Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 7 part 2

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Translated by: Tinker

Song Luan was also confused and realized that she might be drunk. She stood up and held her hands on the table but she could barely stand. Her upper body was shaking as if she would fall down at any time.

She hiccuped. She had too much of alcohol.

Song Luan did not move. She stared at him with wide eyes. Her eyes were slightly red and her brows were frowning. She was thinking.

Zhao Nanyu was stared at by her like this, but he didn’t get angry. He chuckled, “Drunk?”

Song Luan shook her head unconsciously. She looked a little silly, “No.”

Other than being dizzy, she didn’t feel any discomfort, and her brain was clear.

She looked up at him with ripples in her eyes. Song Luan still remembered that he was the male lead and would become powerful in the future, so she praised him sincerely “You are so beautiful.”

Zhao Nanyu was stunned. Suddenly, she threw herself at him and put her hands around his neck. Her delicate body was close to him. Her lips were slightly opened. She said again, “It’s beautiful.”

The faces of two people were close to each other. Zhao Nanyu lowered his eyes. Her face was puffed, her skin delicate and smooth. He stretched out his hand and rubbed his fingertips on her cheeks. It felt good.

Song Luan’s courage grew when she was drunk. She was as soft as a bone. She was not afraid of him at all. She hugged and touched him. Her beautiful eyes were like the crescent moon.

Zhao Nanyu was dumbfounded for a moment, but he immediately recovered. The head sticking in his arms fell on him, as if she had fallen asleep.

He always felt that Song Luan had changed. After a moment of silence, Zhao Nanyu, for the first time, picked up the woman and carried into the inner room. She was very comfortable. She was laid on the bed and was covered with the quilt. She kicked away the quilt with both feet. She was discontent and muttered, as if she was losing her temper, “I am so hot that I don’t want the quilt.”

Zhao Nanyu was about to leave. After seeing this, he frowned and paused for a moment. He turned around and went back. Silently, he covered the quilt for her again.

Song Luan pushed off the quilt again. She felt that it was not enough so she tried to take off her clothes with her hands. However, the ancient clothes were too complicated. She could not solve it for a while and she hurriedly said, “I’m so hot, I’m so hot..It’s annoying.”

Zhao Nanyu stood quietly and looked at her for a long time. He sat beside the bed, untied her dress belt, took off her garments, and her skin was exposed. It became more white in the moonlight.

Zhao Nanyu did not squint, and there were no slightest waves in his dark eyes, as if he hadn’t seen anything. His expression was cold, Song Luan seemed to be dreaming. She was sleeping soundly and her mouth moved as if she was talking in her dreams.

Her voice was too light. Zhao Nanyu didn’t hear it clearly at first. He leaned down and listened carefully before he finally heard what she said in her dream.

“Don’t kill me.”

These four words fell in Zhao Nanyu’s ear, and he was surprised for a moment. The woman in front of him was pitiful. She tightened the quilt with her small hand. The expression on her delicate face was pitiful. She looked so weak that he could cut her neck with his hand.

Zhao Nanyu gently put his palm on her neck and pinched it a little, forcing her to raise her head, Song Luan was hurt by this pinch that she was frightened in her dream. Her eyes gleamed with tears. A few drops of crystal clear tears slipped down. This scene fell in his eyes and only thought that it was extremely beautiful.

Zhao Nanyu smiled softly. Feeling as if he was in a good mood, his lips were slightly raised.

He suddenly lowered his head, and the cold lips and teeth slowly licked the tears on her face. In a rare moment, he didn’t have that deep dislike for her. The corner of his lips gradually fell down. His eyes were red, and he took a fierce bite on the corners of her mouth. Only when he tasted the rustiness of blood did he stop. Song Luan in her sleep seemed to know that she was afraid and her fragile body trembled.

Zhao Nanyu gently stroke her back and slowly calmed down. He did not stay overnight. Before he stepped out of the Huai Shui, he cut off the wick.

Song Luan didn’t sleep very well that night. She had a strange dream the whole time. In the middle of the night, she woke up thirsty. Her throat was dry and her mouth hurt.

She was still half awake when she left left the bed and went to the table. She felt it with both hand before she finally touched the tea cup. She raised her head and gulped down the tea.

She did not expect that those two cups of liquior were so powerful. She almost gone unconscious! She couldn’t remember clearly what she did and what she said when she was drunk. She couldn’t be unruly.

Otherwise, it’s not good to sit here and drink tea.

It wasn’t until Song Luan’s mouth became more painful that she discovered the small wound on it. She touched it with her fingertips and she immediately retracted her finger when it stung.

Oh, it really hurt.

Who did it? Anway, Song Luan didn’t think it was her own doing. She thought about it carefully and the hand holding the water cup was frozen in place. Couldn’t it be that it was the man who bit it?

The more she pondered about it, the more she thought that Zhao Nanyu really was a little beast.



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