Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 78

Translated by: Tinker

Proofread by: Mary

Song Luan was a little embarrassed when he exposed her. She laughed and tried to muddle through.

However, Zhao Nanyu didn’t care about it. He stroked her face with gentle fingertips. With a complicated tone, he said, “You really make me helpless.”

Besides hiding her well, Zhao Nanyu couldn’t think of a better way.

Song Luan couldn’t get out of his yard, nor could she see little Zhao. She had nothing to do every day and felt bored. She didn’t even have a person who she could speak to. Zhao Nanyu never lets anyone except him get close to this room. Everything about her needs was done by Zhao Nanyu himself.

If things go on like this, Song Luan would feel tired, and wouldn’t be able to breathe under his strong control. 

She was angry, but she didn’t feel any sadness. Of course, Zhao Nanyu would kiss her or whisper sultry words in her ear, but Song Luan would only look at him with a pair of ignorant eyes as if she didn’t feel anything in her heart. She wouldn’t blush red, and her heartbeat wouldn’t jump up and down like before. It’s as if nothing happened.

After a few days, Zhao Nanyu was separated from the Zhao family. Whatever he wanted to do this time, no one could dare stop him.

Zhao Nanyu held her in his arms that day and took her to the carriage. All the people in the family were surprised. They didn’t know when the young master had an extra woman? Her face was covered, so no one could see it.

The second wife did not like Zhao Nanyu very much. Her husband was suppressed by him intentionally in the court. She held a grudge for a long time. 

Seeing this opportunity, she said strangely, “Sure enough, it’s different when a man gets power. It’s not long after Song Luan’s death that her husband found a new love? There is really no man in this world who’s affectionate. It’s just that I pity my good daughter-in-law. No one knew how she died, and she even bore a son just for others. It’s truly in vain.”

Song Luan couldn’t help but want to poke out her head. Zhao Nanyu silently pressed her back. He didn’t even pay attention to the second lady. He turned around and got on the carriage.

Song Luan wanted to laugh a little bit when she heard the second lady speak against her injustice. In the beginning, the second lady had always targeted her and regarded her as a thorn in her eyes. Now that she spoke for her, Song Luan didn’t know the picture of the situation.

Little Zhao sat alone in the back carriage. His face looked pale, as he lowered his head. His gloomy eyes looked at his father several times. Song Luan wore a cloak and did not show her face. It was understandable that the child wouldn’t be able to recognize her.

The new house was half an hour’s drive from the Zhao family. Song Luan had never been out the door since Zhao Nanyu captured her. She lifted the curtain and took a deep breath of fresh air.

To this day, she knew that Zhao Nanyu couldn’t let her go. Stubborn people are very stubborn in everything.

Song Luan felt that her requirements had become very low. Since she couldn’t escape, she just prayed silently that Zhao Nanyu would not continue to lock her up.

When the carriage stopped, Song Luan was still a little reluctant to go down. She looked up at the imposing new house, and she naturally felt a sense of inexplicable fear in her heart. She felt that it was difficult for her to get out once she went in.

She reluctantly held the door frame of the carriage. Zhao Nanyu looked at her and asked softly, “What’s the matter? Don’t you like it?”

Song Luan certainly didn’t like it!

She looked at him with a pair of reddish eyes and did not speak. She tried to soften his heart with such pathetic eyes.

Zhao Nanyu did not force her out of the carriage “Really not planning to get down?”

Song Luan was a little flustered, and complained in a low voice, “Then you can’t lock me up anymore.”

Zhao Nanyu also knew what she was afraid of, so he laughed and said, “Okay.”

“Then you can’t lie to me.”

“I won’t lie to you.”

Song Luan couldn’t rest assured even if she got Zhao Nanyu’s promise. She knew that Zhao Nanyu was probably lying to her. 

Song Luan’s house was very gorgeous and luxurious. There were three screens of huanghuali 1 expensive, luxurious, and precious wood.黃花梨 . The window was decorated elegantly for women, which looked very exquisite. The patterns embroidered on it were lifelike. A huge bed was placed directly opposite the dressing table. The red curtain fell from the top of the head of the bed, and several red candles were lit on the bedside table.

Song Luan collapsed on a blanket made of snow-white fox hair. Her table was filled with golden jewelry.

Zhao Nanyu asked her, “Do you like it?”

This room was really beautiful.

Song Luan truthfully said, “It’s very beautiful.”

She didn’t tell him whether she liked it or not. Who would love cages? She didn’t like gold cages.

“My Lord, the young master wants to see you.” The voice of the attendant came through the door.

Song Luan’s heart trembled, and she lowered her face to cover up her uncomfortable expression.

Zhao Nanyu said lightly, “Let him come.”

Zhao Nanyu and little Zhao were talking outside. Song Luan stayed inside. 

She couldn’t resist not listening and gradually couldn’t sit still. She stealthily hid by the door and pricked up her ears to listen.

Little Zhao seemed to cry, and his voice was a little dumb, “Father, I don’t like…I don’t like that woman.”

