Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 61

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Song Luan knew that there were eyes around her that Zhao Nanyu planted. There may be more than one.

She packed up the package in advance, which was full of gold and silver jewelry that could be exchanged for money. She only took a set of clothes.

Zhao Nanyu undoubtedly knew her very well. In the past two days, there were several people who she had never seen before stood in front of the courtyard gate. They were big and fierce.

Song Luan heard that Zhao Nanyu’s cousin came to find her once, but was stopped outside by these men. As for herself, whenever she went out, she was followed by a tail that she couldn’t throw off.

When third lady Zhao came to talk to her as usual, she asked her curiously, “What’s the matter with those people guarding the courtyard gate?”

Third lady Zhao thought in mind, that they looked like prison guards. Ah Yu, even if Song Luan’s unborn child was important, wasn’t this too much of a fuss? No one in the house was going to hurt her? Why be so careful.

Song Luan pulled up the corner of her mouth and laughed sarcastically. “I’m not sure. I just heard him say that the situation in the capital is not constant. It’s safe for more people to guard this baby.”

Third lady Zhao didn’t know anything about the affairs in the court. Third master Zhao was a fool again, she couldn’t find out any news from him. She nodded, “I see. I thought something was wrong.”

She didn’t plan to stay any more. Seeing that her face was okay, she was relieved. She got up and said, “I’ll go to the old lady. Now that you’re pregnant, you won’t have to pay any monthly greetings.”

Song Luan nodded.

Not long after third lady Zhao left, grandma Lin led little Zhao into the room.

Little Zhao was wrapped up like a dumpling. As soon as he entered the house, he took off his cloak and patted the snow on it. His face was white and tender. He went to Song Luan and looked at her with dark eyes, “Mother.”

Song Luan touched the top of his head and said, “Little Zhao is here.”

“Yes.” He leaned on her carefully, while remembering that his mother was pregnant, so he did not dare to hold her tightly, nor dare to pounce on her arms.

He opened his eyes and looked at Song Luan and asked, “How long will it take for my brother to come out?”

Song Luan held his hand in the air, then her eyes bent. “How do you know it’s a brother? What if it’s a sister? Wouldn’t you like a sister?”

After thinking about it carefully, he replied, “I’ll like it too.”

In fact, he preferred the baby to be a brother, because he didn’t like little girls very much. He had a girl cousin who kept on chattering. She seemed to have endless words to say to him every time. Although he had never said it, he still thought that his cousin was very annoying.

Song Luan held his face and looked at him quietly. She didn’t know what else to say for a moment. After a long silence, she hugged him in her arms and kissed him on the cheek. “You will always be your mother’s darling.”

Little Zhao was a bit uneasy, so he hugged her neck.


Song Luan didn’t sleep well for two days. She easily wakes up, and only had shallow sleeps, because she constantly had bloody pictures in her mind.

The snow on the eaves was melting.

When Zhao Nanyu was about to go out in the morning, Song Luan was pale when she woke up.

She slowly sat up from her bed, with her hair covered. She looked at the man’s back and asked, “When are you coming back today?”

“In the evening.”

Once he comes back, she was afraid that tonight would be the day that she drinks the bowl of abortion medicine.

As soon as Song Luan lowered her head, her eyes turned red, and she said in a hoarse voice, “Okay. I’ll wait for you to come back.”

Zhao Nanyu turned his head and leaned down on her brow, gently kissing her. His eyes was filled with pity, “Hmm.”

After he left, Song Luan couldn’t sleep. She got out of bed and opened the closet. She took out the package that was hidden inside–the locked box and the book.

Song Luan’s desire to leave him had never been so strong. The guard standing at the courtyard gate was just the beginning of his ruthlessness. In the future, Zhao Nanyu would become more severe, and his desire for control would be even more serious than now.

Even as the plot moved forward, Zhao Nanyu was still the male lead of this book and the center of the world. His hegemony, his stubbornness and his indifference would not change.

Grandma Lin didn’t know what happened with them once she got the orders from Zhao Nanyu. Because of his orders, she never sewed clothes, shoes, and socks for children in front of her.

When she was having lunch, she saw that Song Luan had eaten two bowls of rice, and her heart was finally at ease. “It’s better for madam to think about it.”

Seeing that she had only eaten a little in these days, her thin figure became even more thin.

Song Luan rarely smiled at her, “Today, I have a good appetite.”

She could only have the strength to climb over the wall when she’s full.

After lunch, Song Luan put the book in her sleeve.

At first, she walked in the yard for two times, then went straight out. She looked at the man at the gate of the yard and said, “Well, I’m going to the study. If you want to follow me, follow me.”


