Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 76

Translated by: Tinker

The plot of the book had long been changed.

Song Luan was dragged by Zhao Nanyu’s wrist. She was actually very ignorant, and didn’t expect that she would be caught by Zhao Nanyu so soon.

Gu Yan’s eyebrows moved. The martial arts practitioner’s ear power was excellent.

He could hear him say ‘Song Luan’ clearly. His eyes became deep, and he was puzzled. Wasn’t that woman dead?

Zhao Nanyu pulled Song Luan behind him, blocked her face, and said slowly, “Mr. Gu, I’ll take her first.”

As for the others, he didn’t want to take care of any of them.

Gu Yan didn’t stop him. His task had been completed. The unreasonable woman behind Zhao Nanyu had nothing to do with him.

It didn’t matter who she was. However, if she was really Song Luan, Gu Yan still remembered that his sister seemed to have a good relationship with her.

Gu Yan arched his hands and said, “Go slowly.”

Song Luan felt that her wrist were red now, and it was really painful to be held by him.

She followed him and murmured in a low voice, “Can you be gentle?”

Zhao Nanyu was silent and threw her directly into the carriage. With a heavy face, he said to the coachman in a cold voice, “Go back to the residence.”

Song Luan’s hair was disheveled, and her dark hair messily fell on her shoulder. She shrank in the corner silently, trying to reduce her sense of existence.

On the other side, Ayun shrank as Gu Yan looked at her, “Young lady, I’ll see you off.”

Ayun pointed to her dirty clothes. “Let me change clothes before I go. He must be unhappy to see me dirty.”

Gu Yan examined with his eyes, and said, “Hurry up.”

Ayun was very happy, “Okay.”

She ran back to the house and got out of the back door of the kitchen.

The wall was small. She often took Li Han to climb the wall when she was a child. This height was nothing to her.

Suddenly, a cold voice came from behind, “Young lady, I advise you to go back honestly. The emperor has been waiting for a long time. I fear that his anger would be even worse.”

Gu Yan now refused to let her change clothes. He took the dirty little girl back to the palace.


The atmosphere in the carriage was too depressing. Song Luan felt that she was about to be suffocated. She turned her eyes and carefully looked at Zhao Nanyu. This sight happened to match his dark eyes. She was shocked by the stare.

Song Luan continued to shrink back into the corner, as if it was too late to repent, “In fact, I am not Song Luan, why don’t you let me out of the carriage?”

Zhao Nanyu did not say a word, approached her, and casually tied her scattered hair.

Song Luan’s hair hurt a little when he pulled it. She bared her teeth and said, “You loosen it. I don’t like to tie it up.”

Zhao Nanyu held her hand, while the other hand that was holding her hair also slightly hardened.

Hearing her take a breath of cold air, he said, “Don’t move.”

This hoarse voice sounded terrible and frightening.

Song Luan shuddered slightly and had goose bumps on her arm. She knew Zhao Nanyu was really different from before.

Pretend tenderness no longer exists.

He was violent, authoritarian, and ruthless.

After her messy hair was tied, she didn’t look so crazy at last.

Zhao Nanyu’s slender fingers slowly climbed up her cheek, and the crazy obsession in his dark eyes was revealed. He murmured, “You are back at last.”

Song Luan guessed that the young taoist must have done a good job for her to crossed back over.

Song Luan was brought back to the Zhao family by Zhao Nanyu. She found that her original residence seemed to have disappeared.

Maybe it was the same as the ending in the book–it was burned.

Song Luan stayed in a strange room.

Looking at Zhao Nanyu, she summoned up her courage and said, “Are you not afraid?”

“What should I be afraid of?”

“I’ve been dead, don’t you want to ask what’s going on?”


“I’ll tell you.”


He didn’t want to listen. Song Luan always uses various reasons to leave him.

Song Luan felt that his stubbornness was worse than before, and her brain hurt a little. She didn’t want to tell him that the world was just a world in a book.

On the first night when Song Luan was taken back, nothing happened. Zhao Nanyu simply held her and slept with her all night. In the middle of the night, Song Luan felt a little out of breath. She woke up with a red face and found that the man holding her was not sleeping. It seemed that he had been watching her all the time.

It was not until the next morning that Song Luan realized that it was wrong. The door of the room was locked. She had wanted to open the window, but she found that the window was also nailed to death. It was airtight.

There was no light in the room, and it looked a little dull.

Song Luan was so angry that she wanted to lose her temper. At first, she couldn’t find anyone to lose her temper. When Zhao Nanyu came into the room, she asked, “What do you mean by locking the window and locking the door?”

Prison Play?!

She wasn’t sick anymore.

