Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 58

Translated by: Tinker

The news of Song Luan’s pregnancy was not hidden. Third lady Zhao and old lady Zhao soon learned about it, and they sent a lot of supplements.

Although these actions made Song Luan nervous, she was nevertheless, happy. Third lady Zhao had nothing to do, so she stewed soup and sent them everyday to her residence. When she remembered how Song Luan treated herself by going on a hunger strike when she was pregnant with little Zhao, she was afraid that she would be silly again, and came to her residence to talk to her.

“Did the doctor say how many months the baby has been?”

At this time, Song Luan’s abdomen was still very flat, there was no sign of pregnancy yet.

She shook her head. “I don’t know.”

She was so dizzy that she didn’t have time to ask.

Third lady Zhao sighed again, clenched her hand, and said to her, “The first three months are the most important. I was very careful when I was pregnant with Ah Yan, and I didn’t dare to move when I was laying in bed.”

Song Luan touched her stomach and felt a strange feeling in her heart. She was pregnant with a new life in her body. It was amazing.

Third lady Zhao laughed, looked at her face, and continued, “Look at all the nonsense I’ve said, you have also given birth to children. I am sure you already understood this.”

Song Luan whispered back, “Well, I’ll pay attention.”

At first, It was a little difficult to accept when she knew she was pregnant, but after a few days had passed, her mood gradually calmed down. Apart from being a little more tied up with Zhao Nanyu, she was still happy about the arrival of her new child.

When the third lady saw that she listened to her words, she was very pleased.

She drank a cup of hot water, pondered for a moment, and then said, “Ah Luan, I can see that A Yu has no place in your heart. Even though I am not his biological mother, I have watched him for so many years. I know the nature of this child best.”

She slowly added, “Although Ah Yu is stubborn, I can see that he really likes you, loves you, and wants to live a good life with you.”

Song Luan didn’t expect that third lady Zhao would talk about this to her. She was surprised and embarrassed, as if her mind could be easily seen through.

Third lady Zhao laughed. “You know that I don’t have a close relationship with Ah Yu. He seldom comes to me. The day before yesterday, he came to talk to me for the first time. He was unsure if you want the child, and he told me to come and persuade you.”

Song Luan whispered, “I don’t want this child.”

Third lady Zhao’s smile deepened and she held her hand harder. “I think so too, but how can a mother not like her children? A small life is hidden in your stomach. I’m afraid it’s too late to be happy.”

“I misunderstood him. I thought he didn’t like children.”

In the original book, Zhao Nanyu had no other offspring in his life, other than little Zhao.

“It’s true that Ah Yu is a bit cold tempered, but I think he will like it as long as you give birth to it.”

Song Luan was relieved. Now it’s useless for her to think about the every details of this book. Before, she always separated herself from the world, just like spectator who only knew all the endings in advance. This child in her stomach made her more aware that she was in a real world.

Everyone has his own destiny and his own belonging.

With the condition of her body, the servant girls became more careful when they waited on her.

Song Luan originally wanted to make two small clothes for her unborn baby, however, her needlework skills were so poor that she had no choice but to give up the idea.

But grandma Lin’s needlework was unique. These days, she had begun to sew shoes and socks for her unborn child.

Song Luan had no interest in these things, but this time she looked down on the side of grandma Lin, like a curious child, “Is this sewing too small?”

Socks looked smaller than her palm, could her future baby wear this?

Grandma Lin said with a smile, “I’m afraid it’s still big.”

“Ah? I’m also worried that the child won’t fit in!” Song Luan didn’t know what she was thinking about. Suddenly she began to smile and squint.”It’s okay. Little Zhao can wear this.”

Grandma Lin didn’t speak. She bent her head and sewed the socks in her hand. After her madam had a baby, her heart became naive. Little Zhao couldn’t wear these socks.

The day before the Spring Festival, there was a custom to hold the lantern festival in the capital.

Song Luan clamored to go out after knowing of this. She did not dare to sneak out of the house rashly this time, after all, she still had a baby in her stomach.

