for a few more years, I feel a bit lonely. Otherwise, if you say you like me, I may not be angry.”

Song Luan replied feebly, “You talk a lot.”The original quiet courtyard suddenly heard the sound of neat and simple footsteps, and a familiar and frightful air could be felt.

Song Luan decisively said to Huai Jin, “Quickly, hide.”

Huai Jin looked dazed, “What’s the matter?”

Song Luan didn’t have time to explain to him. She was so anxious that she cried, “Hide!”

Although Huai Jin didn’t know what happened, he always obeyed and believed what she said.

He opened the wardrobe unwillingly and quickly got into it.

Song Luan was out of strength and fell to the ground. At this time, she was in a mess. Her collar was half open, it revealed her flushed neck. It looked alluring.

At the same time, the door was vigorously kicked open.

Zhao Nanyu was dressed in black. He had an expressionless face. His whole body exuded a cold breath.

He held a long sword in his hand, and fresh blood beads were dripping on the blade.

Song Luan could not help guessing that he had just finished killing someone.

Zhao Nanyu also had a strong smell of blood.Song Luan looked at him blankly. This was the first time that she saw him holding a sword.

He was murderous, gloomy and cold. There was no trace of a gentle scholar aura around him. It was like the Shura who had just finished taking everyone’s life.

Black boots stopped in front of her, the man squatted down, looked at her pitifully, and gently rubbed her delicate face with cold hands.

Song Luan raised her finger and gently pulled his hand. Her face was flushed as she enunciated, “Take me away.”

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