Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 59 part 1

Translated by: Tinker

When Zhao Nanyu knew about Song Luan’s pregnancy that day, he was only happy and just asked the doctor what he needed to pay attention to. He forgot about the matter of poison.

At the beginning, he wanted to slowly torture her to death, so he put the poison in her body. He didn’t think at first to give Song Luan a way out to live, but now, it self-inflicted himself.

Song Luan suddenly felt that the man’s face became ugly. She turned her head to look at him.

She found that Zhao Nanyu’s face was a little pale, his body was stiff, and his eyes were covered with thin blood. She asked him funnily, “What’s wrong with you?”

Zhao Nanyu didn’t even dare to look at her. His voice was hoarse. “It’s okay.”

He touched her head and said in a soft voice, “There will be fireworks under the gate in a moment. Do you want to see it?”

Song Luan put her chin in his hands. Her legs were still shaking with excitement, and her eyes were bright, as she laughed and said, “Yes.”

She had not seen what the ancient fireworks looked like, nor did she know that this world would be so lively with fireworks.

“I’ll let you go out first.”


Song Luan also saw that he and the Zhao Chao seemed to have something to talk about, and that he deliberately pushed her away.

However, she didn’t care much about what the cousins wanted to talk. It was more comfortable for her to play alone.

She stood up and clapped her hands. “Then I’ll go to see the fireworks first.”

Zhao Nanyu called his guard in. He was a very ordinary looking man with a thumb sized scar on his forehead. His facial features were sharp, and looked a little fierce. He told his guard, “Take my wife to the window sill and take good care of her.”


After Song Luan went out, Zhao Nanyu was silent for a long time, and didn’t open his mouth.

Zhao Chao frowned and didn’t know where to start. Of course, he hated Song Luan. His prejudice was deep-rooted and wouldn’t be eliminated by just her changes in the past few months.

What’s more, Zhao Chao didn’t expect Song Luan to get pregnant. His second brother didn’t seem to be someone who loves children.

After deliberation, Zhao Chao opened his mouth and said in a low voice, “Second brother, I…”

Zhao Nanyu raised his head and poured a glass of wine into his throat. His eyes were fierce and he interrupted him cleanly. He asked, “When will your master return to the capital?”

Zhao Chao was speechless. His master was a taoist who traveled all over the world. He lived in no fixed place every year, even he couldn’t him.

When he got the news last time, he only had time to write a letter asking about tianqing’s antidote.

He didn’t get an answer, and his master disappeared again.

He shook his head and hesitated, “I’m not sure about this. The old man rarely sends me news. I have checked his medical books before, but still can’t find the solution.”

It was originally a poison made by his master on a whim. He had not even used it on people before, so he didn’t prepare an antidote. However, Zhao Chao saw in his own eyes the effect of the poison experimented on small animals. Those animals slowly exhausted their vitality, died of depression, and suffered from death.

He comforted himself that Song Luan didn’t intake much, and the amount was not enough. She should be saved, but he was afraid that his master would be the only one who knows about the antidote.

Zhao Nanyu crushed the cup in his hand. The sharp porcelain pieces cut his fingers, and the bright red beads of blood dripped down from his hands. His face was pale, his facial features were slightly ferocious, and his red eyes stared at Zhao Chao.

His voice was hoarse and he felt pain, “Do you have any way to detoxify it completely?”

Zhao Chao couldn’t lie. He lowered his head and whispered, “I can only wait for my master to come back.”

Zhao Nanyu gave a low smile, it looked quite penetrating. He clenched his fingers into fist and smashed it on the table. He lost his posture and roared in a low voice, “So when will your master come back?!”

The answer for this was already expected. Zhao Nanyu had been looking for taoist priest, and almost all the guards had been sent out just to find the taoist, but there still had been no news.

Suddenly his wrist had no strength. He sat on the chair with a dispirited face, and he gasped slightly. His throat was hoarse, “What will happen?”

Zhao Chao was dumbfounded for a moment. He was not happy to see his second brother like this. After all, Song Luan’s baby in her stomach was also his second brother’s flesh and blood.

“You know, second sister-in-law is weak, and the remaining poison in her body had been suppressed by drugs. The child will be born with poison. Whether the baby can live or not, or whether their limbs are intact or not, are all variables. Moreover…”

He stopped suddenly and didn’t go on.

Zhao Nanyu took a sip of the cold tea that had been cooled off, and then he said, “Moreover?”

Zhao Chao lowered his eyes and said in a low voice, “And the problem is not whether the child is healthy or not, it’s whether second sister-in-law can survive this childbirth.”

Song Luan was short of Qi and blood. She had an accident when she gave birth to little Zhao. The most important thing was that, Song Luan’s body was not as good as it was four years ago.

Judging from his second brother’s deep love for Song Luan, he was afraid that he couldn’t accept losing Song Luan.