Fortunately, Zhao Nanyu didn’t intend to arrest her this time. He wrapped her up like a dumpling and took her out of the door. Zhao residence was not far from the street full of lanterns, but he insisted that she go by carriage.

Song Luan was a little reluctant. She was not happy when she lost her face, and discussed with him, “Can we walk?”

“The snow has hardened the road. I’m afraid you’ll slip.”

“I’m an adult! How can I not walk well?”

Zhao Nanyu strained his face and pursed his lips.

Song Luan pulled his sleeves, acted coquettish in front of him, and said in a soft voice. “You’re here, can you just look at me?”

Zhao Nanyu blushed. He pressed his hands to her lips. With a low “hum” voice, he took her hand and said, “Let’s go.”

The street was full of colorful lanterns. On both sides of the street were full of stalls, and most of them sold lanterns. Each one was more beautiful than the other. The animals painted on them were vivid and dazzling.

The little peddler had a nice accent, “Young master, do you want to buy a hairpin for your wife? The beauty of your wife is so beautiful that she must wear a hairpin.”

There were all kinds of hairpins on the red cloth. They were chic in style and exquisite in workmanship, but most of them were made of silver.

Song Luan’s eyes looked around, picked out a silver butterfly-like hairpin, raised her face, and said to Zhao Nanyu, “I want this one.”

Zhao Nanyu, with long fingers, took out the hairpin and looked at it carefully. He looked gentle as he immediately inserted it into her hairbun.

The two people were very close. Song Luan smelled his body, and her white tender ears turned red.

She asked him, “Is it beautiful?”

Zhao Nanyu fixed her hair at the edge of her forehead and said, “It’s beautiful.”

Song Luan smiled, and asked the stall owner, “How much is it?”

“200 Wen.”

Zhao Nanyu silently took an ingot of silver from the money bag and handed it to him, saying, “No need to give the change.”

Song Luan was in a good mood as long as she could go out to play. It was rare to be able to tease him, so she said, “This young master is really rich.”

Zhao Nanyu rubbed her head with a smile and did not reply.

Song Luan had been used to his reticence for a long time. It’s okay if he didn’t speak, because he always says something she doesn’t want to hear.


On this day, there were many young couples who went shopping with their children on the street, each with a bright smile on their faces.

Through the long street, you can see an arch bridge. There were young girls standing on the bridge. Most of them were shy, but they came out to see the people they like.

Song Luan saw an acquaintance on the bridge, who she never liked very much.

It seems that the matchmaker didn’t succeed in the several marriages he was arranged with.

Zhao Chao was surrounded by a young girl with a round face, bright eyes, and perfect teeth. Her face looked as if it was flying in clouds. She looked down shyly, did not dare to look at him, and tightened her handkerchief.

Zhao Chao’s face was relaxed. If you look carefully, you could even see the impatience between his eyebrows. He didn’t seem very interested in the girl in front of him.

Zhao Chao was really tired. These days, his mother had been asking him endlessly to find a woman. She was very powerful and did not give him a chance to breathe.

His eyelids looked at the woman in front of him boringly.

Zhao Chao had a good eye for people, but he was also rather crafty. He was afraid that beautiful girls would have the same virtue as his second sister-in-law, but women with bad looks won’t work either.

A weak temper was no good, and a crying one would bore him to death. It was even worse if she was hot-tempered.

So…for one thing, Zhao Chao scared away many girls’ homes. His mother was so angry that she didn’t give him anything to eat.

Zhao Chao was very fond of this girl at first. He liked her both in appearance and figure, but her personality was so boring that he couldn’t spit out a word when they stood on the bridge for a moment.

Gradually, Zhao Chao lost his patience.

Song Luan stood at the head of the bridge, pointed to Zhao Chao not far away, and asked the man beside her, “Is that girl your cousin likes?”

The wind was still strong at the edge of the lake, Zhao Nanyu held her in his arms, and covered her with his cloak. He looked down at her and said, “No.”

“I don’t think it’s true. There’s no one who likes to stand by and not move.”


Song Luan was in a good mood, and her complexion improved a lot. Her cheeks were white and red, and her red lips were moist, making one want to bite and taste.

