Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 72

Translated by: Tinker

Proofread by: Mary

The sharp point of a knife aimed at her heart. As long as it was pierced in, Song Luan would be killed on the spot.

Zhao Nanyu tremblingly held the hilt of the knife. His forehead was sweating, his voice was extremely low and hoarse, as he breathlessly said, “I can’t do it.”

The dagger fell to the ground with a ‘dang’.

Song Luan held up the last bit of her strength to bend down to pick up the dagger on the ground. With such a simple action, she was sweating with pain. She gently put the dagger in his palm and said, “It’s painful. It’s painful even when I’m sleeping.”

All this time, she wanted to die. Her organs were decaying, her chest felt like there was a big hand pressing down on her, her heart was being clenched tightly, and everything inside her was stirring wildly.

Even breathing was a heavy pain.

Zhao Nanyu’s tears fell on her cheek, Song Luan suddenly realized that her death was a relief for her, but a torture for Zhao Nanyu.

It must be hard to kill someone you yourself love.

But she really couldn’t care about his mood anymore.

She raised her chin and looked at Zhao Nanyu with red tearful eyes. She covered her chest with one hand, curled up and breathed heavily. “It really hurts. Please save me.”

The sharp tingling spread from the soles of her feet and to her brain, her limbs and bones, and every place couldn’t avoid this sharp and extreme pain.

Song Luan screamed indiscriminately. Due to the loss of strength, her groaning was lower than her usual tone, and her original beautiful facial features were gradually distorted as it turned bloodless.

Five pale fingers grabbed Zhao Nanyu’s sleeve, “Kill me….please kill me.”

Zhao Nanyu gently kissed her eyebrows, then he slowly closed his eyes, and opened them right after.

He clenched the dagger tightly, his eyes were numb, and with a ‘hissing’ sound, the tip of the knife plunged into her flesh, and it directly pierced her heart.

Song Luan fell into his arms, the corners of her lips showed a satisfied smile.

It was almost exactly the same as the picture she had seen in her dream. She died in his arms by his hands.

Zhao Nanyu pressed her head on his shoulder, while he hoarsely whispered, “It’s alright..it’s alright. It doesn’t hurt anymore, don’t cry.”

“Okay, you won’t feel anymore pain, right?”

At the moment when she was stabbed to death, Song Luan’s soul seemed to be pulled violently, and pictures of memories came together all at once.

Song Luan remembered a lot of things, like how she was very self-willed. Zhao Nanyu said more than many times that she liked to walk on the ground barefoot, but she had never heard of it. Every time, he would shake his head helplessly while chuckling, then would grab her foot, lower his body, and put on the shoes for her.

In the winter, the snow in the capital was so heavy, and the weather was colder than usual. Zhao Nanyu made her a big snowman. At that time, she didn’t have time to ask how long it took him.

He must have suffered in the cold to make such a big snowman like that.

This man had been tolerating her small temperament, and her arrogance. He is taciturn, domineering, and tolerant.

Song Luan hadn’t felt relaxed for a long time. Her soul was floating in the air. Many memories that do not belong to her were all in her mind.

Suddenly, her soul was pulled out of the world.


Song Luan opened her eyes again. She was lying in front of her desk. The light in front of the computer was on. The computer page was still in the interface of the book ‘The Powerful Minister’. It showed that the book was finished.

She was in a trance for a moment, no…the book was clearly not over yet. She shook her hand and opened the book.

She read chapter by chapter, and her heart sank. The book was written almost according to everything she had experienced.

The end was when she died.

The comments at the bottom of the book exploded.

[The author is an absolute idiot to write this book.]

[Author, your mother is dead, do you hear me?!!]

[Now I want to transport myself back before I opened this book a few hours ago, and strangle myself..wuwuwuwu]

[What I did so wrong to be tortured like this.]

[Oh wow…that is so sweet]

Song Luan sat dumbfounded in front of the computer, looking blank and innocent. She let Zhao Nanyu stab her to death, and she didn’t expect to come back.

Everything she had experienced was like a dream–so unreal.

Song Luan touched the jade pendant on her neck and was stunned for a long time. This was the jade pendant Zhao Nanyu forced her to wear. It turned out that it was all real.

She felt empty, and a little uncomfortable.

