Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 7 part 1

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Outside the window pane, the afterglow in the sky was deep that it radiated a faint golden light.

Song Luan woke up, but the little bun sleeping beside her was nowhere to be found. She put on her shoes and walked out. Zhao Nanyu sat by the window with a cup of tea in his hand. His back was facing her, and when he heard her footsteps, he said, “You’re awake.”

Song Luan’s throat was dry, and she said in a hoarse voice, “Well.”

Zhao Nanyu put down the teacup in his hand, turned around to look at her and explained, “The child is with his grandmother”

“Oh.” She whispered back. Every time she was alone with him, she was uncomfortable. She was still afraid of him.

Zhao Nanyu stood up, walked over, and stood in front of her. His tall body covered the sun light. He was much taller than her. He lowered his eyes and looked at her carefully. He pursed his lips and said, “It’s very cold, you should wear more clothes.”

Since she just woke up, she was only wearing a set of thin bedclothes. Her face was plain and her face was muddleheaded. It seemed that she was not yet fully awake.

Song Luan was still in a trance. When she woke up, she felt sleepy and lost her ability to think. She went back to the inner room and put on some more clothes before she came out. Her black hair was still messy, so she just put on a hair pin and didn’t care much about it.

She thought Zhao Nanyu wouldn’t come here tonight. After all, he had never stepped into her house twice a day. So what attracted him to come here!? She can’t figure it out!

Zhao Nanyu looked at her thoughtfully and smiled, “What are you thinking?”

“Nothing.” Song Luan quickly returned to her senses and responded very quickly.

The edge in his eyes was dark, and he stroked the finger on his thumb unconsciously. He suddenly smiled and said, “By the way, I almost forgot to tell you that the kid likes you very much. I didn’t bring him here for how many days and yet he kept thinking about you. He implicitly told me that he wanted to see you. Sure enough, there’s a connection between mother and son.”

Just giving her son a little sweetness, even when she used to be bad with him, the child still turned to like her.

Zhao Nanyu’s words were mostly to test her, or maybe to trap her.

Song Luan clenched her hand, and her palms were already sweating. When he looked at her so attentively, she couldn’t help but be nervous. Her scalp became numb and she raised her face and gave a cute and pleasant smile, “Before, I didn’t find the kid as cute as now. It’s unusual. I couldn’t help but be very nice to him.”

“Really?” Zhao Nanyu looked uncertain, and could not believe her words.

In fact, he was suspicious of her and didn’t believe half of what she said. Of course, it would be good if that was the truth.

Song Luan’s face was a little hot, hanging her head, and softly said, “Hmm”. It sounded like a mosquito.

Zhao Nanyu didn’t ask any further, as if he had just let her go. He said slowly, “Are you hungry?”

“A little bit.”

In fact, Song Luan was reluctant to eat at the same table as him. Every meal time, she only dared to stare at the dish in front of her eyes, and did not eat more. She was stiff and could not move her back, for fear that he might find something wrong.

Zhao Nanyu nodded and then asked the servant girl to set up the meal.

Tonight’s dishes are especially luxurious. There was a jar of sake on the table. The wine jar was fragnant. Song Luan looked at it several times and licked her lips. The gluttony in her heart is about to break out.

She liked fruit wine very much. The ancient wine smell more fragrant than the modern times. She was really greedy. But Song Luan’s tolerance to liquior was not very good, so it’s not good if she drank too much.

She sat on the edge of Zhao Nanyu, and did not touch the glass he was holding. She bowed her head and ate silently.

Zhao Nanyu, who was meticulous and perceptive, had a first-class ability of observing people. It was easy to see what she thinking just from her face. With a raised eyebrow, he asked, “Would you like to have a drink together?”

Song Luan did not resist the temptation. She nodded her head, but her heart was cautious. On the surface, she had to pretend to be strong and she spat the word coldly, “Well.”

Zhao Nanyu poured half a glass of wine for her and gave it to her, “Drink it.”

He looked at her with great interest and wanted to see some hints from her face. Zhao Nanyu was not unaware that when he went out for a trip, Song Luan changed a lot. He wanted to know whether she was pretending or not.

Song Luan felt relieved and boldly sipped the wine. It tasted sweet. It was much better than what she thought. She drank half of the wine unconsciously after taking a sip.

The candlelight was dim and shone on her delicate face. The white face that was originally fair and radiant slowly rose to a touch of red, adding to her beautiful appearance.

Zhao Nanyu silently filled her glass with wine. Song Luan didn’t realize it as he poured another glass. After taking a sip, she whispered something that the fruit wine was delicious.

She didn’t feel anything at first after a few glasses, but later, she found that her head became heavier and her face was hot. In front of her, Zhao Nanyu’s figure seemed to double. She tried to widen her eyes and looked at it carefully.



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