Song Luan opened her mouth and wanted to ask him about Zhao Chao. But who knew that the man in front of her would suddenly embraced her waist, and lead her to the corner.

There was no lantern and candle light at the corner of the wall. Only by the light of the moon could people see what’s in front of them.

Zhao Nanyu’s heart fluttered for a moment. His thin, white, and slender fingers ran across her cheek, and stopped on her chin.

His lips were raised as he lowered her head, and took a bite on her lips.

The kiss was not light or heavy, but it still gave Song Luan a slight tingling sensation. She inhaled and hissed.

Zhao Nanyu lightly tasted her lips, and immediately released her chin. He licked his lips with satisfaction, and smirked as he laughed, “Sweet.”

Song Luan wiped her mouth and pounded his arms angrily, “You scared me!”

Zhao Nanyu smiled, but as if he didn’t taste enough, he pressed her shoulder and trapped her firmly on the wall. He couldn’t help but kiss her again.

This kiss was so delicate and touching that Song Luan’s head swelled, and she almost couldn’t breathe.

Her little mouth was red and slightly swollen.

Song Luan was so angry that she didn’t want to pay attention to him. With a look of stinginess, she complained in a low voice, “You are so annoying.”

Zhao Nanyu wanted to take her hand, but Song Luan was not willing to give him face, and shaked him off. “I want to walk in front of you.”

If she walked beside him, she may be caught in the dark again.

Zhao Nanyu obediently followed her behind, but only kept less than a two-steps away.

Before returning to the lakeside that they had been before, Song Luan ran into Zhao Chao.

She looked at him coldly, and was unwilling to smile at him this time.

Zhao Chao didn’t expect to meet her here. He was surprised and said, “Second sister-in-law?”

He was still wondering if Song Luan had taken advantage of the great festival and made an old mistake, hooking with three and four men.

Zhao Chao looked at her, and his eyes gradually became cold. Seeing second elder brother on her back, he was stunned, “Second brother also came out.”

Zhao Nanyu said, “Well, she likes to have fun.”

Zhao Chao found that his second brother seemed to be in a very good mood tonight. Zhao Nanyu had a smile on his eyes.

Zhao Chao didn’t go home these days. He stayed at his friend’s house to take refuge, so he didn’t know that Song Luan was pregnant.

He said, “Did second elder brother and second sister-in-law have dinner yet?”

Zhao Nanyu said in a deep voice, “Not yet.”

Song Luan was also a little hungry. Maybe because she had a baby in her stomach now, her mouth was very picky. She didn’t want to eat anything that was too sweet, too spicy, too greasy or too bland.

Three people went to the restaurant together. Song Luan couldn’t wait to order the roast duck that she had been talking about for a long time. Her mouth was watering, and could almost flow out.

Zhao Nanyu gently reminded her, “Be careful. You might vomit again.”

Song Luan just wanted to eat it. “I won’t vomit.”

She patted her stomach with a smile. “This child has been very good these two days, not making any trouble for me when I eat.”

If she eats more, the baby would look better.

Zhao Chao raised his eyebrows and said, “What’s second sister-in-law saying?”

Zhao Nanyu answered for her, “She is pregnant.”

Zhao Chao’s eyes…became delicate for a shortwhile. He looked at Song Luan with complicated eyes, it gradually went down, glanced at her abdomen, and then took back his eyes.

He pulled up a farfetched smile, “Congratulations, second brother.”

Zhao Chao clenched his hand. There were a lot of words he had to say to his second brother, but since Song Luan was present, he composed himself.

Zhao Chao looked at the joy of his second brother’s face, and his heart sank.

Song Luan was only thinking about her roast duck. She didn’t pay any attention to the expression on Zhao Chao’s face, but Zhao Nanyu saw it.

His smile on his lips was stiff. His intuition told him that Zhao Chao wanted to say something to him, and it wouldn’t be good words.

Zhao Chao quietly said two words to him–tianqing.

Zhao Nanyu suddenly stopped, and stiffened.

He almost forgot that Song Luan’s body still had the residual poison of tianqing that he once used as poisoned.



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