Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 66

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Song Luan was sitting beside the bed, but Zhao Nanyu ignored her, and only continued to practice his calligraphy calmly.

Even if Song Luan wanted to quarrel with him, he could stop her with just three or two words. As long as she didn’t push his buttons, he wouldn’t get angry, and would just watch her act mischievous like a fool.

A few days ago, Zhao Nanyu took care of her even when the situation in the capital was uncertain. Now that the overall situation was settled, he had already gotten the power that he wanted. How could he possibly let her go? The number of people guarding in the dark also hadn’t decreased.

Song Luan took off her shoes and socks and tucked herself in the quilt. After sleeping for a while, she felt so hot that she stretched her bare feet out of the bed.

Zhao Nanyu knew that she couldn’t sleep, so he didn’t write nor read any words anymore. He went to the bedside and took off his clothes. Song Luan was still angry at him. After thinking about it, what should she do with this little pervert?

She turned around in silence and faced him. Her bright eyes were looking at him expectantly.

Before she could make a sound, Zhao Nanyu had already opened his mouth, and said, “I’ll send someone to take you back at noon tomorrow, and you’ll come back in the evening.”

Song Luan’s words were forced in her throat. She softened her voice and squeezed out a very sweet smile on her face. “How can this be enough? You can give me two more days. It’s not that I won’t come back.”

Zhao Nanyu embraced her shoulders, and pressed her small head in his arms. He closed his eyes, hooked his lips, and said, “Then you can’t go.”

Song Luan swallowed her anger, and forced a smile, “You’re my magnanimous husband.”

Zhao Nanyu laughed and said, “Okay, I’ll send you in the morning. Isn’t that a long time? It will be enough.”

“I’m so angry that I can’t make sense with you.”

It’s useless reasoning with him.

It’s strange that Zhao Nanyu could always guess what she’s thinking. She arched out her arms, but was pulled back by the man behind her as soon as the quilt was covered.

That night, in Song Luan’s long dream, there was a woman she had never seen before. She was wearing her familiar bright red dress, and her hair was decorated with flower ornaments.

She was gorgeous and exquisite.

She stood on the tower with her hair tied high. The cold wind swayed her dress. The expression on her face seemed very sad. No, it was not just sad, but it was a kind of despair.

The desperate smile on her lips seemed to show she didn’t have any attachment to this world.

Her hands were tightly tied behind her, surrounded by a circle of armored soldiers, their sharp knives facing her. It’s as if one single movement of hers would trigger the ten thousand swords in front of her to pierce her heart.

With the sound of ‘zhu’, a sharp arrow passed by Song Luan’s ear, and the woman on the tower was shot directly. The person who shot the arrow was very skillful because it precisely pierced the center of her heart.

Song Luan couldn’t tell whether it was a dream or not, but she could almost hear the sound of the arrow cutting through the cloth.

The arrow seemed to have been shot in her heart. Her chest was suddenly filled with severe pain. In betweens of being awake and being asleep, she saw the young taoist who she had met once. His expressionless face whispered faintly on her ear, “Did you see that? That is you.”

Song Luan covered her chest, and was unable to stand straight.

She was woken up by Zhao Nanyu.

When she woke up, her head was covered with sweat and her face was pale. Zhao Nanyu’s dark eyes looked at her motionlessly, and his eyes were even more worried. He asked, “Why are you crying?”

He gently wiped her tears, as he sighed, “If you really want to stay with your mother for a few more days, it’s not impossible.”

In the dream, although the sharp arrow that penetrated the heart disappeared, her chest still felt a little dull, and there was a kind of stagnant air hovering above it.

She suddenly stretched out her hand and hugged Zhao Nanyu’s waist. She desperately looked at him and said, “My chest hurts.”

Who was that young taoist? He obviously knew more than she did. What was this weird dream? Why was the woman who was pierced by an arrow on top of the tower in her dream familiar?

Zhao Nanyu’s face changed slightly, and the blood color of his lips faded a little. He said, “I’ll ask Zhao Chao to come and see you.”

This time he invited not a doctor, but Zhao Chao.

Zhao Nanyu’s face was as white as paper. With his eyes closed, he could still remember the symptom of tianqing.

At first, it would start with only a trivial pain, but slowly, the ache would gradually deepen, corroding her internal organs step by step, and the person under this poison would die slowly in great pain.

Song Luan looked up at him and said, “Can you call someone else? Your brother still hates me.”

“He dares not.”


Zhao Nanyu moved, and was planning to get up and dressed, but Song Luan’s chest was stuffy, and she was still very uncomfortable, so she held his waist and refused to let go. “Don’t go. Stay with me for a while.”

Holding him could make her feel at ease.

Zhao Nanyu was shocked, but he nodded, and said gentle words to her, while his fingers gently brushed her hair. “Do you want to sleep for a while? Don’t worry, I won’t go.”

“I’ll just hold you. I don’t want to sleep.” She wrapped her hands and legs around him, clinging closely to his lead body, rubbing every inch, “You are so comfortable.”

Fragrant, warm.

Zhao Nanyu’s mood gradually changed by her constant rubbing, his eyes became dark, “Don’t move.”

A man who hadn’t had sex for two months couldn’t stand the slightest provocation.

His ferociousness could leave her half dead.


