Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 67

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Song Luan really didn’t feel much. Even at the moment of vomiting, she felt relieved. At last, she didn’t have to be afraid.

Zhao Nanyu really poisoned her. She couldn’t avoid fate.

When she actually faced this moment, she was rather indifferent.

However, Song Luan’s desire for survival was still strong. She didn’t want to die.

No matter what era she was in, she didn’t want to die.

Life is so beautiful.

She also had a lot of things she hadn’t done yet.

She didn’t have a good relationship with others yet and still couldn’t bear to die like this.

She relied on Zhao Nanyu, and still had the strength to smile at him. “I don’t think I can go back to my mother’s home today.”

She couldn’t breathe, and her heart was dull and painful. At this moment, she felt the whirling feeling that she had only read in the book.

Her hands and feet were cold, and she had no strength. The corner of her eyes were moist, her little hand took his sleeve, and shook him. Her voice became smaller and smaller, “I don’t want to die.”

I really don’t want to.

Why was it her? She only read the book and was inexplicably transported.

Even if she transmigrated, why did it have to be in a rubbish script setting! She couldn’t change anything, because she transmigrated too late.

Song Luan began to think…was it at the beginning when she made a bad comment under the book ‘The Powerful Minister’? She wrote a dog blood comment, and got retribution?

She had always been working hard. Song Luan was more and more aggrieved, clearly she did nothing wrong.

Thinking of this, Song Luan cried. Her hot tears rolled down in string. Her cheeks were moist and her eyes were red.

Zhao Nanyu thought that she was crying because of pain. He held her and took a deep breath, as he said in a low voice, “You won’t die. Don’t talk nonsense.”

He was not disgusted with her dirt. He gently wiped the blood from the corners of her mouth with his sleeves.

Song Luan was carried into the room by him. She knew that he was also very sad. His eyes were full of blood, and his face was completely bloodless.

Such a man with everything under control could panic.

After suddenly vomiting blood, Song Luan felt that her chest was not so stuffy.

She still had no strength. Her upper and lower eyelids were fighting the drowsiness.

Zhao Chao just took the pulse for her. Without his second brother’s command, he immediately said, “I’ll go to make the medicine.”

He couldn’t come up with an antidote, so he had to prescribe some soothing drugs.

Song Luan was only vomiting blood now. She would gradually feel the pain later on. The poison would slowly permeate her organs and corrode her lungs.

This attack would last for several years.

As soon as Song Luan laid on the bed, she went to sleep, and didn’t have to think about anything.

She felt that Zhao Nanyu had been by her side. This person had everything under his control, but now he looked helpless.

They had looked for Zhao Chao’s master for more than a year already, but still couldn’t find him.

Whenever they managed to catch a clue, they would soon lose track.

It was getting dark, and Song Luan was sleeping for a day. The ups and downs of her chest gradually calmed down, and her breath slowly subsided.

Zhao Nanyu held her hand and sat by the bedside all day. There was no light in the room. His face that looked slightly sharp, was deeply immersed in the darkness.

She could not see the expression on his face.

When Zhao Nanyu gave her a dose of medicine, Song Luan was very obedient and swallowed it all.

After a long time, Song Luan finally opened her eyes and blinked. She slowly sat up from the bed, while murmuring, “It’s so dark.”

“I’m going to put on the light.” Zhao Nanyu’s voice was hoarse, and she was startled.

The candle was lighted, but it was not very bright. Song Luan could now see his face clearly.

Under the warm light, the white and delicate face of Zhao Nanyu was reflected. His clothes had not been changed, and her blood was still on his white robes. Song Luan swallowed her saliva  and said, “Why didn’t you change your clothes?”

Zhao Nanyu loves to be clean! His cleanliness-obsession is very serious. He always had to change a set of clothes whenever he came back from work.


“Then go to the bath, and change clothes. I’m awake. I’m fine.” Song Luan tried to use her usual tone of speaking.

Zhao Nanyu nodded, “Okay.”

Listening to the sound of the water, Song Luan was in a complicated mood. She opened the quilt and got out of bed. She put on her shoes and went out directly. As expected, it was a mess.

Several vases on the bookshelf were broken, and the desk was in disorder. It seems that no one came in to clean it up.

Zhao Nanyu changed his clothes and didn’t see her. He looked at her thin back, his jaw tightened, and stared deeply.

Her back was ethereal, as if she would leave any time.

“Why did you get out of bed?” He asked.

Song Luan smiled. “I’m not made of glass.”

She said in a tone of indifference, “Isn’t it just spitting blood?”

Her mentality was really good! Great!

Zhao Nanyu took her cold hand and touched it gently. “Go in.”

Song Luan stood still, and smelled the light fragrance of his body. She pointed to the debris on the ground, and asked, “Did you lose your temper this afternoon?”


She remembered that the vase on the shelf was very valuable. When she planned to run away, she thought about whether to take it with her, but gave up the idea because it was too big.

Now that it was broken by Zhao Nanyu, she felt that it was a pity. It could be changed for money.

Zhao Nanyu admitted.

Not only did he lose his temper, but threw a great fit. He scared the maidservants, thus they were afraid to step into the room to clean up the debris.

