Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 65

Song Luan was packed up by Zhao Nanyu like a meal.

Zhao Nanyu’s bottom line of vinegar should not be provoke. Her mouth was bit a painful, the rouge on her lips were eaten clean by Zhao Nanyu.

After lunch, the queen deliberately left to speak with the ladies, so Zhao Nanyu was left with little Zhao.

She followed the noble girl into the hall. The queen was majestic, elegant, and graceful. She had on a heavy make-up, but still looked very beautiful.

The queen said with a smile, “Come, seat down, ladies.”

Song Luan sat in the second position on the queen’s right hand side.

The queen’s eyes fell on her and asked, “Miss Song, how can you be alone?”

“The child is naughty and has a little tantrum. His father is coaxing him now.” Song Luan looked calm. “I hope you don’t blame me.”

The queen gathered her smile and said, “Naturally, I won’t blame you, but I always listen to your mother saying that little Zhao is lovely, so I want to see him.”

Naturally, the queen’s mother would not be aunt Lin, but her father’s wife.

“I heard that you were seriously ill. Are you better now?”

Song Luan replied, “I’m alright.”

The queen nodded and laughed, “That’s good.”

The queen’s purpose was not pure, and her original goal was not Song Luan, but her son.

These days, she had a hard time. She lost everything and even implicated her family. Her good stepson was not good. Zhao Nanyu, as a good aide to her stepson, wrote incisively and vividly the four words of ‘cutting off the roots’. Her family’s foundation was greatly damaged, and most family members were uprooted. Her efforts over the years were wasted.

Even if the sixth prince ascended the throne in the future, she would still be a noble empress dowager, but Zhao Nanyu would not let go of her son.

The tenth prince, who was only 15 years old, and the baby who she painstakingly given birth to, was stabbed on the way to Jingzhou, and almost died.

She was not reconciled, and gnashed her teeth with hate. Fortunately, the tenth prince survived, otherwise the queen would take Zhao Nanyu’s own son to pay for her son’s life.

Song Luan was not as valuable as little Zhao in her eyes. She remembered that Zhao Nanyu’s marriage with Song Luan was not because of love. This third young lady of the Song family was arrogant, and was far from the knowledgeable and reasonable woman that Zhao Nanyu would like. Even if she could hold Song Luan’s life in her palm, she may not be able to get what she wanted from Zhao Nanyu.

The queen also felt sympathy for Song Luan. She was not spoiled by her husband. Her original healthy body was also deteriorating due to a disease. She wouldn’t survive without medicine.

However, the queen also admired Song Luan, who lived happily and wantonly during the past few years of marriage. She had heard of her affairs. It’s a pity that the generation of Song family was gone. She was afraid that Zhao Nanyu may start settling old accounts with this young wife.

The queen was suddenly curious. What would Zhao Nanyu do with his wife, who only made him wore many green hats?

“How many unmarried sisters do you have in your family?”

Song Luan was stunned, “Yes?”

But what do you mean by her family?

With a sigh, the queen picked up her tea cup and took a sip of tea. “The sixth prince has only married the imperial concubine, and there is no one around to serve him. I am thinking of taking a side concubine for the sixth prince. Your sister will be very good.”

Song Luan’s first thought was Ayun, the round faced girl.

As she hesitated in answering, the queen added, “I only mentioned it casually. Naturally, you should discuss this matter with your mother.”

“You are right.”

As they were talking, a little eunuch rushed in from the outside and whispered a few words in the queen’s ear. The queen’s face changed slightly, and she barely kept her calm. “There is something else I need to attend to, I’m afraid this would be the end of the conversation.”

Song Luan got up, saluted, and left.

Looking at the queen’s look, what seems to be going on in the palace?

What could it be?


The sixth prince was in a good mood recently. When he saw little Zhao who was hanging on Zhao Nanyu’s neck, it was hard not to tease him. He pinched his face and said, “Ah, I haven’t seen you for months, and you’ve become more and more beautiful.”

Little Zhao twisted his face, and didn’t smile.

