Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 6 part 1

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When Song Luan looked in the mirror at night, she found that her chin still had red marks. It’s no wonder she was about to cry out of pain. She was afraid that Zhao Nanyu used so much strength. Her body was like tender tofu, she could pinch out marks and it would be hard to get ride of them.

Before going to sleep, Song Luan called the servant girl who was at the door to come into the room, and asked, “Did master say when he’ll come?”

Although the servant girl didn’t face her in panic for the first time, she was still cautious and respectful for fear that she would be beaten if she said something wrong, “Master wouldn’t come over without notice.”

The servant didn’t know what happened with Madam. Master almost never come at night. There were only two times in every month. And in these two times, the lady was always impatient and disgusted. Why did she suddenly ask tonight?

Song Luan didn’t know that their husband and wife relationship was so cold. Unless she made trouble again or that she would beat Zhao Shi to educate him, would he come and set food in her yard.

She sighed, “I see. You can go out.”

“Yes” After a pause, the servant girl buried her head and said in a low voice, “I will bring you the calming soup.”

Song Luan really didn’t want to drink the bitter medicine soup. She opened her mouth and refused. The servant girl seemed to be in panic, “But if you don’t drink it, you can’t sleep well at night.”

She changed her mind and said, “Then you can bring it.”

The bowl of medicine didn’t fall into Song Luan’s stomach. She did not forget the poisoning! Since it’s not written in the book of “The Powerful Minister”, she can only find it by herself.

After the servant girl went out, she poured the medicine soup into the bonsai plant beside the window. If it’s really poisonous, the bonsai plant would surely die.

Zhao Nanyu didn’t come at night. If he didn’t come, it would be good. Song Luan would rather he didn’t come. Her chin still hurt.

When she woke up the next, the sky was already bright. The jade hall was full of light fragrance.

After Song Luan combed and washed, someone brought in breakfast. It was the usual light porridge. She ate two small bowls of porridge with pickles. She was in a good mood after filling her stomach.

For several days, Song Luan lived such a peaceful life in Huai Shui. Zhao Nanyu didn’t come or even sent someone to deliver the words. Naturally, she didn’t take the initiative to approach him. The only pity was that her son was was also guarded tightly in the front yard, and she had no chance to meet to him.

A few days later, Song Luan found that the bonsai plant that she threw the medicine soup with was still alive and well. She was relieved for the most part. It seemed that the medicine soup was okay.

On the day of spring break, Zhao Nanyu finally appeared before her, holding the four-year old son. The lovely bun was held by him. The expression of the father and son were the same.

Song Luan wore a crimson skirt today, her collar was white. The waist was slender, and the eyes were bright and shining.

Shi Ge called out, “Mother”

She liked this cute and soft child very much from the bottom of her heart. She could not help and touched his head, but soon took back her hand.

She could even detect the cold eyes of Zhao Nanyu on her. She felt a bit chilly. Song Luan didn’t dare look at him. She was afraid of the look in Zhao Nanyu’s eyes. They were gentle on the surface, but in fact, they were cold and sharp.

During lunch, she could only hear the sound of moving chopsticks. Song Luan wanted to cry. She didn’t dare stretch her chopsticks to him to get more vegetables. This meal time felt like being torture.

Zhao Nanyu halted moving his chopsticks first, and stared at her in a relaxed manner, “Does your chin still hurt?”

Now I’m asking what you’ve been doing all this time!!! At that time, it hurt! How many days have passed!!! Don’t you think it’s too late?!

She roared wildly in her heart, but she did not dare say it. Song Luan shook her head, “It doesn’t hurt anymore.”

He nodded, and then he said nothing.

Shi Ge suddenly said, “I’m finished eating.”

Song Luan sighed once when saw this little bun. The child was so lovely. Maybe it was because of their blood relationship, the more she saw this son, the more she liked him. She wanted to rub his head and play with him.

“Can you go back to the front yard by yourself?” Zhao Nanyu asked. He was unwilling for Song Luan and his son to stay together.

Zhao Shi lowered his head and unexpectedly replied, “Father, I wanted to stay here a little longer.”

Zhao Nanyu’s smile dropped for a minute. He looked at Song Luan with calculated look.

She felt an ominous feeling from Zhao Nanyu’s smile. Honestly, she didn’t expect this son to like her quickly. Just once she treated him well, the child now wanted to stay with her.

( ̄ ^  ̄) ゞ I can endure this!


Zhao Nanyu himself didn’t stay much, and went to the study in the front yard.

Zhao Shi sat very upright, hands on his legs, his small back was straight. His white delicate cheeks were slightly bulging, and he had on a serious look. Song Luan wanted to go up to tease him.




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