Zhao Nanyu didn’t speak, or maybe because he couldn’t speak. His heart seemed to be squeezed tightly. He was gloomy as he felt he was being choked by air.

He didn’t give up and asked, “Is there really no way?”

Zhao Chao didn’t answer, “Second brother, how much do you like her?”

How much did he like her? Before, he was a person who once hoped that she would die early, but now, her arrogance, willfulness, and occasional tantrums had become very cute.

He wanted to have a firm grip on her life, and let her live in the world he made.

She liked silk, gold, silver and jewelry, so he wanted to bring all of them to her eyes.

“I want her.” Zhao Nanyu only answered these three words.

Zhao Chao was surprised, but still had regrets. His second brother was still planted in Song Luan’s hands.

He raised his eyes, looked straight at his second brother, and said in a low voice, “Second brother, this child can’t be kept.”

Even if Song Luan gave birth to the baby safely, she may die within a few months, or even die while giving birth. A newborn baby would definitely unable to resist the toxicity of tianqing, and no amount of antidote would do anything about it.

Zhao Nanyu’s smile had become worse, “Is there really no way? I don’t care what the baby looks like. I’ll take care of him for the rest of my life.”

These days, he could also see that Song Luan has this child in her heart. She even learned how to make socks and shoes for the baby. She also had more smiles on her face.

Song Luan didn’t like him very much, but if he asked her to abort the child, she would really hate him.

Zhao Chao also knew that his second brother was reluctant to give one of them up. Now he regretted giving the poison to his second brother, because it made everything difficult to recover.

He said, “Listen to me, second brother..” after a pause, he said, “Second sister-in-law couldn’t stand this poison.”


If the poison couldn’t be cured, her body wouldn’t recover.

In any case, the child was not allowed to survive.

Zhao Nanyu nodded numbly, “I know.”

Compared with the unborn child, he couldn’t risk losing Song Luan.

On second thought, it was not a bad thing to be hated by Song Luan. Her love for him was not deep enough, it was her hatred that was deep. She would remember him for the rest of her life.

For the rest of his life, he would only be nice to her.


Zhao Nanyu did not cheat her, the gate of the city was really setting off fireworks.

The wind was strong at night, Song Luan was standing in the window sill. Her crimson dress was fluttering with the wind, and she felt a little cold.

Under the restaurant in the street, there were a lot of people looking up at the fireworks. This scene was more lively than any other ordinary festivals.

She leaned on the railing, and one man stood behind her, like a door guard.

The ladies of the aristocratic families around her did not dare approach her. Song Luan rubbed her hands with cold fingers, and she was planning to go back inside the room.

As she turned around, she was met with a familiar face.

Huai Jin was dressed in red clothes, and his excessively beautiful face was particularly dazzling in the crowd. He was about to rush to her, but was stopped by the strong man beside Song Luan.

Huai Jin’s thin arm and legs naturally couldn’t twist the ferocious bodyguard. Song Luan coughed twice, “Let him go.”

The bodyguard let go of Huai Jin.

Song Luan thought that Huai Jin looked like a homeless child at the moment, waiting for her every day.

She went up to him, looked at him, and sighed, “Did you come all the way here?”

Huai Jin nodded honestly. Although he was timid, he would not lose his memory even if he was beaten!

Song Luan laughed out with a loud voice. No matter which aspect she looks, Huai Jin looked like a young boy.

She came up to him and said, “Huai Jin, don’t you have something you want to do?”

He always followed her, but didn’t have his own life.

Huai Jin pursed the corners of his lips. His original home was in Nanman, but it was destroyed long ago.

After being sold, he already had planned to spend his life in a muddle.

But later it was Song Luan who fished him out of the mud. He would never forget her bright and dazzling appearance when she stood in front of him.

Huai Jin just wanted to follow her. He had a mean mouth, and also had no other friends.

He didn’t feel happy to celebrate the new year.

“No. I don’t know what I want to do.”

Song Luan frowned, “Do you miss learning?”

Huai Jin shook his head. “I don’t need to.”

“Do you want to do your own business?”

“Well, this sounds good.” Huai Jin remembered that Ah Luan’s favorite thing was money!

Song Luan was relieved and asked, “Are you rich?”

Huai Jin nodded heavily and said, “Of course, I have saved a lot of money in recent years, although it is still not comparable to your small treasury.”

Song Luan laughed happily. “Then you can open a shop. When you meet a girl you like, marry her, and live a good life.”

Huai Jin pretended that he didn’t hear anything. He lowered his head and looked at his shoe tips.

Song Luan touched her flat stomach, and said, “Huai Jin, I have a baby again. You don’t have to worry about my life. I treat you as a friend, so naturally, I hope you can live well in the future.”

She really did not want to have any more emotional involvement with other men. Zhao Nanyu was enough for her.

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