Song Luan looked at the guard who really followed her like an iceberg, and she became more angry.

Fortunately, she didn’t intend to run openly, she just wanted to put and leave the book in the study.

Through a path and a door, she would arrive at the front yard. She could see Zhao Nanyu’s study as soon as she turned the corner. There were people guarding outside his study, and most people wouldn’t be able to get in.

She was majestic, haughty, and was too famous for her reckless temperament by being easily provoked at first sight. Moreover, this beloved lady was now pregnant, and even if they wanted to stop her, they wouldn’t dare to do it.

The guard of Zhao Nanyu’s study gave way to her.

Song Luan went into the study. After closing the door tightly, she took out the book in her sleeve and placed it squarely on his desk.

Song Luan looked around in the study and found that there were several more paintings on the wall.

The people in the paintings were all her.

The skill of the painter was obviously excellent, and the painting was wonderful.

Song Luan pretended that nothing happened and went back to the courtyard. The sky was getting dark. Soon after, Zhao Nanyu would be back from the palace.

There were people watching inside and outside the yard. Only one place was safe–the back wall that she had climbed once before.

Song Luan changed into a light suit of clothes. As soon as there was no one around, she slipped under the back wall with a bit difficulty. It’s amazing that there was a ladder in the corner.

She had no time to think about it, so she changed the side of the ladder and climbed out of the yard flexibly.

All of these things went smoothly and inconceivably. Song Luan was a little uneasy and her heart sank.



Zhao Nanyu was still on his way back to the house when his confidant brought news. “Madam has gone out from the backyard, and her subordinates followed her secretly. They didn’t lose her yet.”

Zhao Nanyu closed his eyes and was not surprised. He seemed to have anticipated all this.

“Take care of her.”

“By the way, madam went to your study once today.”

“I see. You go down.”

“Yes. “

Zhao Nanyu opened his eyes, and there was a trace of violence in his eyes. Across the curtain, he said in a cold voice to the people outside, “Hurry up.”

The coachman did not dare to delay and waved his whip.

Zhao Nanyu got off the carriage and went straight to the study. He walked very fast, and arrived at the study that seemed to be rippling with a shallow fragrance.

He went to the desk, two long fingers picked up the book she had left. The red paper and black characters made his eyes ache.

The thin paper gradually twisted in his hands. Zhao Nanyu looked at it word by word. His face gradually turned white. There was a melancholy air between his eyebrows. He took great efforts to restrain his irritability to kill people.

On the edge of the book was a jade pendant that he personally made her wore around her neck.

Shaking his hands, he put the two things in the drawer. With a sneer, he pushed open the door and asked in a hoarse voice, “Where is she?”


Thanks to Song Luan’s good memory, she still remembered where Huai Jin lives. She didn’t dare to run very fast with her baby in her stomach.

It’s getting dark.

Counting the time, Zhao Nanyu should have gone back to her house. If he was faster, he would have seen what she left behind on his desk.

The street was quiet and empty. Her heart suddenly jumped, and she was still a little afraid.

She was trembling all the way.

She was about to arrive at the end of the street, when suddenly, a group of people appeared at the end.

Zhao Nanyu was dressed in black, his face half hidden in the dark. He sat high on his horse’s back, and his eyebrows seemed to be covered with a thin layer of frost and snow.

Song Luan’s legs became soft when she saw him, and she fell to the ground.

Zhao Nanyu got off the horse, stepped on his boots, and approached her step by step. He squatted down, raised her chin, and looked at her. “Where do you want to go?”

Even if you run, how can you still run to your old friend’s house.

Song Luan suddenly shed tears, silently crying. She hiccuped, and didn’t know whether she was scared by Zhao Nanyu’s appearance.

Most of the time, her tears didn’t work for him. He picked her up, and patted her on the back, “Let’s talk about it later.”

As soon as she got up, all the gold and silver jewelry that Song Luan had been holding fell out. Zhao Nanyu picked up one of the gold ingots and looked at it. He raised his lips and laughed. There was a little irony in his smile. “Do you want to change these for money?”

He pointed to the inscription under the gold ingot, as he touched her face, and kindly said, “See? These are all gifts by the Emperor, no one would dare to accept them.”

Zhao Nanyu pretended to sigh, “Well, even if you run out like this, what can you do?”

No money, no friends.

He started cutting her wings a long time ago.

Song Luan’s scalp felt numb and frightened. She looked at him in disbelief, “You … you you..”

Zhao Nanyu took a fierce bite on her lip, then took her back to the residence.

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