Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 68

Translated by: Tinker

Proofread by: Mary

Song Luan’s face was tender and smooth enough that it could pinch water1 A chinese idiom that means her skin is clear and smooth. After coughing twice, she whispered, “Yes.”

Even if the weather was good in spring, it was still cold. Zhao Nanyu wrapped her in his arms with his cloak, kissed her forehead, and sighed, “It’s cold outside. It’s better to stay indoors.”

Her body couldn’t stand a slightest oversight.

Song Luan obediently shrunk in his arms. “I’m suffocated by staying in the room every day. And I’m much better these two days. Coming out to breath is nothing.”

Zhao Nanyu didn’t say anything to her, but punished the servants around her. His voice was a little cold, “Didn’t I say? Don’t let her out without my permission.”

However, if Song Luan really wanted to do something, no one could dare stop her. They had all seen the appearance of this young lady losing her temper before.

Zhao Nanyu rubbed his eyebrows and called in his guards. He said in a cold voice, “Look for two obedient girls to serve her.”

Obedience meant to listen to his words, and those servants should not be afraid of Song Luan.

“Yes. I’ll do it now.”

Song Luan was already asleep.

After returning to the room, she had wanted to read two books. She took one from the bookshelf, and the dense words in it made her feel dizzy and drowsy.

Zhao Nanyu returned, and saw that she was lying on the cushion. Her whole face was buried in the book. He went over and covered her with a blanket. He gently pulled out the book in her hand. Her cheeks were a little reddish, and her mouth was slightly pursed. She didn’t seem to be sleeping very well, because of her turning around and changing her posture every once in a while.

Zhao Nanyu hugged her for fear that she would catch a cold. However, this woke Song Luan up, her long eyelashes moving, as she opened her eyes slowly, feeling confused. She rubbed her eyes, yawned, and asked, “Did I just fall asleep?”

“Yes.” He then asked, “Are you still sleepy? Do you want to go back to sleep?”

Song Luan looked out, and seeing it wasn’t dark yet, she shook her head and said, “I won’t sleep.”

As her mind cleared up, she put her arm around his neck and said, “This book can make people dizzy.”

“I’ll buy you some folk scripts tomorrow.”

Zhao Nanyu also knew that she was not a reasonable person, and couldn’t bear to stay inside her room. It was unfortunate that he was busy these days, and couldn’t accompany her.

Song Luan still had a high fever at night. She was still talking nonsense in her dream. Her face turned pale again, losing a lot of blood color. These days, she had lost a lot of weight. She didn’t look as plump as before. She was so weak that she could be broken with a mere twist.

Zhao Chao was not in the residence, so Zhao Nanyu called the doctor to come and prescribed a dose of antipyretic medicine. Song Luan gradually got better after drinking the medicine, and the temperature on her forehead didn’t drop until the latter half of the night.

After tossing in her sleep, it was almost dawn.

Song Luan’s consciousness was dim. She didn’t respond much to what happened outside. She didn’t even open her eyes, she just felt that she didn’t sleep well. She couldn’t even remember the words she hummed in her mouth.

She woke up feeling fresh the next day. Zhao Nanyu must have wiped her sweat last night.

She sat up quietly from the bed. In front of the window coffin silently stood a man with a lean body, and a gloomy aura.

When he felt Song Luan’s gaze, Zhao Nanyu turned around and saw her sitting on the bed.

The deep shadow in his eyes gradually dissipated. “Awake?”

Song Luan’s brain was still in a daze. “Yes.”

She opened her mouth, and wanted to explain that she was really not that weak. After a second thought, it seemed that it wasn’t needed, because even she did not believe her own words.

Song Luan sighed. Zhao Nanyu would be stricter with her in the future.

She did not expect that her body’s immunity had become so bad that when she just got hit by a bit of wind outside, she fell ill immediately. It was really terrible.

She finally understood why the original owner wanted to die. She slowly felt that all the organs in her body were damaged. She felt the pain from her five internal organs, which felt worse than that being disabled.

A chilling air spread through her mind, when Song Luan thought of the days to come.

Her fingers were shaking uncontrollably. Zhao Nanyu held her hand in the palm of his hand and asked, “Is it cold?”

“No.” She had a hoarse voice.

Zhao Nanyu asked again, “Are you hungry?”

“I’m hungry. I want to eat dumplings.”


Soon, a bowl of hot dumplings was brought to her.

Song Luan was really hungry, but when she ate only a few dumplings, she felt full already.

She put the bowl back and refused to eat any more.

“Eat more. You only ate a few.” If she went on like this, she would be very thin.

“I really can’t eat it.”

Even if Song Luan pulled his sleeve and acted coquettish, it didn’t work. Zhao Nanyu gently pinched her jaw and forced her to open her mouth. “If you eat this bowl, I won’t force you.”

