Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 73

Translated by: Tinker

Aunt Lin couldn’t stand successive attacks and was finally carried back to the Song Residence.

Rumors spread around in the capital. There were many people in restaurants and teahouses talking about him killing his wife. Their tone were both furious and afraid. There were differences in the rumors.

Some people think that Zhao Nanyu was justified in killing his wife. After all, Song Luan didn’t give him less green hats to humiliate him. A woman who didn’t abide by women’s principles, was considered vicious, and should be killed.

Those who spoke for Song Luan were only a few. It was nothing more than criticizing Zhao Nanyu for his cruel methods. No matter how she was as his wife, why should she be killed? At any rate, she was a beautiful woman, and had also given birth to a son for him.

He was so heartless that he did not recognize any old love with her.

Moreover, if this kind of thing spreads out, no matter how excellent he was, where could they find a family to marry their daughters to him as his step-wife in the future?

They didn’t know how much Zhao Nanyu hated her dead wife that he ruined his future to this extent.

Zhao Nanyu was favored by the new emperor. In just a few months, he eradicated dissidents, eliminated snobbery, and killed many people. Many people wanted to use this matter as a leverage against him.

They did not lack courage. The civil servant, who was motivated by his situation, handed the book to the new emperor. The new emperor just looked at it with a smile and put it aside. He lazily wrote back a few words, “I know.”

At noon that day, Zhao Nanyu was called into the palace.

A crowd of spectators were waiting to see the good play.

Zhao Nanyu’s face was sickly white, and his lips were pale. The imperial suit looked big and empty on him.

The new emperor pointed to the book on the table with a smile, and spoke to him like this matter was a joke, “These old men really want you to die. Also, what you did was too blatant.”

With a smile, he said, “The reputation of having killed a wife is not good either now or in the previous dynasty.”

The new emperor remembered that Zhao Nanyu spent so many months with his wife that even he rarely stayed in the palace for so long. The new emperor also heard that Song Luan was not in good health, as if she was gravely ill. After seeing so many doctors, it was still helpless.

He patted Zhao Nanyu on the shoulder and sighed, “You have never been anxious. Why are you so reckless this time?”

Why did he have to move his hand for Song Luan when he knew she didn’t have enough days to live? If he didn’t like her, he could just watch her die. The emperor couldn’t understand this contradiction.

Zhao Nanyu’s hand was lightly resting on his heart. He seemed to be in pain. His appearance looked very weak, and his eyes were dark and empty. “She hurts too much. I can’t bear to see her continue to suffer.”

She couldn’t sleep all night. She fainted in the middle of the night, and woke up with pain.

Song Luan was even in tears in her dream.

The new emperor was surprised, “It’s a pity that a good person like this fell sick.”

His unintentionally words were like a sharp knife that accurately stabbed into Zhao Nanyu’s heart.

It wasn’t someone else who wanted Song Luan to die.

It was him when he wished for her death before.

The new emperor had never seen Zhao Nanyu look so pathetic. He was so weak that he looked like he could fall anytime. He seemed too sad to speak, and his voice was so hoarse that the emperor couldn’t understand what he said.

The emperor didn’t know how to comfort him. Originally, he wanted to remind him not to do too much. It’s very easy to take a person’s life. He just had to remember to keep a low profile. He couldn’t make the whole capital know.

But Zhao Nanyu was like this now, so he couldn’t say anything more.

The palace man bowed from the side hall, and whispered a few words in the emperor’s ear. The emperor sneered a few times, and his face was cruel, “She won’t eat it? Then don’t give it to her for three days. If she is hungry, she will eat it naturally.”

The palace man got the order and immediately withdrew.

The emperor also had a lot of messy things to deal with. At this time, he was in a hot temper and full of anger. He asked, “Do you want to drink?”

Zhao Nanyu shook his head gently. “I have to go back and teach my son his homework lessons.”

The emperor pondered for a long time and said, “One day I will bring him in. I also like this child very much.”