He would not recognize anyone but his mother.

Zhao Nanyu’s eyes glanced toward the direction where Song Luan had been hiding. He took back his eyes and touched little Zhao’s head. “Don’t be rude.”

“You really want to marry her?”

“Who told you all this?” Zhao Nanyu asked.

“I saw it today. You held her.”

Zhao Nanyu did not explain, but said, “Don’t worry about that much.”

Little Zhao bit his lip, feeling sad to death.

After they talked, Zhao Nanyu sent someone to accompany little Zhao back to his residence.

Song Luan couldn’t see what Zhao Nanyu wanted to do. How could he be willing to hurt his child’s heart?

Even if she missed her son, she still held back and did not ask him.

She thought that Zhao Nanyu was waiting for her to surrender. That fact was true. Zhao Nanyu also knew that Song Luan’s heart was not with him. He could only trap her.

Zhao Nanyu wanted to tame Song Luan and get her heart, but Song Luan didn’t have him in her eyes.

Those light-colored eyes, every time she looked at him, they were only plain and flat, as if he was just an insignificant person.


In the evening, Zhao Nanyu received a visitor. He was this year’s candidate who came third in the Han-Lin examination. He was a handsome man, and was dressed in white, and looked very gentle.


A piece of white jade hung around the man’s waist and a folding fan in his hand. He was in high spirits as he pursed his lips and chuckled.

Song Luan’s heart beat faster for a moment. When facing Zhao Nanyu, she thought she had lost the ability to love! No, she could still be moved by a good-looking man.

She took off her shoes and laid on the bed. Her feet were shaking happily. Suddenly, she wanted to see the flower scholar again.

She didn’t know what to say, but she felt that the man she liked should be like this.

He was fair and elegant.

His hand holding the folding fan, his shallow smile…

Gentle, considerate, talented, and handsome young man. It seemed that the man of her dreams should be like this.

Song Luan drank some wine since she was in a good mood. After a while, her cheeks and neck flushed red.

When Zhao Nanyu finished talking about things, he saw her rolling on the bed with a smile on her face. When he came nearer, he could smell the wine on her.

Song Luan wanted to sit upright, but her body didn’t listen to her. Zhao Nanyu held her, so she could sit still.

Song Luan moved to his side. 

She laughed foolishly and asked, “Who was that man just now?”

“Huh? Who?”

Song Luan’s eyes turned disorderly, and her hands moved in the air. “The man in the side room just now. What’s his name?”

It’s enough to know his name. If she had a chance to meet him in the future, maybe she could go up to say hello.

After a long time without an answer, Song Luan became bolder and urged with impatience. “I want to know!”

Zhao Nanyu slowly fixed her messy clothes. He said with a smile, “Do you think he looks good?”

Song Luan closed her eyes and nodded heavily, “Very handsome!!!”

In her dreams, there was a gentleman, holding her hand, and they would look at each other with smiles as sweet as honey…

Zhao Nanyu’s five fingers gently inserted into her hair and sighed, “You should not be allowed to drink.”

Whenever she’s drunk, she would always say these things he didn’t like to hear.

Song Luan tilted her head and fell on him. “Shhh,” she said, “I’ll tell you quietly, you can’t tell Zhao Nanyu.”

He said with a low smile, “Okay, whatever you say.”

“That man is handsome. When he looked over here, I suddenly felt hot.” Song Luan giggled, “Although I knew clearly he couldn’t see me at all.”

That man she saw in the window…

This kind of heart was not loving, but just a momentary throbbing, the second shaking of god.

Her face and ears were red, and her hands were trembling from excitement.

Zhao Nanyu’s chest was scratched out just from her few words. It felt like there was a big hole, and only blood continued to flow. He couldn’t speak.

The most terrible thing was that he still had a decent smile on his face.

He looked down at the woman lying on his lap, her breathing almost calm. The warm light shone on Song Luan’s porcelain white face.

Zhao Nanyu’s hands gently covered Song Luan’s eyes. If only she could see him alone.

It turned out, Song Luan just won’t like him.

And her heart could throb for any other man.

Zhao Nanyu was very calm while accepting this reality. His chest was empty, his eyes felt like there was acid. It was uncomfortable.

He pinched Song Luan by the waist and threw her in the bed. He raised his hand to extinguish the candle fire and started ravaging her.

Song Luan moved her body uncomfortably. “You’re heavy, get up.”

Zhao Nanyu clasped her hands against the top of the pillow, bent his head heavily on her clavicle, and bit a mark before releasing his mouth.

His fingers slowly traced her rosy lips, and the half-awakened Song Luan suddenly opened her eyes. It was hazy, but after a hard blink, she gradually saw his face.

Zhao Nanyu pinched her chin and lifted it upward. He bit her lips.

Song Luan was expressionless, but her eyes were a little confused.

Having a husband like this felt so uncomfortable? She thought, muddled.

Zhao Nanyu saw her blank face, and his heart became cold.

His hand movements were fiercer.



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