Zhao Chao’s marriage meetings came one after another, but his mother had no way to force him. His parents were in a hurry, but he himself was not, so he didn’t take it to heart.

When his second elder brother invited him to live in Huai Shui Residence, Zhao Chao was happy in his heart, because he didn’t need to listen to his mother’s thoughts.

After he arrived, Zhao Chao found that his second brother’s face was not very good, and the air pressure around him was heavy. He unfolded his fan and half jokingly said, “Second brother can get angry in the morning?”

Zhao Nanyu pursed his lips. “I don’t have the heart to laugh with you. You carefully check the pulse of your second sister-in-law.”

Zhao Chao’s fingers stopped, and he began to show his upright smile, “What’s the matter?”

Zhao Nanyu took a deep breath. His throat was hoarse, and his original voice couldn’t be heard. He said, “Are you sure that the amount of poison I took before is not enough to kill her?”

In fact, he stopped the drug early summer last year.


Before Zhao Nanyu fell in love with Song Luan, he still wanted her to die.

Song Luan’s temperament began to change obviously. At that time, he thought she was pretending, so he still didn’t show mercy.

It was when spring had passed that he completely put off his killing intention. He stopped the poison in the early summer.

Zhao Chao was silent, and could only say, “My master is eccentric. He only makes poisons, not antidotes. But last time when I checked sister-in-law, I didn’t see any signs of poisoning.”

Either the time was short, or the quantity was insufficient. Zhao Chao was not clear which one it was.

“Go and see her,” Zhao Nanyu said.

In any case, he would not let her die.

Zhao Nanyu pulled up the corner of his mouth and laughed. He couldn’t let her die in his own hands.

Song Luan came out of the house, her clothes were light and flowing. It showed her full waist.

She stood in the sunlight, the golden light poured down, and it evenly sprinkled on her body. Her skin looked fair and beautiful.

Zhao Chao shook for a moment. He quickly retracted his eyes, stepped back two steps, and said, “Second sister-in-law.”

Song Luan pretended to smile at him. “Third brother.”

She didn’t want to get angry with Zhao Chao, fortunately, he didn’t look at her with eyes full of scorn.

The two didn’t have much to talk about, so Song Luan took the lead in saying, “I heard from my mother that you have been meeting with a lot of girls these days. Is there anyone you like?”

Zhao Chao frowned. “You don’t have to worry about it.”

Song Luan had no intentions of worrying about it. She just had nothing to say. The atmosphere was too awkward, so she just picked up a random topic. She didn’t know that it would irritate him.

“My mouth talks a lot.” Song Luan said.

Zhao Chao asked, “I heard from second elder brother that second sister-in-law is not feeling well these days?”

Song Luan put on her make-up, so he couldn’t see how she looked. “It’s the old symptoms.”

Zhao Nanyu knew that she didn’t want to see Zhao Chao, but he was not willing to let her see a doctor, so he held her hand and said, “Let the third brother check your pulse first.”

Song Luan didn’t want to make trouble, so she sat down and stretched out her hand.

She had a speculation in her heart that before she fainted, the pain in her heart was only just a prelude.

At present, there was no way to change the ending of the plot directly related to the original owner. The days of the original owner’s poisoning would not change.

It would be one day this spring.

Maybe it was today.

He put his finger on her pulse and held his breath. After a while, Song Luan found that Zhao Chao’s face gradually became ugly. He gave her a deep look, and hesitantly spoke, “Second sister-in-law…”

Zhao Chao found that Song Luan’s heart had been eroded very badly.

It’s clear that there was no diagnosis last time.

“What happened to me? I feel very good. Both my waist and legs do not ache. I can eat and drink. I can also jump.”

Why did Zhao Chao look at her with that expression that she was dying? Didn’t he know it’s bad and unlucky?

She hated this kind of look that made her believe she would die!

Zhao Chao did not know how to make a sound for a moment, so he had to shut his mouth.

He only gave her a silent response.

It took Zhao Nanyu a long time to find his voice. His bones turned white, as he asked, “How is she? Please tell the truth.”

“Not so good.”

Zhao Chao didn’t want to say those words in front of Song Luan. He once hoped that Song Luan would die. But now, he couldn’t bear to, what should his second brother do?

Killed the woman he loves? He couldn’t stand it.

Song Luan looked at Zhao Nanyu dead-white face. His lean body seems like it would be blown by the wind. He was really worried about her.

Song Luan took Zhao Nanyu’s arm and said, “I’m really good. These are all old problems. Don’t make a fuss about it. Oh, I’m in a hurry to see…poof..”

Before she could finish talking, Song Luan’s throat was filled with blood, and the corners of her mouth slowly oozed with blood, which accidentally got on Zhao Nanyu’s clothes.


The original book was now retaliating against her!!! Not a single thing.

[The dazzling sunshine was a little bright. The wind in early spring was cool. The magnolia flowers on the branches and the petals were swinging with the wind. Song Luan held the tree trunk, and a mouthful of blood spurted out from her lips.]

Song Luan looked at the magnolia flower blooming in the yard. She was very sure that she was poisoned. She slowly moved her eyes to Zhao Nanyu’s face and wanted to tell him that he didn’t need to be sad.

Save your energy and wait for me to die.



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