Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 77

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The door was closed and there was no light in the room.

A long time had passed since Ayun was thrown in. There was a heavy footstep that seemed to come nearer.

“Oh, where is this dirty cat from?” His tone seemed to be mocking, but not entirely.

His eyes were cool as he glanced at the person in front of him. Just as he was about to reach out and wipe the dirt off her face, Ayun subconsciously dodged back.

Li Han’s eyes suddenly turned ferocious, but still smiled, “What’s the matter? Little dirty cats don’t have a long memory?”

He firmly buttoned her chin, and with a casual smile, he took out a square of a handkerchief from the cuff and wiped the dirt on her face, “Miserable, dirty, not beautiful.”

Li Han spoke to her again. Ayun was scared to death, but she raised her head and looked at him directly. She said the words in her heart, “Li Han, you are an ungrateful white-eyed wolf!”

If not because her parents were soft-hearted, could he live up to now!?

No one in the world probably knew that she was a few months older than Li Han.

At that time, she had never seen this younger brother before. Ayun had lost her temper, cried, and wanted to drive him away.

Later she thought it would be nice to have a playmate, and he was the best looking child she had ever seen.

Who would have thought how bad this person becomes when he grows up?

Li Han said with a casual smile, “Now you are the only one who dares to call me that taboo. How dare you.”

He suddenly used his strength. “Don’t you like the rich clothes and luxuriant food? Why escape? Do you want to marry someone else? If you just remember to eat and not to fight, then everything will be fine. You haven’t learned enough, haven’t you?”

When Ayun was 15 years old, she had a sweetheart. The man was kind and simple, and his family background was ordinary. Not to mention how rich he was, he had several acres of good farmland and could eat a full meal.

That was enough.

At that time, Ayun was waiting for him to come to propose marriage, but he suddenly died.

Ayun was very sad. After crying for three days, her eyes swelled into walnuts.

Not long ago, she learned that Li Han had done many cruel things secretly.

In Ayun’s eyes, Li Han was a dark man who could smile at everyone. She never thought that he was so calculating, aggressive, and could kill people.

“The maid who served you last time was killed by me. She deserves to die for not guarding you properly.” The room was hazy, and he blocked the only light shining on her. “Don’t worry, if you don’t move or run away, I won’t kill anyone. “


Zhao Nanyu had not locked the door. However, Song Luan did not intend to leave. As he said, she was now a person with no identity, probably only a paranoid man like Zhao Nanyu would believe that she was Song Luan.

Most of the people she knew had seen her body and witnessed the fire.

In their eyes, she was already a dead person.

She knew that Zhao Nanyu had a way to get her identity back, but he never mentioned it. Perhaps he wished that she would not be seen for the rest of her life by anyone other than him.

Without the name of the third miss of the Song family, she had no parents, no brothers, and no one to rely on. She could only grow like a dodder flower on his high branches.

Zhao Nanyu would bring her strange things every day, treated her as a child, and deliberately coaxed her to be happy.

Song Luan had been very calm in the face of him. Sometimes he wouldn’t let her out of his sight. Song Luan was angry but gradually realized that she didn’t have much emotion for Zhao Nanyu.

This seemed to be a good thing, but her heart unexpectedly felt some uneasiness, always feeling that something went wrong.

Zhao Nanyu seemed to have fallen out with the Zhao family. These days, some Zhao members went to his bedroom and scratched the crack of the window. Song Luan heard the second lady’s swearing words.

Zhao Nanyu was expressionless as he told the guards to drive her away.

She didn’t know what happened to the Zhao family.

Song Luan propped up her chin and looked out of the window at the sky. Her face was melancholy, and many strange pictures flashed through her mind.


Song Luan complained in her heart. Why did he have to tell her the story of the princess and the prince? She died so miserably in the end. It was not good at all.

She remembered that in the past dream, a familiar voice said in her ear that the woman who was tied to the tower and was pierced by an arrow was her.

Song Luan only took this sentence as a joke. Was she so miserable? Always dying through the heart!?

It’s a pity that she could never see the man in her dream.

Song Luan did not like to recall the story of the princess. She naturally rejected it. She didn’t like it.

But she couldn’t stand all the pictures that drilled into her brain. Those memories felt like they belonged to her originally.

Song Luan stood up, raised her hands, and stretched out. Turning her head, she found that the man lying on the desk was unconsciously asleep.

Zhao Nanyu seemed very tired these days. His eyes were black, and his expression was wary.

When Song Luan had just walked by, the man lying on the desk moved. He immediately opened his eyes. His eyes were a little dimmed, but when he saw Song Luan, he raised his lips and smiled at her.

The afterglow shone diagonally, this sudden smile was a little sweet.

Song Luan coughed twice. “If you are tired, go to bed.”

It’s easy to get sick if you sleep on the table.

Zhao Nanyu rubbed his eyebrows, and his sight gradually became clear. He spoke with a strong nasal voice, “I’m not sleepy.”

