Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 59 part 2

Translated by: Tinker

She really did not want to have any more emotional involvement with other men. Zhao Nanyu was enough for her.

Moreover, she was scared with Zhao Nanyu, but from beginning to end, she only treated Huai Jin only as an ignorant younger brother, without the kind of love between men and women.

Huai Jin raised his head, his eyes were wide, “What? What are you talking about!?”

Song Luan repeated with a smile, “Well, I have a baby again, so you can see that I have a good life. Don’t worry about me. You are still young. It’s important to live your own life well.”

Huai Jin stared at her stomach indignantly. He hated Zhao Nanyu, hated that hypocrite! He just thought that Zhao Nanyu wasn’t worthy of Song Luan, even though when these two people stand together, they looked like a good match.

He reached out his hand to touch her stomach, but it only fell in the air. He took it back immediately for fear of hurting her.

He murmured discontentedly, “You see…what did I say at the beginning!”

At that time, he should have worked hard to persuade Song Luan to throw something on Zhao Nanyu’s face.

The more Huai Jin thought about it, the more angry he was. Now Song Luan had a child again, so she couldn’t escape anymore.

“Well, well, don’t be angry. Go back and think about opening a shop.” She looked kindly at Huai Jin, and then said, “It’s so cold, you should wear more clothes when you go out.”

Huai Jin turned his back angrily, “If you drive me away, I will never pay attention to you again.”

Song Luan didn’t go after him. If Huai Jin would listened to what she said, it would be a good thing.

When she went back, Zhao Nanyu was the only one left in the room. As for Zhao Chao, she didn’t know where he went.

Song Luan didn’t care where he was, so she didn’t even bother to ask.

She yawned lazily, threw a peanut into her mouth, and ate it. She asked, “When are we going back to the residence?”

Zhao Nanyu pinched her wrist, which made her feel some pain. His eyes were slightly red, and it somewhat resembled a pool of blood. It was frightening to see.

Song Luan asked, “What’s the matter?”

Zhao Nanyu choked, and it took a long time to say, “I’m fine. Are you tired?”

Song Luan said, “Yes, I want to go back to sleep.” and then added, her words suddenly became softer, “Maybe there is a baby in my stomach, but these days, I’ve been sleeping more than staying awake. I even eat more than before. I think I have gained a lot of weight.”

Zhao Nanyu listened to her patiently. His heart became more and more uncomfortable, and his chest seemed to be blocked by something.

“You’re not fat. You still look beautiful.”

Song Luan blushed and said with a smile, “You’re embarrassing me.”

Zhao Nanyu reluctantly smiled, “I’m not lying to you. You can look at yourself.”

Her facial features…he likes everything.

When he went down the stairs, Song Luan secretly held his hand. Zhao Nanyu stopped for a moment and immediately held her more tightly.

It was still early, so the streets outside were still busy.

The two of them walked hand in hand. As they approached the gate of the Zhao’s residence, Song Luan suddenly stopped and stood in front of Zhao Nanyu.

She raised her neck so she could see his eyes clearly.

Song Luan took the initiative to plunge into his arms. She put her hands around his waist, sniffed his fragrance, and closed her eyes, “Well, I’m really happy today.”

And she gently whispered, “Thank you.”

He was willing to take her out to play, and was also patient with her.

Zhao Nanyu stroked her hair. Before he could open his mouth, Song Luan then said, “If you are not strict with me in the future and often take me out to play, I may like you a little more every day.”

If Zhao Nanyu heard these words in normal days, his mood would certainly be very good, but tonight he was so heavy that he couldn’t even pretend to smile.

He had to answer one word, “Okay.”

Zhao Nanyu hadn’t figured out how to tell Song Luan about the baby, but the longer he drags on, the deeper Song Luan would feel for the unborn child.

Song Luan suddenly thought, it seems that this life with Zhao Nanyu was not so terrible. What if she could change him? Won’t let him become ruthless in the end just like in the original book?

She admitted that the presence of the child did put some of her thoughts away.

Song Luan figured out some things, and her mind became broad-minded.

Tonight, she thought that Zhao Nanyu was even more beautiful, more pleasing to the eye, and looked more white and tender.

She stood on tiptoes and gave him a dragonfly-like kiss on his lips. Her face was not thick enough, so after kissing, she blushed and her neck felt tensed.

Zhao Nanyu bent his lips, but his smile only contained bitterness.


That night, Zhao Nanyu didn’t say the word ‘abort the child’

He only sat in his study until the dawn came.

The next day, his eyes were red, and he was a little stressed.

Zhao Nanyu was exhausted as he walked to the bedroom, and opened a small box. Inside, there were clothes for children that he had ordered his servants to prepare in advance. His fingers caressed them and his fingertips trembled slightly.

Zhao Nanyu looked coldly at it, and locked all these clothes into the box. He would never open it again in his life.

Eternal pain is not better than short pain. It was better for Song Luan to hear this news as early as she could.

He took a heavy step, seemingly felt his feet was filled with heavy lead, as it slowly moved towards her residence.

Song Luan was lying on the rocking chair in the courtyard, covered with a thin blanket. The warm sunlight fell gently on her face. She looked at ease, as if she had gone to sleep.

Zhao Nanyu sat down beside her, did not wake her up, and only quietly looked at her. He bent down to her eyebrows, and gave a kiss.

Song Luan opened her eyes and looked at him hazily.

Zhao Nanyu asked, “Did I wake you up?”

Song Luan shook her head. “No, I’m dreaming!”


“What dream did you have? even sweetly laughing.”

“I dreamt that the child kicked me!”

How could a child who was only two-months-old kick people? Dreams are just dreams.

Zhao Nanyu lowered his eyes, “Is that right?”

Song Luan was pregnant for the first time, she didn’t understand anything, and she felt everything was fresh. She touched her stomach happily, “Don’t look at the baby as a small one now. I think he must be very skinny in the future.”

Song Luan took his hand and put it on her stomach. She said happily, “Try to see if the baby will say hello to you.”

Zhao Nanyu’s hand stayed on it for a long time. “This baby can’t kick people yet.”

Song Luan replied, “I know. I just want you to say hello to him in advance. Talk to him more, and he will be close to you in the future.”

Zhao Nanyu’s eyes were still full of pain, but Song Luan couldn’t see his heart. She could not see the words in his eyes. “Ah luan, we don’t want this child.”

He didn’t ask her if it was okay, because he had already made up his mind.

Song Luan was dumbfounded for a long time, and she was stupefied. “What are you talking about?”

What do you mean by no?

It was foolish. Who doesn’t want a new life blooming in their stomach?

Zhao Nanyu dreaded her gaze, and avoided it. He swallowed his throat, his voice was bitter, and said sourly, “This child…really we can’t keep it.”

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