Song Luan was forced by him to eat more. She frowned, and tried to avoid the spoon. She looked at him pitifully and said, “I can’t eat anymore. I’m going to throw up.”

She felt some nausea. It was very uncomfortable.

Zhao Nanyu sighed and finally let her off.

Song Luan disliked the smell of dumplings in the room, so she had to get out of bed and open the window. Zhao Nanyu held her hand down to keep her from moving, “Still want to open the window? Being ill again is not enough, right?”

Song Luan shook her head, looked at him innocently and said, “The smell of the dumpling is too strong, I want to open the window for it to go out.”

Zhao Nanyu wrapped her up tightly, then reluctantly agreed. He went to the window and opened a little crack for her.

Song Luan was still suffering from a low fever.

She guessed that Zhao Nanyu would not let her out of the room until the weather was warm.

The people who had been waiting on Song Luan’s side had also been replaced by some iron hearted little girls. She didn’t know where they came from, and guessed that these people were all good at martial arts.

Song Luan couldn’t help but miss her former servant girls. They were soft and cute. If she pretended to be a ruthless lady, they would relent and obey what she wanted. Unlike now…


No freedom! No right!

*Sobbing, sobbing.*

But Song Luan was also good at understanding, thinking that Zhao Nanyu might be doing this for her own good, what could she do? Just put up with it.


After the Spring Festival, little Zhao officially went to private school to study. Naturally, a little boy like him didn’t have to live in a boarding house, and he could go home every day, but Zhao Nanyu was strict and regularly checked his homework every day.

Song Luan could only see this child five or six times a month. As soon as the new year was over, he was as tall as a branch, and his height was much taller.

However, the child’s temper did not change much. He was indifferent to outsiders and didn’t smile a lot.

Only when he saw his mother, would he smile.

Before that, Song Luan was still having a fever. She was afraid that she would pass the disease on him, and didn’t allow him to come.

After the fever completely subsided, and she no longer coughed, little Zhao came to see her again.

Zhao Wenyan also came, and he looked calmer than before the last time she saw him. There was no malice in his eyes, but his mouth had nothing good to say.

She hadn’t seen outsiders for a long time, so when someone came to talk to her, she felt very happy!

She winked at Zhao Wenyan and tried to speak to him in an elder’s voice. “Ah Yan, I heard your mother say that your marriage is settled?”

She covered her mouth and laughed. “Congratulations.”

Third lady Zhao once came to check her fever, and casually mentioned it. Song Luan could see that third lady Zhao was very satisfied with her future daughter-in-law.

In the original book, Zhao Wenyan didn’t get a wife from the beginning to the end. It was only the original owner in his eyes. This time, when Song Luan heard that he could have a good home, she was really happy for him.

Zhao Wenyan smiled, “Thank you, second sister-in-law.”


Besides congratulating him, Song Luan also wanted to know which wife Zhao Wenyan would have in the future?

“I don’t know who the lucky girl is.”

“I thought my mother told you everything. Do you still need to ask me?”

Song Luan laughed, “You don’t want to say it.”

In fact, she was not so curious. She would have known sooner or later.

Song Luan just couldn’t understand Zhao Wenyan’s temper? She laughed and shook her head.

She couldn’t understand what these young people were thinking.

Zhao Wenyan couldn’t get everything out in one breath. “She’s a knowledgeable and reasonable lady. In short, she is better than you! She is more sensible than you, and she recognizes more words than you.”

The original owner who only loved beauty, and only had interest in gold, silver, and jewelry. Of course, she couldn’t recognize too many words.

Song Luan, who transmigrated, was also stumbling to understand the font of this dynasty, so she couldn’t complain. She would fall asleep every time she read a book. It’s not too much to say that she was half illiterate.

“Okay.” Song Luan didn’t care.

Zhao Wenyan seemed to be frustrated. He stood up, and turned to leave. As soon as he got to the door, he remembered what he had come for. He turned around angrily and put the things he had brought on the table.

“This is what I…” He said, but immediately changed his tone. “This is the tonic my mother asked me to give you. Don’t ask too much. This medicine is a good one. Just take it. It’s disgusting to see you look sick.”

Weak…like dying.

Song Luan said, “Thank you.”

“You should  mind your own business. Don’t worry about others.” He pointed to the box he had brought, “There is a valuable snow lotus in it. You don’t…waste my mother’s kindness.”

“I thank mother in Ah Luan’s behalf.” Zhao Nanyu came back from the outside in a cold air.

His eyes turned around to look at Zhao Wenyan, and finally fell on the snow lotus plant he had brought. “Mother really took too much trouble.”

This was not what the third lady asked him to bring, but Zhao Wenyan spent a lot of money to buy it.



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