Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 70

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Song Luan was waiting for the legendary doctor.

She was not a pessimist, but this time she only had little expectations in her heart. Which was also not too bad. If there was no good result in the end, she could bear it calmly.

In the past few months, the relationship between her and Zhao Nanyu began to clear up. Maybe because there was nothing to do, but as long as the weather was fine, she would wander to Zhao Nanyu’s study, even reaching to the point of watching him write.

Song Luan went to find him that day, and there was no one guarding outside.

Standing in the distance, she could hear a terrible cry coming from inside. The sorrow was extremely desperate, and she could feel its hoarse and broken voice.

Song Luan slowed down and approached the door. Looking through the slit, she saw a half dead man lying on the ground. Zhao Nanyu held one end of the whip in his hand. His clothes were stained with blood. Not only that, but also his hands were dyed red with blood.

His murderous spirit was raging and majestic.

Zhao Nanyu, with his back to her, raised his foot and stepped on the man’s wound mercilessly. Looking at him from above, he said, “If you hand it over, you don’t have to suffer so much.”

The man’s face was twisted and his teeth clenched. “I really don’t know.”

Zhao Nanyu was not ready to waste any more words. The man had a tight mouth, and he couldn’t pry anything out from him. Zhao Nanyu had been in Dali temple for several years, and was good at punishing people.

This man had long been tortured by him, and wouldn’t live any longer.

Zhao Nanyu didn’t mind sending him a ride. He could suppress the irritability in his heart even after seeing blood. He took the sword from his servants carelessly, and pierced his throat with a sword.

Song Luan’s heart shook, and she hurriedly took a deep breath to stabilize her body. She was about to pretend that she hadn’t seen anything, but when she was about to leave quietly, Zhao Nanyu suddenly turned his head, as if discovering there was someone.

Zhao Nanyu raised his hand and the door in front of Song Luan was opened.

His face was also splashed with bloodstains, and the spirit of killing was rampant. Zhao Nanyu was only slightly surprised to see that it was her. After calming down, he handed the sword in his hand to the person on his side. He slowly wiped the blood on his hands with a handkerchief, and walked up to her and sighed, “How come you didn’t make a sound?”

Zhao Nanyu didn’t want her to see this bloody scene, she was already afraid of him. However, it didn’t matter if she saw it. Sooner or later, Song Luan would have to find out that he was not a good man.

He already had the weight of a lot of human lives in his hands. He didn’t think it was anything important.

Song Luan felt nauseous, and wanted to vomit. Subconsciously, she avoided his hands as she turned pale.

Zhao Nanyu’s eyes dimmed.

She was terrified.

Zhao Chao’s master just arrived at the gate of the capital, and was respectfully invited by Zhao Nanyu.

Xu Daozi was wearing a black taoist robe with a duster in his hand. His face was kind, and his smile was shallow. If people ignored his clothes, he could pass as a very kind old man.

After traveling abroad for more than a year, Xu Daozi knew nothing about the situation in the capital. He never inquired or asked. His only apprentice couldn’t find him, and Xu Daozi never disclosed his whereabouts.

He thought it was his uneasy apprentice who wanted to see him. When he entered the gate of Zhao’s mansion, he found out that it was someone else.

At the moment, Song Luan also looked at the smiling old man with white beard. Zhao Nanyu solemnly said to Xu Daozi, “Please, taoist priest.”

Xu Daozi examined her pulse, and his pupils opened slightly. He was surprised and said, “Tianqing?”

Zhao Nanyu tightened his jaw, and his face was frozen, “Hmm. That’s right.”

As he began to pack up his things, he shook his head and said, “Not good.”

Tianqing was originally a poison made by him on a whim. He had a strange temper. After living for several decades, he had produced a few poisons, but there was no antidote for any of them.

Even he couldn’t find the solution himself.

Tianqing was made in a hurry at that time. Xu Daozi was very satisfied with the poison. Its toxicity was abnormal enough to be comparable to sulfur, but it was different from sulfur.

Tianqing would slowly corrode the organs in the body, causing pain for two or three years before death.

When the viscera were hollowed out, people would naturally not live.

Looking at the pale girl in front of him, he felt a little pity for her. It seemed that the little girl was still young, her face was crisp and her eyes were clean like a pool of spring water. She was very beautiful.

It was a pity that such a person would die.

Xu Daozi slowly turned his eyes to Zhao Chao on his side, raised his hand, and slapped him on the forehead without mercy. “Explain to me what’s going on?!”

How could such a poisonous medicine be used on a girl who hadn’t the strength even to bind a chicken?

“Master, we will talk about it later.”

“Stay here, taoist priest.” Zhao Nanyu stopped him.

Xu Daozi was not a patient person. He was very tired from travelling.

His apprentice said that he wanted to bring him here, and didn’t even give him face.

He felt so bad tempered that he went straight to him and said, “I know what you want to ask. There is no cure. At most, she can live for two or three months.”

