Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 54

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Song Luan probably figured out that the plot of catching her cheating in the original book happened with the original owner and Huai Jin. Zhao Nanyu was full of murderous aura now that it was not impossible to stab Huai Jin to death in rage.

She and Huai Jin couldn’t explain clearly in one or two sentences about why there were together in this house. Besides, Zhao Nanyu had always been biased against Huai Jin, and she dared not take risks.

Zhao Nanyu held her in his arms and gently touched her head, “Wait.”

His voice was low and hoarse, and his expression was cold. The more he was like this, the more frightened Song Luan was.

Sure enough, Zhao Nanyu walked straight towards the cabinet where Huai Jin hid. Song Luan’s heart suddenly felt like it lifted in the air, and her heart was tense. She pulled the corner of his clothes, with a subtle cry, “I want to go back.”

Song Luan remembered the picture of Huai Jin’s last tragic death in the snow, which made it hard for her to bear. This simple and kind boy should not meet such an end. Song Luan also knew that the fate of others in the original book could be changed.

Zhao Nanyu sighed softly. He stopped his pace and said, “What do you want me to do with you?”

Song Luan nested in his chest, hooked his neck with her arms, and distinctly smelled the strong smell of blood on his body. She buried her face and said pleadingly, “I’m dying…let’s go back.”

Zhao Nanyu lightly removed the tender arms on his waist. He was very unhappy to hear such sullen words from her mouth.

After a long silence, he finally gave in. He turned around and went out in a different direction. “I’ll listen to you once.”

Although the door of the cabinet was closed, Zhao Nanyu’s sword, which he had been holding in his hand, flew directly into the cabinet wood. The tip of the sword struck the middle of the wardrobe and made a sharp sound.

Huai Jin shivered in the corner of the right side of the cabinet. He curled up into a ball.

He was really trying hard not to jump out when he almost could have died. When he couldn’t hear any sound, Huai Jin dared to breathe loudly. He pushed open the door of the cabinet and crawled out. The sword that Zhao Nanyu threw away was only a finger away from him. The cold wind crawled along his back to the back of his head.

His face turned white with anger, “This dog man kicked me, and even went after my life! Watch out, I’m pissed off now!”

He could’t eat any food tonight.

Hua Jin’s eyes were red. He had never seen such a fierce battle since he was a child.

He was very frightened.

He just thought that if he would turned into a ghost, he would haunt Zhao Nanyu forever.


Song Luan’s body was very hot. She was restless as she touched her hands and feet. She was so uncomfortable to the point she groaned heavily.

Zhao Nanyu held her shaking hands, “Don’t worry.”

Song Luan had been patient for a long time since the time she was with Huai Jin. She dared not take off her clothes.

She was like a hungry ghost under Zhao Nanyu’s arms. His body was cool and comfortable.

It was already dark and the night wind of early winter stroke their faces, like a knife cutting in their faces. The cold wind kept pouring through Song Luan’s collar, and she shivered. Although it was cold, the temperature on her body also dropped.

Zhao Nanyu was afraid that she would catch cold. His guards handed his cloak.

He covered her with his cloak. Song Luan was wrapped from the cold wind tightly, and the cold couldn’t touch her.

The black cloak was thick and warm, and it seemed that there was a clear fragrance of Zhao Nanyu’s.

Zhao Nanyu came riding a horse. He first threw Song Luan on the horse’s back. Then he climbed after her, he put her hands around his waist, and immediately waved his whip. The horse screamed and ran out.

Song Luan was soon taken home by Zhao Nanyu. The servants saw the young master holding a woman in his arms while hurrying into the residence, but they didn’t see what the woman looked like.

Zhao Nanyu kicked the door open and said in a cold voice, “Go and make the antidote.”

“Yes.” The shadow guard, who was hiding in the dark, immediately responded.

The room was then warmed with charcoal.

Song Luan rolled around the bed, trying to untie her clothes. Zhao Nanyu came forward to take off her coat for her, which made her feel a little better.

After a while, the antidote was brought in.

Zhao Nanyu was very patient and fed the medicine into her throat one spoon at a time.

The antidote worked very well…After a while, the heat in her body gradually subsided, and her strength gradually came back.

She sat up slowly and asked, “How did you find me?”

Her servant was obviously separated from her by Song Yu. Song Luan was actually very desperate at that time and thought she couldn’t wait for him.

Zhao Nanyu said, “I went out to look for you before you came back.”

In fact, there were guards hiding in the dark with her that time. There was a secret passage in the room chosen by Song Yu. She took Song Luan to another room using the dark passage.

The shadow guards waited outside for a long time and became suspicious. It was already late when the shadow guards rushed in, and the room was already empty.

