Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 64

Song Luan’s wet clothes clung to her body, and her hand was forced to press on his wound.

Her palms were now stained with his blood.

She got up from the bath tub, wiped the blood on her hands with a cloth, and sniffed it, but she could still smell the metallic taste.

As soon as she changed her clean clothes, Zhao Nanyu came out with a bare chest.

To stop the blood from flowing out his wound, he got the medicine from the cabinet, sprinkled it on his bloody wound, and took a breath of pain. Song Luan pretended not to hear his gasp, she only stopped for a moment, dried her hair, and crawled back to bed.

Song Luan didn’t know how he got the injury. He was a handsome scholar that didn’t need to dance with knives and swords.

She had no intentions asking Zhao Nanyu. She was not interested in his affairs.

Most of Song Luan’s face was hidden under the quilt. Even if she tried to closed her eyes, she still couldn’t sleep.

After Zhao Nanyu wrapped his wounds with bandage, he laid on her side. The light fragrance of Song Luan filled the tip of his nose, and he put his arm around her waist. He took the woman into his arms, and hummed softly.

Song Luan didn’t know where he learned the tune, but it was really nice and calming.

Zhao Nanyu slept but got woken up in the middle of the night by Song Luan’s nightmares.

She unconsciously grabbed him by the corner of his clothes. Her petite body that curled up, went straight into his arms, and her tears were almost on the corner of her eyes.

Her consciousness was not clear. She was in a daze, as she choked and said, “It’s painful. It really hurts…”

All her bones felt cold, and everything inside her body couldn’t breathe.

The cramps in her lower abdomen felt like it was being pricked by people one by one.

Her dream only reflected the vast expanse of dark red colors. The whole world seems to be pasted with blood.

Hearing her voice, Zhao Nanyu’s face suddenly turned pale. He couldn’t make a noise. He could only hold her tightly while he murmured in a low voice, “Don’t be afraid. It doesn’t hurt, it won’t hurt any more.”

Song Luan obviously couldn’t remember what he said last night. She stretched out and got up from the bed. The sunshine was just right, and the winter sun was a little dazzling.

Song Luan found that the two beauties sent by the old lady yesterday were missing. She asked grandma Lin casually, “What about the two girls?”

Grandma Lin replied, “Donghui is not sensible. She bumped into young master last night and was disposed of. As for the other one, she was sent back to the old lady by the young master.”

Donghui was beaten by a board before being sent out of the house. The young master’s ruthless methods made people cover their mouth. The person being beaten couldn’t make a sound. Her blood was blurred and it made everyone who witnessed it feel frightened.

It’s more about killing a chicken to scare a monkey1probably to scare old lady Zhao so she won’t play tricks like this again..

Last night, the young master asked the servants to wash the blood on the ground, for fear that it might scare his wife.

None of the servants mentioned this to her.

Song Luan was indifferent, but she sighed in a pitiful tone, “I think those two girls are quite beautiful.”

They were just too anxious, and didn’t find the right time.

“Not half as beautiful as Madam.” Grandma Lin said.

Song Luan looked at the face reflected in the mirror. This face, which looked exactly like her face before she transmigrated, was still beautiful and moving, although it lacked some vitality.

She touched her cheek in a trance. She wondered if she had a chance to go back?

Little Zhao got up late. He then put on his clothes and came out of the house.

After Zhao Nanyu came back last night, he had already fallen asleep. He did not see his father, and he was dejected.

He consciously climbed up on Song Luan’s legs, looked up at her, and asked, “Mother, where is father?”

Song Luan was embarrassed and said, “Mother doesn’t know.”

“I haven’t seen father for many days.”

A few days before the new year, he was at his grandfather’s house. After he was sent home, his father had to take care of his unconscious mother.

He was too busy to see him.

Listening to the children’s complaints, Song Luan did not know what to say.

“Well, maybe he’ll be back in the evening.” She said, “then you will see him.”

Because little Zhao felt sad, Song Luan deliberately teased him, “It turns out that little Zhao only likes his father, not me.”

Little Zhao’s face was red as he stuttered, looking for an explanation, “No…no.”

He raised his neck and gave her a kiss on the face and whispered in her ear, “I like my mother the best.”


On the day of the Lantern Festival, the queen, who had no relationship with her, sent someone to invite her to visit the palace, and specially asked her to take her child with her.

Looking at the eunuch that came from the palace, Zhao Nanyu frowned, but he held Song Luan’s shoulder. “Don’t worry. Just talk.”

Song Luan did not have a good impression of the imperial palace. She was still worried about the poison that Song Yu had done. However, she did not know what the queen was up to.

She asked, “Why did the queen look for me? I haven’t even met her.”

Although the queen was not abolished that time, all the details of her side were cut down. Her vitality was greatly damaged, and her royal son also lost the advantage of seizing the throne. Now, the only thing she could rely on was the sixth prince under her knees.

Zhao Nanyu was a closed friend of the sixth prince. Maybe the queen wanted to win him over.

“Don’t think about it. She won’t dare to do anything to you.”

“That’s good.”

Little Zhao was sleeping on Zhao Nanyu’s leg.

She thought that the carriage was stuffy, so she lifted the curtain. She felt the wind for a while, and forgot that Zhao Nanyu was still injured. He covered his throat and coughed.

Song Luan awkwardly asked, “How’s your injury?”

“It’s okay, don’t worry.”

His cough wouldn’t stop, and hearing this, Song Luan’s ears felt pain, so she quietly shut the window.


When they arrived at the inner palace, Song Luan found that the queen not only invited them, but also saw He Run and Song Heqing.