The sixth prince was amused by his disdain appearance towards him. He took him from Zhao Nanyu’s arms. “Why? Don’t like me? I want to hold you.”

Little Zhao lost his small face, and he almost wrote ‘I’m not happy’ on his face. He held out his hand to Zhao Nanyu and waved his small hand, “Dad, hold it.”

Zhao Nanyu chuckled and took him back. Sixth prince couldn’t help but sighed, “This child is really like you. He looks lovely and cold-blooded. Pity me. I gave him a lot of treasures for the new year, but he refused to give me a single hug.”

Little Zhao heard his speech, buried his face in his father’s shoulder, like a small tortoise, retracting oneself into the shell.

Zhao Nanyu patted his back with his big palm and said, “This child also has a temper.”

Sixth prince raised his eyebrows. After pondering for a moment, he said, “Bring him to my palace some other day. Ayun will certainly like it when she sees him.”

Zhao Nanyu knew that the little girl who looked like a little tail that followed him all year round was called Ayun. She looked very naive and didn’t know anything about the world.

Ayun held a great place in the sixth prince’s heart.

The sixth prince would soon get married. It seemed that the bride wouldn’t be able to keep his heart.

Zhao Nanyu said faintly, “My child is not for you to play.”

The sixth prince looked at him with a smile, “Don’t be stingy, Mr. Zhao.”

Zhao Nanyu stepped two steps back. “If you like, go have your own child.”

Sixth prince’s smile at the corner of his mouth suddenly froze. He turned the buddhist beads on his wrist for a moment.

He had a child, but didn’t survive.

He looked up at the sky in the distance. It seemed that it was also in winter. Yes, in the deep winter of last year, Ayun vomited what she ate, and she didn’t know she was pregnant for several months, and didn’t understand anything.

Finally, he found out that it was wrong.

He made her see the doctor, and found out it was a happy pulse.

At that time, Ayun took his arm and her eyes were brighter than the stars in the sky. She asked, “Will I really have a baby?”

As a father for the first time, his heart was naturally rejoicing.


But he definitely couldn’t have this child with no name and identity.

The sixth prince didn’t want to continue to recall the incident, so he withdrew his sight. He laughed and changed the topic, “By the way, how is my mother’s good son now?”

Zhao Nanyu said lightly, “Alive, but not in the future.”

People who were almost disabled would have no chance to be emperor in their life.

The sixth prince sighed in a mournful tone. “Speaking of this, my younger brother is also a good boy. He’s worthy of being a royal prince.”

Which of the imperial cities was not covered with blood? They just thought that they didn’t kill enough people yet. Zhao Nanyu’s hands were automatic. The hands and feet of the people were neatly discarded.

The sixth prince said with a smile that had an unknown meaning, “If the queen mother knew this, she would be crazy.”

That was her dearest son, the son she raised in the palm of her hand.

Zhao Nanyu said calmly, “I have already blocked the news. The queen should not know anything.”

They could only find out that something happened on the way to Jingzhou, when he hadn’t died yet.

“Of course, I will tell you the good news in person.” The sixth prince laughed together with him, and asked excitedly, “I almost forgot to ask you, what do you want to do with the people of the Song family? I remember you wanted to kill them all.”

All killed? It didn’t seem very good. He didn’t know if he had changed his mind now.

Zhao Nanyu frowned and seemed to be thinking seriously. He didn’t speak for a long time. The sixth prince was impatient, so he said in a slow voice, “It’s not impossible to kill all of them. But it wouldn’t be righteous of me to do so, after all, they showed their sincerity to me.”

“Don’t touch them.” said Zhao Nanyu, frowning.

This time…his answer was beyond his expectations, and it was quite generous. How could the hatred of being humiliated in those years be written off? Great, he’s worthy of being his cousin.

The relationship between the sixth prince and Zhao Nanyu was known to no one but the old emperor.

His mother was the sister of Zhao Nanyu’s mother. The two sisters did not live a very good life, although their appearance were outstanding, they were easily targeted by people with bad intentions.