If she could bear the waves of pain, this poisoned little girl could still live for three years, but her delicate appearance didn’t seem to be able to survive that long.

Most of the people who had been hit by tianqing would eventually commit suicide. No one could stand the pain day after day. And that kind of heart piercing pain would increase slowly but surely, until even breathing would become a kind of torture.

Song Luan accepted the news calmly, but her tears still fell without any warning. Xu Daozi saw the little girl crying, and he coughed unnaturally.

Zhao Nanyu’s fingers in his sleeve were tightly clenched together. His knuckles turned white and his thin lips moved. He couldn’t make any noise for a long time.

Song Luan wiped her tears. She thought that this was the fate of the original owner, even if she was a transmigrator, even if she knew in advance, the plot still couldn’t be changed.

There was nothing to do.

Song Luan admitted that she was afraid of death, but it was not impossible for her to face this calmly. Maybe she would go back if she died in this world.

“I’m fine. I’m fine.” Song Luan was relieved by Zhao Nanyu’s pitiful and pained eyes.

Xu Daozi softened his heart, and said, “Don’t be sad, little girl. It’s not only two or three months, it could also reach two years. You should take good advantage of it.”

Two years, exactly the same time as the original owner.

What were the days of those two years, Song Luan had seen the description of the text with her own eyes.


Zhao Nanyu refused to believe a word that came out of Xu Daozi’s mouth.

He still went everywhere to find a doctor for her, and put up a notice offering a reward. Song Luan only smiled when she learned of it. She was not discouraged. She did not feel that Zhao Nanyu was doing useless work. Since she was not dead yet, she would not give up easily.

It’s a pity that after drinking too much medicine, the effect would not be as good as before.

All the warlocks and imperial doctors were helpless, just as Xu Daozi said.

Zhao Nanyu was too listless to pretend to be warm and pleasant, and his temper was getting worse.

Song Luan knew that he had thrown a lot of angry tantrums behind her back. His eyes wouldn’t bend anymore, and the number of times he laughed became less.

He would only smile when the two of them were together.

Every day, he would bring some trinkets from outside to make her happy.

Song Luan slept less and less, and the faint pain in her body made it difficult for her to fall asleep.

She hugged Zhao Nanyu’s waist tightly, and sniffed the familiar scent on him, which made her feel more comfortable.

Every time she slept, she would always dream about Zhao Nanyu ruthlessly plunging her heart with a knife.

She had a premonition that this picture in her dream would come true one day. Zhao Nanyu would kill her in the end. What was the reason? She couldn’t guess now.

The dagger was placed in Zhao Nanyu’s study in the upper right corner of his desk.

Zhao Nanyu saw that she was unhappy, so he invited her mother to come over. It was good to make her happy.

Aunt Lin looked at her daughter’s poor and emaciated appearance. She cried straight out, wiping her tears and scolding Zhao Nanyu. Her mean words were, “That cheap one! He dares to torture you like this. If it wasn’t for your father’s disapproval, I would have taken you back. What do we want from the Zhao family? Zhao Nanyu haspower, otherwise I would have killed him.”

Aunt Lin spoke indignantly about Zhao Nanyu.

Song Luan held her mother’s hand and said in a soft voice, “Mother, I’m hungry. Did you bring some delicious food?”

“You’re right. Zhao Nanyu was really not good. I’ve only been eating light food recently, and I need some oil in my mouth.”

Aunt Lin said uneasily, “You are ill. It’s good for you to eat light food.”

She sighed and looked at Song Luan with loving eyes. “What a wonderful daughter I have, how could she be tortured like this in the Zhao family?!”

At the beginning, she would rather send her daughter to a nunnery, than make her marry Zhao Nanyu.

Song Luan didn’t know how to persuade her. Aunt Lin really loved her, and her eyes were swollen.

She sighed in her heart, a little guilty. “Mother, let’s not talk about those unhappy things. I’ll tell you, yesterday, Zhao Nanyu got me a snow-white cat from nowhere, but the cat didn’t seem to like me very much, so the cat ran away secretly.”

At this point, she chuckled, “Zhao Nanyu looked for it in the middle of the night, but he couldn’t find it.”

Aunt Lin said, “You’re too careless.”

She still had the leisure time to take care of a cat.

But aunt Lin was worried. Her daughter was thin, and her complexion was not good. Her body smelled of medicine, as if she had just been released from a medicine jar.

Recalling her daughter’s bright and beautiful appearance before, aunt Lin was very sad, and scolded Zhao Nanyu!

Aunt Lin scolded Zhao Nanyu from the beginning to the end. To sum it up, this man was not a good thing.

Song Luan covered her mouth and laughed secretly. As soon as she did, she felt pain in her back. She had no choice but to endure it, so she held her waist, and said, “Mother, don’t say anything.”

“Good, good, I will stop.”