Song Luan turned off the computer, threw herself on the bed, and looked at the ceiling with her big eyes open. She didn’t fall asleep the whole night, only when the dawn arrived did she fall asleep.

She couldn’t tell where she was. Once again, she saw the woman who had been killed by an arrow on the tower, but this time she was wearing a gorgeous wedding dress and a pretty smile on her face. She seemed to be very happy.

The man in white was holding her hand and pressed close to her ear. No one knew what he said to her. The woman in the wedding dress had crooked eyes and was coquettish with laughter, and later reached out to playfully beat him.

Song Luan tried hard to see the man’s face, but his face was blurred. She couldn’t see it clearly.

Song Luan seemed to be trapped in this fantasy again, almost unable to wake up. It was only when the mobile phone rang that she woke up. Song Luan opened her tired eyes, went to the bathroom to brush her teeth, washed her face, and muttered incoherent words in hunger.

She put on her shoes and planned to go out, only to find out that she was wearing pajamas. She changed her pajamas in a trance and went out with her purse.

Just as Song Luan walked out of the gate of the community, a man in a taoist robe was sitting next to the sentry box, “Fortune-telling?”

Hearing this voice, Song Luan subconsciously turned her head and looked past. Her pupils shrunk suddenly.

He was the taoist priest who she once met in Fulu temple.

The man raised his face and laughed at her. “Lady, get a divination.”

Song Luan rushed to him and squeezed her finger. “Who are you?”

Who the hell was he?! Even if he knew more, why did he exist in both worlds?


The taoist laughed. “My identity doesn’t matter.”

Song Luan couldn’t help but stepped forward and grabbed his hand, fearing that he would disappear again like last time. “You know what’s going on, right?”

Why did she transmigrate in the book? Why did the content of ‘The Powerful Minister’ change after she came back? Was it a dream of hers?

The taoist priest gently brushed her hand away. There was no emotion on his young face. He raised his eyebrows, and was slightly surprised. “It seems that you haven’t remembered.”

“What are you talking about?”

The taoist thought, “Let me tell you a story.”

“I don’t want to hear stories! I just want to know what’s going on.”

The young taoist wanted to tell her a long story.

An imperial decree tied the emperor’s beloved little princess to the son of the southwest king.

The little princess was unwilling to marry.

Although the little princess was not happy to marry a man whom she had never met, she had heard of him, the youngest son of the southwest king.

He was a well-known general, capable of both literary and martial arts skills, and the most important was that he lived an excellent life.

There were beautiful women of all nationalities who wanted to marry him in the southwest border town.

On the wedding night, the little princess sat uneasily on the wedding bed, stirring her handkerchief to relieve her inner tension. She waited for a long time for the slightly drunk bridegroom to arrive, and when he arrived, her red veil in front of her was slowly lifted away.

The little princess saw a beautiful and elegant face, like a fairy in the sky, beautiful and majestic.

She was stunned as she gazed at his beauty. The man laughed at her and said, “I’ve been waiting.”

The son was very polite, even on his wedding night. He didn’t seem to like her very much. He talked to her as if he were dealing with guests, rather than as his wife.

The innocent and romantic little princess was moved. She wandered in front of him all day long. Finally, one day, the noble son of the southwest king fell in love with her simplicity.

The relationship between the husband and wife heated up rapidly.

The little princess was still too silly, she was fooled by the eldest son, and was then captured.

In the third year of winter, the southwest king initiated a war, and his most promising youngest son became his aide against the capital.

The two men worked together in and out, and the southwest king soon won over the capital.

The guards of the capital had no choice but to retreat.

The little princess was caught. Those desperate people took her as a last straw.

They took her to the tower, and threatened the youngest prince with the life of his wife.

The prince took the bow and arrow of the bodyguard behind him.

He didn’t even have a moment’s hesitation, when the arrow feather flew directly over to her.

Song Luan said coldly, “I said I don’t want to hear the story.”

She didn’t like the story at all, or any stories with tragedies.

The taoist asked, “Do you want to go back?”

She didn’t like Zhao Nanyu much, but she thought of how pitiful he was, and was afraid that he would go crazy.

She also wanted to meet her brother, and her lovely child.

“It’s not impossible to go back.” He said meaningfully.