The Emperor may have really loved his mother, and was very fond of it for a time, but it brought disaster. His mother died miserably, and the sixth prince survived only after her mother died.

For so many years, his father, the emperor ignored him, almost as if he had no son. But ah, the name written on imperial edict for the throne was his name. It’s funny when he thought about it.

“Your Highness.” The attendants came out.

“What’s the matter?”

“The emperor invites you to go to Wenhua hall.”

Sixth prince thought that his good father would sleep forever. But whether he was awake or not, a lot of things should come to an end.

Zhao Nanyu’s heart jumped, “Go. Don’t be soft hearted.”

Sixth prince clenched his lips, and said, “I will not.”

Outside the Wenhua hall, the queen wore a splendid clothes as she waited anxiously outside the hall. Without permission, she couldn’t enter even if she was a queen.

The sixth highness prince saluted her, “Mother is well.”

The queen was forced to wear a false smile, “You are here.”

“I’m going to go ahead.”

“Good boy, take care of your father for your mother. “

At this time, both mother and son were still acting, maintaining superficial peace.

“This son will surely bring his mother’s sincerity to his father.” When his voice fell to the ground, he pushed open the door and slowly walked in.

There was a strong smell of medicine in the room. The light was very dark. Sixth prince came to the bed and knelt down slowly in front of the emperor. Looking at the half dead appearance of his father, he even had a shallow smile on his face, “You are looking for me.”

“Cough, cough, cough…I…cough, cough.”

The sixth prince helped him up. He did not know when he had a bowl of medicine in his hand, but he was afraid that the emperor would burn his tongue when drinking it, so sixth prince blew it himself, and then gave the bowl to his mouth.

“I know you don’t like me very much.”

The emperor was choked to the throat by the soup, and the juice dripped on his chin. He opened his mouth and wanted to say something.

Sixth prince gently wiped the corners of his mouth, “If you have anything to say to my mother, go and say it.”

Suddenly, he pinched the emperor’s chin with his fingers, poured all the medicine into the emperor’s throat, and watched him swallow them all with his own eyes.

“You can go at ease. Don’t worry, your son will not let you go alone.”

His beloved woman and doting little son would go down with him one by one.

The emperor glared with his round his eyes, and soon, his fingers fell.

Sixth prince closed his eyes. Somehow, his eyes were moist, and he wiped a few precious tears off his face.

He laughed at himself.

The cat cries and the mouse pretends to be merciful.


The next day, the news of the emperor’s death spread throughout the capital.

Song Luan was also shocked when she heard the news. In the original book, the time of the old emperor’s death was one month later than now, but nothing else changed, the final winner was the sixth prince.

Another month passed in a flash. After the new emperor ascended the throne, he promoted many of his cronies. Zhao Nanyu was promoted to be a high-ranking official of the third grade, holding heavy power in his hands. He was cruel and a ruthless official that killed many people.

In a short month, no less than 20 people died in his hands, and people were in panic.

At the same time, there were also many people who had taken part in this month’s book folding. They handed over more and more copies of the book, and complained of Zhao Nanyu’s cruel behavior in tears.

In the Jinluan palace, the new emperor threw these folding notes to Zhao Nanyu and said with a smile, “I can’t see how many of them are. I’d like to trouble Mr. Zhao to share my worries for me.”

Zhao Nanyu picked up two books at random and looked at them. He pulled up the corners of his mouth and laughed. He commented on four words, “These are bullshit.”

The new emperor laughed, and then cursed with a kind of hatred: “These old men!”

Before the next day, anyone who participated in reporting Zhao Nanyu’s performance was escorted to Dali Temple overnight. Zhao Nanyu picked up all of them and explained innocently, “The emperor wanted to punish you, and I can’t do anything.”


Zhao Nanyu stood with his hands on his back and said with a smile, “It’s not easy to suffer in the prison of Dali temple. You’d better save your strength.”

Although his clean hands were stained with many lives, they indiscriminately didn’t kill innocent people.