Zhao Nanyu rubbed her face with a smile. “Ah Yan told me that he saw you, but you ran away cleverly, so I think you probably don’t want to come back.”

Song Luan pointed to the wooden window that had been nailed to death. “So you lock me up just because of this?”


Zhao Nanyu frowned and thought about it carefully, then he said slowly, “I think it’s very good.”

Song Luan’s ears were red and her teeth were trembling. “Didn’t you poison me to kill me? Is it wrong for me to run?”

Zhao Nanyu nodded and thought for a long time. He went to the desk, took out the dagger from the drawer, and put it into her hand. “I hurt you, so now, you can stab me back.”

Song luan couldn’t do it. Both of them knew this in their hearts.

Zhao Nanyu didn’t seem to be joking with her. “It doesn’t matter. I can do this by myself, and you will be satisfied.”

“Don’t be like this. It’s boring.”

She would really be fooled by his bitter tricks again.

Zhao Nanyu sighed. His face that was bright as the moon seemed to be very sympathetic. He said, “If you leave me, where do you want to go? No money, no guide, you don’t even have an identification id. Where can you go?”

Song Luan muttered, “I can go to my mother.”

Zhao Nanyu slowly opened his smile. His smile was extremely eye-catching and beautiful. He said, “Did you forget? You’re a dead person. Will your mother believe it? Won’t they be scared to death? Wouldn’t they think you’re a monster?”

Song Luan felt cold in the back of her head.

After a burst of fear, she asked, “Just tell me?”

Zhao Nanyu looked pitiful, as if he was really sad. He opened his lips and said, “No one in the world will regard you as the third miss of the Song family except me. You have no identity and can’t go anywhere.”

“In their eyes, the real third lady of the Song family had been burned away.”

Song Luan understood what he said. It was easier to understand. She was now dead. She couldn’t do anything.

When she appeared on the street openly, she was afraid of being recognized by some acquaintances.

“What do you want? Lock me up for a lifetime?! Zhao Nanyu, can you wake up?”

Why did she die once, this person was even more crazy!

Zhao Nanyu lowered his eyes. “You don’t like it, so I won’t.”

He raised his clear eyes, looked at her, and continued, “I’m not locking you down. I just want you to be with me.”

He spoke in a pitiful tone.

Song Luan’s temper improved a lot, and restrained her anger. “Can you tear down the lock on the door and the board on the window?”


Song Luan’s eyes widened. Zhao Nanyu used to say a lot of nice things to her whenever he refused!

Woo woo woo, he really changed.

Song Luan couldn’t make a sense about him, and decided not to let him hold her that night.

Lying on the bed barefoot, Zhao Nanyu had just fallen asleep on her side. Her feet kicked him and muttered, “I hate you. You go away.”

Zhao Nanyu took advantage of the situation and pulled her white feet into his arms. He said in a deep voice, “Who do you hate?”

Song Luan took a deep breath, and then kicked him rudely, “I hate you.”

Zhao Nanyu untied her collar, bent down, and smelled the fragrance of her white neck. He opened his mouth, took a bite on her shoulder, and chuckled in a low voice, “Go on.”

Song Luan was too scared to move. Her toes curled up and her body was tense.

However, Zhao Nanyu didn’t let her go. His belt and clothes fell to the ground one by one, and his chest was thin and the lines were smooth and powerful.

“Why don’t you talk?”

She’s afraid, couldn’t he tell!!! Please let her go, woo woo.

Song Luan was imprisoned in his arms and could not move. Her face flushed red and she murmured.

Zhao Nanyu’s actions became more and more excessive, and his strength became more and more fierce.

It seemed that she had to make up for it at one time. Song Luan was sweating, and her thin sweat was slipping down from her forehead. She sobbed for mercy. “I don’t hate you, don’t hate you, okay?! You should be gentle.”

“No gentleness.”

Song Luan was the meat on the chopping board. She was tortured by him.

She completely put down her backbone, choked, and coquettishly begged. “Wuwuwuwu, please forgive me. I’m wrong.”

In the warm night of the spring, the sound in the lotus gradually subsided after midnight.

Song Luan was covered in quilts, and her shoulder was full of green marks. She looked pitiful.

She couldn’t move her fingers. She didn’t know where Zhao Nanyu learned so many tricks.

She’s so ashamed!

Shameless smelly man.

When Song Luan woke up again, she saw his beautiful and excessive face. She tilted her head and looked at him for a while, feeling empty.

It’s calm.

Calm as if she wasn’t moved by him.

Thinking of what he had done last night, Song Luan boldly poked her finger in his face, and whined, “Bad thing.”

Seeing that he didn’t wake up, she poked again in anger, “Bad thing, I’ll ignore you!”


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