Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 57

Zhao Nanyu stood by the window in the quiet cold wind for a moment.

Before long, grandma Lin arrived. His back was turned to her, and his voice was cold. “Has my wife’s monthly period come?”

Grandma Lin lowered her eyes and did not dare lift her head. There was no candle in the room, so the area was dark. She could only see the figure of the young master.

She replied, “Not yet.”

When the young master asked this question in the middle of the night, he must have been suspicious, so after a moment’s hesitation, grandma Lin added, “But madam’s monthly period is not so accurate.”

Zhao Nanyu also knew about it, and that Song Luan didn’t care much about her body.

Zhao Nanyu nodded and said in a deep voice, “You should serve her carefully these days.”

Grandma Lin already had a worry in her heart. Was young master suspicious that madam might be pregnant? Yes, they had a good relationship a few days ago, so it wouldn’t be surprising that madam would get pregnant.

She thought silently, this was also a good thing. She was only hoping that this time Madam would not treat her child the same as she treated little Zhao before.

“Don’t worry, young master.”


Song Luan herself was not aware of this. She occasionally felt some nausea, but was so used to it that she didn’t take it seriously.

After several days of continuous snow in the capital, it finally stopped.

The sun was now shining. There was a thick layer of snow in the yard.

Song Heqing gave her a message that he wanted to see Song Luan, so she dressed in thick clothes, and walked out the residence in fear. She thought that maybe there was something wrong with the Song family.

After waiting in restaurant, her heart slightly skipped a beat. Song Heqing’s face was a little thinner, and the outline of his face was a little sharp. His brows were frowning, and looked very worried. He looked at his arrogant sister and stopped a few times.

He coughed twice and said apologetically, “Ah Luan, what the fourth sister did…”

Song Luan guessed that her brother, who was eager to protect his sisters, already knew what Song Yu had done. She took a sip of tea and said, “Brother, it has nothing to do with you.”

Song Heqing grimaced, “I didn’t know that she was so hostile to you! Doing dirty tricks that could harm your life..”

He watched over his fourth sister as she grew up. She was a timid girl, and always hid behind the other sisters. He couldn’t see that she would be so vicious.

When Song Heqing heard about it from Zhao Nanyu, he didn’t believe it.

Song Luan didn’t understand his brother’s intention to come to her for a while. Did he want to say two good words to her? Make fourth sister and her reconcile?

“I didn’t expect my fourth sister to do such a thing.” Song Luan looked at him and said, “But brother, who did you hear this from?”

Song Heqing vaguely replied, “Your husband.”

At first, he didn’t know about it. Song Yu did it so covertly that Zhao Nanyu almost killed her.

After Song Yu was caught in the temple, Song Heqing, as the eldest brother, couldn’t bear to see his sister spend the rest of her life in the nunnery. He had intended to ask his father for mercy and protect Song Yu. However, she must not stay in the capital any longer. It was the best way to marry her far away.

At this time, Zhao Nanyu came to visit him and told him what Song Yu had done.

Although Song Heqing was very good to each sister, he preferred Song Luan most.

Although the little girl was not very good in character, but when she was a child, she liked to plunge into his arms and act coquettish.

Even though Song Luan’s reputation was in a mess, in Song Heqing’s eyes, these were nothing. His sister was still so beautiful. What’s the matter with raising this kind of cute devil?

In Song Heqing’s opinion, the only fault of her sister was that she’s too high-profile, and didn’t know how to cover it at all.

When Zhao Nanyu also told him about Song Luan’s injury, Song Heqing was very angry. He didn’t go to his father to plead for Song Yu, and even refused to take care of her.

He was mainly concerned about his sister’s injury. Was she okay? These days, Zhao Nanyu was resting in the palace. He certainly had no time to take care of her. At this point, Song Heqing was quite critical.

No matter how many affairs were in the palace, Zhao Nanyu shouldn’t have stayed away for more than ten days, leaving his sister alone!

Her sister’s fairy like figure should be spoiled in the palm of his hand.

“Why does he tell you about this?” Song Luan pouted, and said unhappily.

Song Heqing gently coaxed her, “Okay, Okay…I just want to ask whether the wound on your body is already healed?”

Song Luan didn’t feel any pain anymore. Zhao Nanyu probably added fuel to scare her brother, so she said in a sullen voice, “I’m okay.”

“Good? You didn’t lie to your brother?”

“Do I lie to you to get money? That’s great.” Song Luan felt more comfortable when she saw that her brother didn’t want to mention Song Yu’s words.

She coughed twice, “Brother, are you going to ask me this today?”

Song Heqing took out a small box from behind him and placed it in front of her. His chin nodded to its direction, indicating that she should open the small box.

Song Luan took the key from his palm and opened the box with expectation. Her eyes were almost blinded by the gold and silver jewelry in it. She couldn’t turn her eyes, and could only stare at the golden jewelry in the box. Her eyes narrowed into a slit, “For me?!”

Song Heqing couldn’t help but looked at her wealthy little fan. “Your mother asked me to bring it to you.”