Spring was expected to be cold, and the early spring was no different than winter. It made people’s teeth chatter. The cold wind was like a knife, it hurt a bit on the face.

Song Luan had a restless temperament, always thinking of strolling and running out. She didn’t know if the wind was blowing too much, but after returning to the room, she coughed and her chest hurt faintly.

It took a long time for her face to return back to normal.

That night, when Zhao Nanyu came back, she smelled blood again. Song Luan covered her nose, and was so disgusted that she jumped back several steps. “What are you doing now!?”

Killing people and stealing goods?

According to the plot of the original book, it was only a half of the the male lead’s life story.

After all, it’s a two million word novel. It was impossible to finish without pouring dog blood all over the sky! The male lead achieved his wish and rose step by step. He began to settle old accounts one by one, and countless people died under him.

Of course, those people were more or less self-made.

The original owner was one of the avenged.

According to the time line of the original book, in fact, there were less than two years to go before the original owner’s life was over.

Zhao Nanyu had just returned from Dali temple, and his body was inevitably stained with dirty things.

The dungeon was dark and humid, and the ground had been dyed red with blood. Today, he also made an exception. He voluntarily punished them by himself, and blood was splashed on his clothes.

He had been used to it for a long time, but Song Luan couldn’t stand it.

Zhao Nanyu said in a low voice that he was sorry, and immediately ordered his servants to fetch water. After washing and changing clothes, he appeared in front of her again.

Song Luan was now indifferent to him. She was obsessed with making all kinds things for her son.

Zhao Nanyu hugged her waist from behind, buried her head in her back neck, and deeply sniffed the fragrance of her body.

“You go away, you’re heavy.”

Zhao Nanyu lowered her face and held her closer. “I’m a little tired.”

Song Luan pushed him away without being angry. “I’m very tired too.”

She just didn’t want to be his crutch.

Zhao Nanyu sighed and let go of her. He went to the desk by herself, rubbed his eyebrows and began to deal with official documents.

Song Luan raised her eyelids and secretly peeked at his face. Although the male lead was small in heart, he was not angry because of such little matter.

She had seen Zhao Nanyu’s cruel and merciless appearance during his anger. That time, she went to the palace to meet her brother, and was going to go home right away, but as soon as she arrived at the gate of the palace, she saw Zhao Nanyu dealing with people. The shrill screams of the person couldn’t even soften his heart.

Zhao Nanyu turned a blind eye to him. After he beat him to death, he mercifully said, “Take Mr. Du to the hospital.”

Song Luan hid in the carriage, and was scared to death. The man had been beaten to the point that he couldn’t speak. His whole body was covered with blood. She felt that even if he was sent to the hospital, he would not live.

After this incident, Song Luan’s fear of Zhao Nanyu became deeper.

After a short time without disturbing him, Song Luan nervously came up to him, and called him with his first and last name, “Zhao Nanyu.”

She tightened her fingers and said, “Can I ask you something?”

Zhao Nanyu hadn’t heard a word from her for a long time, “Go ahead.”

“I want to go back to my mother’s house.”

If the female lead was by his side at this time, they would have started a sweet life of a million words in the novel.

Zhao Nanyu bowed his head, and continued writing. He did not answer her.

Song Luan was fierce that she took the brush in his hand and said, “Do you agree or not?”

Zhao Nanyu raised his head and Song Luan felt guilty when she looked in his eyes.


“If you don’t promise, I will go back.”

Zhao Nanyu chuckled sarcastically and said, “You’re dreaming.”

Song Luan knew that he was not good at speaking. Regardless of what he said, she would go back to her mother’s home this time, and would not intend to come back in time.

There was no big change in the plot, and the time of the original owner’s poisoning was nearing, which would happen in the spring of this year. After the poisoning, the body would be tortured for two years before it would die.

There’s nothing to believe in that man’s mouth. According to Zhao Nanyu’s character of holding grudges, Song Luan believed that after she transmigrated, she was still under the influence of poison.

Tch. To love and to kill each other. How wonderful!



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