Zhao Chao told him that there was no other way but to wait.

Song Luan sighed and lamented, “I haven’t ever seen you throw things.”

He could always keep calm, at least on the surface. No one could see anything wrong, even if he was really angry, he would only secretly make some means to take revenge.

Zhao Nanyu’s lips rose slightly. He wanted to smile but couldn’t.

Song Luan turned around, and looked up to see his facial features clearly.

He is good-looking, everywhere is beautiful, flawless and perfect.

“Ah Yu.”

She hadn’t called him that for a long time.

Zhao Nanyu stroked her soft hair and asked, “What is it?”

“Don’t smash expensive things next time.” She was a little distressed.

Zhao Nanyu was slightly dumbfounded. He didn’t expect that she could still say unimportant words.


Song Luan slept for a day, and was naturally not sleepy at this time. She rolled around on the bed with the quilt.

Zhao Nanyu was amused at the way she wrapped herself in a cocoon. He pulled the person out of the cocoon, and said, “Drink the medicine.”

“Zhao Chao’s medicine?”


“Is his master a legendary doctor!?”


Okay. She would obediently drink the medicine.

Without needing to coax her, she held the bowl up her neck and drank the medicine completely, just like she was drinking water.

But Zhao Chao’s medicine was really bitter, her facial features wrinkled together, and she felt a little nauseous. This medicine was worse than all the medicine she had ever drunk before.

Sure enough, the legendary doctor was different.

“Well, you’ve been with me all day. Are you not busy with your own work? You go to work quickly! Don’t worry about me. I’m fine.”

Song Luan didn’t ask anything. She guessed that after she transmigrated, Zhao Nanyu had still continued to poison her.

She seems to know everything.

She felt a little pity for herself and Zhao Nanyu.

The man loves her, but in the end, she would be killed by him.

Fate made them.

Song Luan remembered deeply how the original owner died. The sharp edge of the dagger was aimed at her heart, and it was held by Zhao Nanyu’s hand.

It hurts to think about it.

She may have dug up the man’s grave in her last life, took out his body, and whipped it. This might be the reason why she was suffering in this life.

It’s too miserable.

Zhao Nanyu was still looking at her with deep eyes.

“You have a rest.”

“But I’m not sleepy. “

“You have to rest.” He insisted.

Song Luan couldn’t help but hammer him with her fist, “Then why don’t you rest!?”

Zhao Nanyu raised his lips and said, “You asked me to go work.”

Song Luan looked up at him with her head raised. “Well, I changed my mind. You are not allowed to go.”

“Good. “

She was so stupid that she didn’t know she was in his pocket.

Song Luan hummed, and laid back on the bed, her back facing him.


Song Luan’s chance to go back to her mother’s home was ruined last time. Zhao Nanyu looked over her intensely. She was always guarded.

Most of the time, it was Zhao Nanyu who accompanied her personally.

He wouldn’t say a word, just holding her wrist was enough.

But Song Luan’s condition was not much better. She often coughed up blood. She dared not let Zhao Nanyu see her handkerchief with blood in her hand. His eyes were too terrible and eerie.

The male lead himself was an extremely  dark character, Song Luan was really afraid of his blackening on the spot.

But as she coughed more and more times, she coughed up more blood than before.

Fortunately, the medicine of Zhao Chao began to take effect, and Song Luan’s frequency of coughing up blood decreased at a speed visible to the naked eye.

She had no chance to breathe. She had been suffocated for a long time.

Taking advantage of the fine weather, and the fact that Zhao Nanyu was not at home. She made a kite and flew it in the yard.

After two laps, she was sweating and panting.

The kite flew too high, the line broke in half, and her tiger kite fell outside the wall.

Song Luan subconsciously wanted to climb up the wall, and take down the tiger kite on the elm tree outside the courtyard. She raised her foot, but took it back again.

If Zhao Nanyu saw, he would break her dog legs.

This man was getting darker and darker. In the middle of the night, sometimes when her throat was dry, and wanted to get up and drink, she would always come face to face with his clear eyes.

Dark and deep, with eyes full of countless extreme emotions, looking straight at her.

Song Luan’s scalp felt numbed, and her heart palpitated.

He was more domineering than ever before. He didn’t let her go outside, or anything that exerted her strength. He regarded her as a fragile doll.

Song Luan instructed the bodyguard, “Go and help me get the kite back.”


Just as she was about to take out her handkerchief to wipe the sweat from her forehead, she saw an extra hand. A plain handkerchief was handed to her, and the man sighed, “You.”

Please tolerate this poor woman who would someday die.

Song Luan wanted to say this sentence very much, but because of Zhao Nanyu’s sensitivity these days whenever he looked at her, she just swallowed back.

She was not as flexible as before.

Everything was moving towards the original plot.

To be honest, Song Luan didn’t want to die in his hands. If there was no way to go in the end, she would silently avoid it, and she would come to greet death from a distance.

The male lead had a glass heart, and will be in extreme sorrow.

The sorrow would blacken his heart.

What if he cried while holding her?

Song Luan really couldn’t imagine the male lead’s crying appearance, she suddenly laughed out loud.

Zhao Nanyu raised her chin with two fingers. “Are you in a good mood?”



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