It was still early before the banquet would begin.

Song Heqing came out of the corner, looked at both his sister and his brother-in-law, and said, “I want to have a word with Ah Luan.”

Zhao Nanyu nodded and left consciously, “Okay.”

After he looked at his sister’s thin body, he was very distressed.

After sighing, he cursed in his throat, “Zhao Nanyu, this dog, has made you suffer so much. Look at how thin my little sister is!”

Song Luan’s eyes were red and her voice was low, as she said, “Brother, I want to leave.”

Song Heqing touched her hair. If it was in the past, it would be easy to do what his little sister wanted. But now, it was different, Zhao Nanyu was no longer a petty official.

A few days ago, when his father was almost impeached, and was about to go to prison, at the last moment, Zhao Nanyu saved him.

Now the emperor was seriously ill, and sixth prince quickly took control of the power.

No one dared to disobey him.

Several princes were suppressed by him one by one, and the seriously ill old emperor did not stop them. The overall situation was mostly settled, and the only thing left was waiting for the imperial edict of the crown prince.

Zhao Nanyu also followed the rising tide. His method was extremely vicious. He killed many people.

On the day of Song Luan’s miscarriage, aunt Lin went to the Zhao family to make trouble. She cried bitterly and scolded Zhao Nanyu. Not only that, she also tried to take Song Luan home and forced them to leave.

At that time, Song Heqing was also there. He didn’t stop aunt Lin. His sister was so wronged that they need to help her.

Zhao Nanyu let aunt Lin beat and scold him, but he didn’t let her take his wife away.

When aunt Lin made enough trouble, Zhao Nanyu’s eyes became cold and his voice was hoarse. He threatened the future of the Song family and the lives of each members, meaning he would never let Song Luan leave him.

No one dares to disobey him.

Zhao Nanyu even laughed and said, “Even if Song Luan runs away by herself, you must send her back to me.”

It was the first time Song Heqing saw Zhao Nanyu’s crazy appearance after so many years. It seems that he met the God of death.

Aunt Lin was so angry at his words that she almost fainted.

Now facing his beloved sister, Song Heqing was very guilty, as he touched her hair. He couldn’t speak.

It was silent for a long time before Song Heqing finally asked her, “Don’t you like him?”

After all these years of marriage, their child was already five years old.

Still didn’t like Zhao Nanyu?

Song Luan seriously thought about her brother’s question. She raised her head, and there were all kinds of mixed emotions in her eyes, as she replied, “Yes.”

Yes, I did.

Zhao Nanyu looked good.

He was not bad.

He accommodated her with many things, and she was really moved before.

After a pause, she added in a low voice, “But I don’t like him now.”

Liking him was a painful thing.

Song Heqing was not the only one who heard this, but also Zhao Nanyu, who was leaning against the wall.

He was pale and lifeless.

Song Luan also saw something wrong with her brother.

She remembered that Zhao Nanyu had gradually taken control of power, so she laughed and said, “Brother, it’s okay. I’m just complaining to you.”

Song Heqing felt even more distressed. “You don’t have to be so sensible.”

His sister should be pampered, and no one could wrong her.

She was wronged because of her family’s failure. If it was in the past, he could rush up and scold him, this dog, Zhao Nanyu.

Song Luan said with a smile, “I’m not sensible!”

It was already an hour, but the two brothers and sisters still hadn’t talked enough. Zhao Nanyu couldn’t help but emerge from the dark, coughing twice, “The child is about to wake up.”

Song Heqing didn’t want to see Zhao Nanyu, a small beast with a human face and a heart. “I won’t disturb you. Brother-in-law should be anxious.”

Zhao Nanyu suddenly said to her, “Your father was demoted.”

Song Luan’s eyelids jumped.

As if she didn’t hear him, she raised her finger to the young man in a white-crescent clothes not far away. “That young man is really handsome.”

Zhao Nanyu looked down at her with a faint expression, and continued with a smile. “Your brother is also implicated.”

“Well, I don’t know which son he is from. I’ll ask him later.” Song Luan then continued to provoke him.

Zhao Nanyu’s face didn’t change, as he continued, “Although you don’t say it, you are scared of me, and still resent me in your heart. It doesn’t matter whatever you do, but you can’t think about being separated from me, even in death.”

Song Luan stopped talking and remained silent for a long time. Her face was cold, “Are you threatening me with my family?”

Zhao Nanyu nodded and admitted, “Yes.”

What about being mean and shameless? He didn’t care as long as her wings were uprooted, could he rest assured.

She was so angry with him that her cheeks bulged.

The man was really shameless.

Song Luan wanted to kill him, really.

Zhao Nanyu chuckled again. “You don’t have to ask. The gentleman you mentioned just now is Shen. He has a fiancee.”

Song Luan smiled and tried to poke Zhao Nanyu’s painful foot, “It’s fine, I like men who aren’t single.”

Zhao Nanyu’s eyebrows were bent, “Naughty again.”

He took her by the wrist, led her into an empty room, and locked the door.

Zhao Nanyu pressed her on the door plank. His eyes were indiffierent, but they were very frightening. His fingers caressed her cheek silently.

Song Luan spoke first, “I’ll climb that wall2meaning she would go and seduce that man with a fiancee. Remember when Song Luan climbed over the wall to escape then ended up meeting Huai Jin? The wall mentioned there was an apricot wall. She also said that what if Zhao Nanyu saw her and it was like a scene caught climbing over a wall (like being caught having an affair). It’s a double meaning.”

“You are very cruel to me!”



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