As the day grew dark, he asked, “Are you hungry?”

Song Luan’s face blushed. Zhao Nanyu and her tummy knew each other. She was about to wake him up just to tell him about this.

She couldn’t see anyone in Zhao’s residence. Even when she was hungry, she didn’t dare to call her servant girl in.

Song Luan touched her empty stomach, and her voice was like the sound of a mosquito. “Yes, yes, I am hungry.”

“I’ll have the food prepared.”


“Wait.” She stopped him suddenly.

Zhao Nanyu turned and said, “What’s the matter?”

Song Luan didn’t care about keeping her face.

She blushed and stammered, “I want to eat salted duck.”

Song Luan had to follow Zhao Nanyu vegetarian diet for many days, which made her greedy for meat.

Zhao Nanyu pursed his lips and said, “Okay.”

He knew that his thoughts and ideas were not right and normal now, but he thought this moment was nice.

Song Luan had no branch to rely on and even could not go out of the door. She could only stay in his small world.

His strong desire for control had been suppressed for many years, and once this was opened, it was out of control.

Why didn’t he know that he was so egotistical before? But there was no way, his love had always been selfish.

The servant girl bowed her head and did not dare to look at him all the way.

Song Luan ate two bowls of rice and had a good appetite. Zhao Nanyu filled her with a bowl of sweet soup. He was so happy that he put something in her mouth for fear that she would not be full.

Song Luan hiccuped, and she suddenly said, “Ah Yu, you can’t let me stay in this room all my life, can you?”

Some people knew her in the capital, so long as she won’t leave, won’t it be okay?

Zhao Nanyu saw through what she was thinking and said, “Don’t even think about it.”

With a slightly sarcastic smile, he continued, “Even if I don’t do it, you still can’t get out of the gate.”

She did not have a pass certificate and would only be detained at the gate of the city.

Song Luan smiled sweetly. Zhao Nanyu was trembling for a moment, so she took the initiative to sit beside him, grabbed his wide sleeve, and shook it gently. Her voice was sweet and greasy, “You help me get an identity, okay?”

Zhao Nanyu was now a man who covered the sky with only his one hand. It’s easy to make a fake identity for her. It depended on whether he was willing or not.

It showed that he was not willing to do so.

Zhao Nanyu had a bad taste. He liked her to beg him.

“I know you’re suffocating. When we move out, we’ll be fine.”

“Move out of here?!”

Zhao Nanyu wanted to keep her as a concubine!? Song Luan didn’t care about the false name, it was good to be out of sight, so she could feel relaxed.

He nodded to her, “Don’t worry, the new residence is about to be built, and you won’t be wronged.”

The Zhao family was going to separate.

Because of this, they quarreled with each other. Zhao Nanyu’s grandfather was still alive, so it was not reasonable to separate the family.

Third master Zhao thought so, but he couldn’t shake his son’s idea. He scolded Zhao Nanyu several times, but he could not discipline him entirely.

Song Luan still misunderstood what he meant. She decided to hit the iron while it was hot. She looked at Zhao Nanyu with tears in her eyes, as if she wanted to cry to arouse his pity, “Woo, since you want to raise me as a concubine, I can’t help but think you have to compensate me.”

When Zhao Nanyu heard the word ‘concubine’, his face was not very good-looking, but his smile did not diminish. He raised his eyebrows and asked, “What compensation do you want?”

Song Luan squeezed out two false tears. “I won’t hate you for such a big injustice, as long as you will get me something that can prove my identity.”

It was really hard for a person with no identity to go anywhere and do nothing.

Zhao Nanyu pulled her to him with a deep smile and wiped away her tears with cold fingers. “Do you have other requests?”

Song Luan foolishly climbed up the pole he handed her, and said, “In the future, you will not go to my side. I am afraid that I will be sad if I meet you. Also, it is not easy for me to live outside alone. You remember to give me more gold and silver.”

The money that could be spent was much better than jewelry.

Zhao Nanyu listened silently, but his face did not show. He only said with a smile, “I thought you would ask me to send you little Zhao and let you take him.”

Song Luan was stunned, pursed her mouth tightly as if she suddenly lost her voice.

Zhao Nanyu played with her fingers, pretending to be unintentional, and said, “In the recent months, although he doesn’t say anything, he misses you very much in his heart.

“He probably thought he would never see you again, and he cried behind my back several times.

“Don’t you want to see him?”

These days, Song Luan never mentioned this matter, not because she forgot little Zhao, but because she was afraid to frighten the child.

Song Luan looked back and nodded, “I want to see him.”

Zhao Nanyu said, “When the right time comes, I will bring him to you.”

He took a bite on her delicate earlobe and said with a stuffy smile, “You didn’t act very well just now. It seems that you are very happy to be in an outside room 1 a concubine lives in an outside room, separate from the husband. Only the official wife can live in the same room as her husband. .”

Zhao Nanyu’s eyes seemed like they were flying high up the sky.

The way she pretended to cry was really lovely.



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