Aunt Lin accompanied her for an afternoon and told her everything that happened in the Song residence. For example, the fifth sister had just entered the harem. The queen dowager picked her into the palace herself.

It seems that she was quite favored by the new emperor.

Her brother Song Heqing took in concubine which provoked the relationship between her brother and sister-in-law.

Song Luan’s brain ached.

She remembered the fate of Ayun, and she hadn’t seen her for a long time. The new emperor was a typical cold hearted ruler in the original book.

Song Luan was eating melon seeds and asked, “What’s the matter with my brother taking a concubine?”

Aunt Lin frowned. “That girl was the daughter of a condemned minister. Your brother saved her because of their old love. Who knows what will happen later?”

“Sister-in-law must be very sad.”

Imagine if Zhao Nanyu took a concubine, she would also be very sad, thinking about this kind of thing made her heart a little sour.

“No! she cried several times behind your brother’s back, but she didn’t dare to let anyone know. Your sister-in-law is too soft and is being bullied in silence.”

Aunt Lin’s tone suddenly sharpened. “If anyone dares to stand against me, I’ll kill her with a knife.”

But aunt Lin was very happy in the Song residence.

Song Luan could only listen. Aunt Lin was not Song Heqing’s biological mother. It was even more difficult for her to take care of his house affairs.

Aunt Lin didn’t stay for dinner, and she said she didn’t want to see Zhao Nanyu, because she was annoyed whenever she saw him.


The gauze lamp was emitting warm light, but Song Luan didn’t think it was bright enough.

She got out of bed and lit two lamps, which made the room brighter.

It was a very difficult night to fall asleep. Zhao Nanyu laid on her side with one hand around her shoulder. His voice was very pleasant and his face was gentle. He tried to tell her jokes.

Song Luan’s back and abdomen ached. She looked at him with watery eyes, as she listened to him attentively. Zhao Nanyu’s jokes were really not funny, but Song Luan laughed at his hard work, and serious attempts to make her happy.

It was better not to laugh, because whenever she did, her chest began to hurt.

She covered her chest, took a deep breath, and complained in a low voice, “Don’t tell me jokes. I’m afraid I’ll die without a breath.”

Zhao Nanyu squeezed her shoulders. He hated to hear her say this kind of thing.

Song Luan leaned against his arms with her eyes closed, and said slowly, “I am very happy that my mother came to see me today.”

No need for him to coax her.

She was easy to coax, and was easy to satisfy.

Zhao Nanyu’s words became less, and his voice became worse. He probably had a hard time during this period.

Song Luan slept every day. She woke up whenever her body was in constant pain.

When she was unconscious, there was always a voice in her ear saying, “If he kills you, you will be free.”

She was tired of listening to it.

When she woke up, she still clearly remembered the sentence. Death was a kind of liberation.

She walked barefoot. Nothing in the room was not covered with expensive carpets. When she stepped on it, it was not cold at all. She slowly walked to the window, her eyes not knowing where to fall.

(T/N: Paragraphs with brackets below are the events that happened in the book. In this case, it’s the memory of when Zhao Nanyu was still a child.)

[The young boy was tightly held in his arms by his mother. The woman’s face was blue, her whole body was cold as it gradually stiffened, but she still did not forget to protect her child. The cold wind and rain hit her face. She shook her hand and handed the jade pendant to the young boy’s palm. “Ah Yu, you must live well.”]

[The boy had a very beautiful face. Even in his shabby clothes, his cold temperament couldn’t be blocked. The man with sharp lips and sharp cheeks kicked him away, “Do you really regard yourself as a young master? Even if you are recognized, it would just be evil.]

[Zhao Nanyu! What are you?! Do you deserve to touch me?!]

Song Luan remembered the description of Zhao Nanyu’s desolate past in the book. Was he pitiful?


Song Luan suddenly felt like she had always been too persistent. If she could accept the plot arranged in the original book, then she would die very well.

The pain in her chest became more and more acute. Xu Daozi didn’t lie to her. She could live two or three months at most. Even if she didn’t die, she wouldn’t be able to stab herself.

Zhao Nanyu opened the door and saw the woman curled up against the window. His eyebrows wrinkled as he held her up. Song Luan opened her tired eyes, and she said softly, “Zhao Nanyu, I know the poison in my body came from you.”

The man’s body suddenly froze, and there were thin bloodstains in his eyes. His eyes seemed to look redder than before.

Song Luan stared at him intently, lifted her hand, and pulled out the hairpin on her head. She placed it in his palm, and said with a smile, “You can give me salvation from this poison.”

It took less than a month for the poison to show serious symptoms. She had already suffered enough.

Whether she was awake or asleep, she was in pain.

Zhao Nanyu’s eyes in that moment became very vicious, almost ferocious.

T/N: That escalated so fast…well, no, since the author weaved it so intricately that we already know what we’re expecting. ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ stay strong, readers~!



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