Song Luan couldn’t put it down, and held the box tightly. “My mother is so nice!”

I had a doting mother. It’s really nice to live!

Song Heqing suddenly smiled, and looked at her seriously. Then, he said slowly, “I think your mother still doesn’t like Ah Yu very much. But in fact, I think he’s good. He has a bright future. He’s tolerant to you. If you have a chance, go persuade your mother…”

Zhao Nanyu was rising in ranks. It was obvious that someone was deliberately trying to put him in a high position. Song Heqing felt that the man behind Zhao Nanyu was mostly the sixth prince.

In the eyes of the emperor, it seemed that he had never been such a good person. He would never stop asking mocking questions to Zhao Nanyu. The emperor wouldn’t even reward his meritorious deeds.

If Zhao Nanyu made a mistake, he would be severely punished.

But for a second thought, the sixth prince, who had just been granted the title of emperor, may not have the ability to make him jump to the position of the fourth grade official.

Song Heqing couldn’t figure it out. Anyway, Zhao Nanyu’s rise to power was also good for the Song family.

“From the first day of my marriage, my mother wanted me to leave him.” Song Luan said.

Song Heqing was not surprised. Aunt Lin had only had money and power in her eyes. She thought that the most noble man in the world was worthy of her daughter. It was no wonder that such a person was not satisfied with just Zhao Nanyu.

“What do you think?”


Song Luan looked out of the window at the sky. On the high eaves stood groups of birds chirping happily. Her eyes were suddenly sad. She suddenly realized that she still yearned for a free and normal life.

She couldn’t have any attachment to the repressed and overwhelming controlled life.

Zhao Nanyu was a good man. He was beautiful. Song Luan had never seen a man more beautiful than him in her two lives. He had a bright future, and the best fortune. He had no other shortcomings except being arrogant and ruthless.

But it was precisely Zhao Nanyu’s defect character that Song Luan couldn’t tolerate.

Strong love would trap her.

She didn’t want to be a pretty girl in a cage.

Song Luan felt that it was time to reveal her heart to her brother. She said one word at a time, “I also want to leave.”

Song Heqing was surprised that he blurted out and asked her, “Are you willing to part with your son?”

She couldn’t give him up.

He was such a good boy.

Song Luan was dejected and murmured in a low voice. “I can’t.”

There was no way that the Zhao family would let her take her son to the Song family.

Song Heqing felt a headache. He rubbed his eyebrows and swallowed his saliva. He asked her tentatively, “Ah Luan, are you…cough…are you fascinated by other men outside?”

He then added, “Well, what you want to do, your brother won’t stop you, but there is a limit to everything. Don’t take it seriously.”

Song Luan was shocked by Song Heqing’s three views.

“It has nothing to do with other men,” she explained. “I can’t get along with him!”

“Do you really mean to leave?”

“Well, after the Chinese New Year. I’ll talk to him.”

After the end of the year, court affairs would already be settled.

Song Heqing also wanted to persuade her with two more words, but seeing that she was determined, he closed his mouth and stopped talking.

Personally, he still felt that there was room for the couple to turn around. And what he didn’t say was that Zhao Nanyu might not want her to leave.

Men are also very keen at looking at other men. Zhao Nanyu looked at his sister like a wolf every time.

How could he let someone go easily?

The two brothers and sisters had lunch together in the restaurant. Song Luan also drank a glass of wine, so she was a little dizzy, and had a faint blush in her cheeks. She was out for a while that her temperature on her face dropped.

Song Heqing sent her to the carriage while delivering a message that her mother wanted to convey to her: “You should pay more attention to your health. Don’t eat or play too much. You can rest assured that I am on your side always. I will take care of you.”

Moreover, aunt Lin lived a very happy and comfortable life. She fiddled with treasures all day long, and went to shops to buy new clothes.

Song Luan nodded, “I know. Brother, you should also take care of yourself. Do not try to be brave.”

After the new emperor ascends the throne, she didn’t know what would happen to the Song family, but it would certainly be better than the original book. They would not end up in exile.

Song Heqing grinned and touched her head. “You also take care of yourself.”

After a visit, Song Luan’s mood was relieved greatly. She jumped on the snow and played by herself. The red embroidered shoes deliberately left footprints one after another in the snow.

Song Luan walked several times in the snow until she noticed that her shoes were wet, so she reluctantly returned to the yard.

When she came into the room, Zhao Nanyu’s was already there. He was wearing a crescent colored tunic and a small sachet hanging from his belt. His eyebrows and eyes looked very picturesque.

Little Zhao was lying on his shoulder with the corners of his mouth turned down, and his mood seemed to be depressed.

Song Luan went over and picked up little Zhao from his arms and pinched his tender cheek. “What’s the matter?”

Little Zhao was embarrassed to say it. It was because his father did not let him go out to play snow. He was just unhappy.

Zhao Nanyu coughed and said, “Doing as he pleases.”

Song Luan ignored Zhao Nanyu and patiently asked her son, “What do you want to do? say it to mother.”

He lowered his voice and whispered in her ear, “I want to make a snowman, but my father won’t let me.”