It’s not him that liked the child.

He just thought that Ayun would like him. Maybe she wouldn’t get angry with him when she meets this little kid.

Zhao Nanyu’s eyelids did not move, “Then you go to the Zhao residence to see him.”

Zhao Nanyu was the only one in the world who dares to speak to him like this.


Song Luan’s body was burned away by a fire. No one knew how the fire broke out in her residence. When people reacted, the fire was already strong and the beams of the house were all burnt.

Their faces changed greatly, and they rushed to fetch water. The fire burn Song Luan’s bedroom clean, and her body was burned to a pile of ashes.

The servants looked at Zhao Nanyu. They didn’t dare to breathe, in fear that they would be the one to die next.

The timid servant girl sobbed in a low voice, her whole body was shaking uncontrollably, and her sobbing voice broke the silence.

Zhao Nanyu turned and looked at her with dark eyes. “Why are you crying?”

The servant girl hiccuped as she wiped her tears. She couldn’t say that she was scared of him, so she knelt down on her knees with a plop.

He was too frightening at the moment, just like the devil who had just climbed out of hell.

When he looked at them, it was especially terrifying.

Zhao Nanyu blankly looked at the ruins in front of him, and his heart was full of wounds.

He waved his hand and said, “Clean it up.”

Since then, no one in residence dared to mention Song Luan’s name. Her name seems to have become a taboo.

Zhao Nanyu didn’t seem to have changed much from before. Zhao Chao knew that his second brother’s heart was dead, completely dead.

That day, his second brother drank too much and asked for a tianqing poison.

He said, “I also want to taste what kind of pain it is?”

He wanted to taste his own sins.

Of course, Zhao Chao wouldn’t give it to him, “Second brother, you still have little Zhao. What will he do if you’re like this? He’s only five years old this year.”

Zhao Nanyu said with a smile, “Don’t worry, I won’t die.” He said hoarsely, “She will come back.”


No one could take her away from him, no one could.

After waking up, Zhao Nanyu recovered his cool and noble appearance again. His temperament was cold and hard, making others dared not go close to him.

A month later, little Zhao got sick.

The disease was more severe than ever before.

Zhao Nanyu was worried about him. He stood by his bed and held the child in his arms. Under the candlelight, he did not turn his eyes away from looking at his son. In fact, the child’s appearance was not like Song Luan.

Only he could vaguely see her resemblance from him.

Zhao Nanyu’s eyes were sour. She liked to look at him with innocent eyes, and shook his sleeves every time she wanted to act coquettish.

Little Zhao’s mouth sob a few words, but Zhao Nanyu did not hear clearly.

Zhao Nanyu knew that the child depended on his mother. He was cold-tempered, but he was soft like a bun in front of his mother. He was obedient and sensible in everything he said.

In the latter half of the night, the temperature on little Zhao’s forehead finally dropped. Zhao Nanyu’s brain hurt a little. He didn’t sleep too much these days. Even though it was late at night, he was still not sleepy.

Song Luan loves their son. If she knew that this child was ill, she must have complained that she had not taken good care of him.

When the sun came, little Zhao opened his eyes, his voice was soft and sticky, and he said, “Dad.”

Zhao Nanyu put his palm on his forehead, “Your fever’s gone.”

People who are sick are always more vulnerable. Little Zhao threw himself into his arms, his tears poured out from the corners of his eyes, and one by one, it fell on Zhao Nanyu’s sleeves. “I dreamed of mother. I miss her so much.”

Zhao Nanyu also missed her very much.

He touched his head placidly, “Then don’t get sick easily. Your mother will be distressed when she comes back.”

Zhao Nanyu had even thought that when Song Luan comes back, she must be watched closely, and she would never be given a chance to leave him.

Even if she was dead, she would lay by his side.


The story of the little princess went on and on. She dreamed about it for five days. On the sixth day, she couldn’t stand it any more, and rushed downstairs. The young man in taoist clothes still sat there.