As soon as the voice changed, he spoke again, “Let’s finish the story with you. The little princess made a poison oath before she died. She never ever wanted to meet him again. “

If they meet again, she would never fall in love with him again.

It’s the curse of the little princess.

If she still makes a fool of herself, and still falls in love with him, she would die.

The taoist lazily looked at Song Luan’s back. It was the third time that the man had killed her.

He would never recognize the woman he loves, even if he lives again and finds her.

He would live in torment, and alone.

That person’s obsession is too deep, even entangling a woman’s lifetimes.

A man whose obsession runs deep would be cursed forever.


Zhao Chao felt that Zhao Nanyu was crazy.

Song Luan was already dead, but he didn’t let anyone touch her body, and didn’t even bury her. No one was allowed to enter the room.

The Song family did not know about it until a few days later. Aunt Lin paid a lot of money to hire the people from the escort agency 1 it’s a funeral agency . Her mother hired them to escort Song Luan’s corpse. She then called all the servants of the Song family to break into the Zhao residence.

Zhao Nanyu was teaching little Zhao at this time. Except for his pale face, no one could see anything out of the ordinary.

Aunt Lin’s voice had been hoarse for a long time. Her eyes were red. She had to rely on the help of her maidservant to stand firm.

She was always a woman with exquisite makeup, but after her daughter’s death, her heart was now dead.

She raised her hand and slapped Zhao Nanyu heavily. Her eyes were full of hate, as she gnashed her teeth. “You give my daughter back to me, even if it’s her corpse, I won’t leave it to you. She won’t be allowed into your Zhao family’s grave.”

Her poor daughter, how old even was she to lose her life?!

At that time, she really shouldn’t have been married to Zhao Nanyu, that fierce animal.

“You can’t take her away,” Zhao Nanyu said brazenly.

“I’m her mother! I tell you, Zhao Nanyu, my daughter married you for eight years. How could a good person die like this?! Hmm?! How many times did you hurt her!? Why do you still have the face to continue to hold on to her, pretending to be affectionate and diligent. I feel sick after watching it.” Aunt Lin laughed bitterly. “I’m afraid she will find it ridiculous when she sees it.”

Zhao Nanyu turned a deaf ear as if all these words were not attacking him. He picked up little Zhao and covered his ears. “You are not allowed to listen.”

Little Zhao buried his face in his neck, wanting to cry but couldn’t.

Zhao Nanyu looked at the distance with empty eyes, raised his right hand, and looked in the sun. That day, he killed his beloved woman with this hand.

The sun shone on his shoulder, but Zhao Nanyu still felt very cold.

The only thing she cared about in this world was their son. She loves this child, so he should take good care of him. Otherwise, she would blame him when she comes back in the future.

Aunt Lin hated him very much. She pointed to the people she had brought, and yelled, “Go and bring me my daughter’s body.”

A group of people rushed in, and aunt Lin also broke into the room. Her daughter was lying in the middle of the bed with a quiet look. Her wounds and blood were wiped clean, and her lips were smeared with rouge.

Zhao Nanyu approached her step by step. His guards surrounded Song Luan’s body.

He looked at Aunt Lin calmly and said, “I said, you can’t take her away. She is mine.”

Aunt Lin took Song Luan’s body in her arms, turned over her collar, saw the wound on her chest, and cried out loud, “Why did you do it!?”

Zhao Nanyu gave a very shallow smile. He stepped forward, snatched the person back, and hugged her in his arms. He lowered his head like whispering to his lover, “It’s my fault for letting others disturb you.”

Zhao Nanyu glanced at aunt Lin, “You disturbed her sleep.”

Aunt Lin nearly fainted, as she shakily pointed with her hand. She almost couldn’t breathe, “You are crazy. You are really crazy.”

Even in Ah Luan’s death, he would not let her rest in peace.

Zhao Chao couldn’t bear to see it, and said in a voice, “Second brother, please let second sister-in-law rest in peace.”

Zhao Nanyu gave him a look that became fierce and vicious, “You shut up.”

“Second brother, the corpse will stink and rot. She can’t stay long. You might as well let her go.”

Zhao Nanyu didn’t listen to any of them, “Didn’t I tell you to go away?”

No one could disturb him and Song Luan’s alone time.

She just fell asleep, and would wake up soon.



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