Zhao Nanyu found the room along the dark road. But when he arrived, the ugly man was not dead yet.

Song Luan had no experience in stabbing people since it was her first time, so she didn’t stab at the critical area.

He laid on the ground and cried with pain. Seeing Zhao Nanyu, he thought he was the man who came to save him.

Zhao Nanyu also laughed at him at that time, and asked him, “Where is Song Luan?”

“Who is Song Luan?”

The man didn’t know her name at all, and Song Yu never told him.

Zhao Nanyu laughed, “It was the woman just now.”

The man swallowed his saliva and remembered Song Luan’s delicate and beautiful face. He said with hatred, “She ran away after stabbing me! Brother, you save my life. My wound still hurts. I tell you, that woman is beautiful. When I catch her, I don’t mind sharing her with you.”

Before he finished his words, a sword light flashed in his eyes. The sword in Zhao Nanyu’s hand cut his throat cleanly.

The man gasped on the spot.

There was no chance to speak those obscenities in his mouth.

Song Luan thought it over and decided it was necessary to explain to him, “I was cheated by my sister.”

Zhao Nanyu touched her hair and said, “I know.”


Before, Zhao Nanyu didn’t really paid attention to Song Yu. He only thought that she was a selfish fool, and that she would only use stupid ways to harm people.

This time, if she said she solely planned everything, Zhao Nanyu wouldn’t believe her.

Song Luan looked at him with ease, and went on saying, “She tried to hurt me, and then I ran away. After that, you came over.”

She tried to make light of it in a few words.

She didn’t want to mention Huai Jin.

It’s for Huai Jin’s good not to mention him.

Zhao Nanyu pondered for a long time, and then laughed as he praised her, “Well, you did good.”

Song Luan’s tension in her heart loosed a bit. It was good she didn’t get Huai Jin involved.

If she hadn’t met Huai Jin, she didn’t know what would happen.

But Song Luan still dared not tell him Huai Jin saved her on the way. The male lead’s jealousy and cleanliness were very serious, Huai Jin saw her disheveled appearance, and had that strange look on his face.

She was afraid that Zhao Nanyu wouldn’t believe if she tells him. He would probably even think that Huai Jin and Song Yu worked together to do this.

Song Luan’s request for Zhao Nanyu this evening couldn’t be denied. The effect of the drug still played a role. Compared with their usual love-making, Song Luan was more conceding.

It was another sleepless hour until midnight.

The sound of low sobbing didn’t stop until the middle of the night.


Song Luan heard news about Song Yu three days later.

When Song Yu was praying for blessings in the Buddhist temple, she was kidnapped in private.

Killing or spilling blood in a temple was not allowed, so she was dragged down the mountain and was beaten until she was almost half-dead. The Song family spent a lot of energy to save Song Yu’s life, but now, she couldn’t get married.

After the marriage was cancelled, Song Yu was sent to nunnery, and she had to commit to living a secular life.

Song Luan knew that there was still a little bit anger in her own heart, so she was very relieved when she heard what happened to her. Song Yu deserved this fate.

These days, Song Luan found that it became more difficult for her to go out. Grandma Lin was watching her tightly. She had wanted to slip out, but all her plans came to nothing.

Zhao Nanyu’s people followed her. As soon as she stepped out of the gate, several people suddenly appeared in all directions.

Song Luan couldn’t stand it anymore. She was angry with them, “Don’t follow me! I’m not going anywhere.”

Not only that, she also found that most people around them seemed to pay more and more respect to Zhao Nanyu. At this time, Song Luan knew that he had been promoted to imperial censor of the capital.

Song Luan’s heart sank. If she remembered correctly, soon after Zhao Nanyu became the imperial censor of the capital, the Song family collapsed and the new emperor ascended the throne after the emperor died.

When these things happen, many unfortunate events happened.

But in the original book, it should had been several months before Zhao Nanyu became the imperial censor of the capital. To her surprise, the timeline in the book had also changed.

After the new emperor ascended the throne, the male lead became powerful and gradually grew into a human that resembled a shura.

However, Song Luan did not care about these at present. She had to solve the problem of her personal freedom.

At night, she stood in front of Zhao Nanyu, and coughed twice to get his attention. She needs to discussed it with him, “Can you withdraw your bodyguards? I don’t like too many people going out with me.”

“Where are you going?”

Zhao Nanyu had given orders that the bodyguards should stop her to areas where she was not allowed.

Song Luan was silent.

Zhao Nanyu pinched her chin and pulled out a cold smile. “Do you want to go to Huai Jin?”

Zhao Nanyu’s jealousy was heavier than anyone else in the world. His love was million times heavier than others.

After a moment’s pause, he lied to her and said, “Don’t look for him. I’ve already killed him.”

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