The man was not surprised at her appearance. In anticipation, he asked, “Do you remember?”

She didn’t. She really had no memory.

That was, every time she thought about it, she felt sad for a long time.

Song Luan was a little angry, and this uncomfortable anger went to the young man. “You’re still so young, and you act like a god.”

The young man had a compassionate look, “You’ll go back.”

This was a destiny that couldn’t be stopped.

She would remember everything.

She would like everyone except Zhao Nanyu. She would never fall in love with him again.

The young man thought it would be his gift to her.

Song Luan didn’t want to talk to him any more. She turned around and left.

All of a sudden, Song Luan’s back brain ache, and she could only see black in front of her eyes, as she fainted.


After opening her eyes again, Song Luan found herself lying in a back alley. When she raised her eyes, she saw an antique house. Her eyes were blank and innocent, and she didn’t realize what just happened.

She had been able to calm down this time, and looked at the clothes she was wearing. It was very good. It looked like a costume.

Song Luan slowly climbed up against the wall, not wanting to run directly to the river.

The river reflected a familiar face. Her own appearance was exactly the same as the previous body’s face.

Did she transmigrate back again? Last time it was her soul that crossed over, this time it was her body1Song Luan’s face looked exactly like the original owner right? Since the original owner’s body was burned to crisp, the body she is in now is her own body. I think if ever Song Luan dies again, she can’t get back anymore since she doesn’t have any body in the modern world..

But this world was clearly a false world, a world created with the author’s pen.

Song Luan, who was still muddleheaded, walked in the street, for a moment she didn’t know where to go. Her striking appearance walking in the street was very eye-catching, so she couldn’t help but speed up her pace.

Suddenly, a sedan chair rushed out from the corner. Song Luan retreated too quickly and fell to the ground. The servant who carried the sedan chair rushed forward, helped her up politely, and apologized in a low voice. “Miss, I’m sorry.”

When Song Luan raised her face, the servant screamed, “Ah Ghost!”

He crawled back trembling. The man in the sedan chair said in a displeased tone, “What are you crying about?”

“My lord….It’s the young lady of the Song family…the ghost of the third lady of the Song family has been found.”

The third young lady of the Song family had been dead for months. The Song family and the Zhao family had completely turned their faces and had no contact with each other again.

It seemed that the Song family did not even intend to recognize their nephew. In a word, the two families were like water and fire.

Zhao Wenyan rubbed his eyebrows. “Nonsense. Be careful with your mouth.”

“Young master, I really didn’t talk nonsense. If you don’t believe it, come out and see, It’s really her.”

Song Luan also understood that it was Zhao Wenyan, Zhao Nanyu’s brother, sitting in the sedan chair.

She was a bit at a loss. To be honest, she had not figured out how to explain to him.

Zhao Wenyan lifted the curtain, and his face was full of sharpness.

When he saw the person in front of him, he was surprised, and couldn’t say anything, “Second sister-in-law!?”

He was confused, so he pinched his shoulder. After a long time, he managed to keep his mind steady. His face was white, as he stuttered, and said, “You…you’re not…”

Wasn’t she dead? Her body was burned.

He had seen her body with his own eyes. Now who was this person in front of him? There could never be someone that looked exactly like his second sister-in-law.

Song Luan waved her hand and ran away before he could react.

She hadn’t figured out what to do. If she was taken back to Zhao residence by Zhao Wenyan, would she be treated as a monster?

She could fool the rest.

But how could she fool Zhao Nanyu? She was stabbed to death by him! He knew whether she was dead or not!

So, Song Luan ran away.

Zhao Wenyan still had time to go after her in the future, so he didn’t bother to chase her.

The servant spoke carefully and asked, “Sir, let’s go and tell the young master about it.”

Zhao Wenyan thought, “No, I can’t tell my brother.”

He didn’t believe in bringing back the dead.

Moreover, if this person was really his second sister-in-law, she looked like she didn’t want to return to Zhao’s residence.

She didn’t want to go back to his brother.



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