Zhao Nanyu explained for himself, “He will be sick again if he plays today. It’s snowing very hard.”

“So it is.” She lowered her head and gently coaxed the child, “You don’t want to get sick, do you?”

“Okay.” He put his arm around her neck, “Okay, I see, mom.”

He looked at his mother. Since she liked to make many little snowman, he want to send her one. He didn’t have any interest in playing.

“Well, don’t pester your mother all the time. You haven’t finished your homework.”

“Father, I know. I’m going.”

Little Zhao jumped to the ground, and was led by a maidservant to the study of the front yard.

Song Luan’s arms were empty, and she was not used to it for a while.

Zhao Nanyu, with sharp eyes, looked at Song Luan’s soaked toe and asked, “Why are your shoes wet?”

“Ah? Really? I didn’t notice either.” Song Luan looked down and pretended not to know.

Zhao Nanyu took her to the bedside and sat down. He squatted in front of her and took off her shoes. Her socks were wet, and he sighed, “How old are you? Why do you still play?”

Song Luan was not very comfortable. She tried to take her little feet back. “Get up, I’ll do it myself.”

Zhao Nanyu pinched her thin white ankle and took off her socks. Seeing her her tender white feet, his eyes turned dim and he gave her a smile. “I’ll help you.”

He found a pair of clean socks and slowly put them on for her. Song Luan could see his fair face as soon as he lowered his head. The man looked sacred, as if he was doing a very important thing.

After putting on her socks, Zhao Nanyu took a pair of shoes for her and put them under the bed. She said softly, “Now it’s okay.”

“Thank you.”

“We’re husband and wife, don’t be so polite.”

Song Luan’s psychological pressure suddenly increased a lot. Why did she feel that he was taking the initiative!? Why did I sense that his meaning was getting deeper and deeper!?

“Aren’t you busy?”

Zhao Nanyu was silent, after a while, he raised his eyebrows. “I’m almost busy.”

Song Luan didn’t care about him. She just wanted to get some information about the palace from his mouth, such as whether the emperor already decided on a prince?

She hesitated and continued, “Today I heard from my brother that the situation is unstable and the emperor had killed many people. Will you be okay?”

“Don’t worry. It won’t affect me.” Zhao Nanyu said with a smile.

Seeing that he couldn’t pry things out of his mouth, Song Luan laughed, “You’re okay, that’s good.”

Zhao Nanyu’s lips rose in a good mood.

When it was time to have dinner, the doctor that Zhao Nanyu asked for had arrived.

The doctor was followed by a little boy. They came here on foot, so their bodies were shaking from cold. Zhao Nanyu told the maidservants to pour a cup of hot water for them and then went into the inner room.

Song Luan’s face was hidden in the quilt, and was sleeping sweetly. She hadn’t woken up from her afternoon nap, when Zhao Nanyu approached her and pulled her out of the quilt. “It’s time to wake up.”

Song Luan opened her eyes vaguely, and looked up. It was dark outside the window. Slowly, she got up from the quilt and found two people sitting outside who she had never seen before.

“Are these two…?”

“Doctors.” Zhao Nanyu replied, and said, “Just regular visits. You don’t have to be afraid.”

When he said this, Song Luan was relieved. She thought that there was something wrong with her failing body. She was very cooperative and handed her hand to the doctor so they could feel the pulse.

The room was quiet and only the breathing could be heard

After a long time, Song Luan only heard him say, “Congratulations, madam. This is the pulse of joy.”

She hadn’t recovered for a long time, and her brain was confused by his words. Later, when the doctor and Zhao Nanyu said something, she didn’t listen to anything at all.

Zhao Nanyu was more calm than her. He rewarded the doctor with a large amount of silver, and ordered people to send the doctor out of the house.

Song Luan swallowed her mouth, opened her eyes wide, and looked at him, “Am I pregnant?”

Zhao Nanyu’s eyes were filled with an imperceptible smile. The corner of his lips were raised, and whispered, “Yes.”

“How can I get pregnant? I…I…I drank bozi soup before, and..and…” She was incoherent and didn’t know what she was saying.

Zhao Nanyu put his hand on her shoulder, as if sensing her uneasiness and fear. He said, “Isn’t this a good thing?”

Was it a good thing? Was it really a good thing? Song Luan’s brain was confused, but she couldn’t say that she didn’t want children.

Zhao Nanyu’s smile gradually stiffened, “I want little Zhao to have a sister, don’t you like it?”

“That’s not what I mean.”

He said coldly, “You’re going to raise a baby well.”

Song Luan wanted to say all the thousand words in her throat, but could only call out his name, “Zhao Nanyu.”

“Go and talk. I will listen.” Zhao Nanyu could see Song Luan’s love for little Zhao, so he knew she would treat her future children well. He also really wanted a willful and lovely girl that resembled like Song Luan.

Song Luan wanted to tell him that she didn’t like having a child.

She even had some indescribable joy in her heart.

When she was about to speak, she felt like she just swallowed it back to her stomach.

“It’s alright.”



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