Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 79

Translated by: Tinker

Proofread by: Mary

Aunt Lin was seriously ill. Since the death of her daughter, the original bright and beautiful person had aged rapidly. She was not that old, but her white hair had grown more times. After pulling out one, another comes out.

Aunt Lin never wore gold and silver anymore. She wore plain clothes every day. She originally did not believe in Buddhism, but now she had set up a small Buddha hall in her room. Even if her body and bones were not good, she had to get up from the bed and kneel in front of the Buddha and pray devoutly.

Song Luan was the only child under her knees. Now that aunt Lin was seriously ill, only a few people had visited her. It was not surprising that Aunt Lin was shrewd and did not deal with other aunts of the Song family. The remaining children of the Song family were either married or young.

Song Heqing came to see her twice. After his beloved sister passed away, he also lost a lot of weight. Although he had never shed tears in the eyes of outsiders, his sadness was real.

He still couldn’t believe that Zhao Nanyu would kill his sister. The man looked at his sister’s eyes with love. He believed that Zhao Nanyu killed his sister because he still hated what his sister had done in the past to him.

But now the Song family was no longer what it used to be, and even his father’s life needed saving. He couldn’t avenge his sister, otherwise, he must pay with his life against Zhao Nanyu.

Aunt Lin was pale as she leaned against the back of the bed, coughing. “Have you ever dreamt of Ah Luan?”

Song Heqing gave her a drink of water and shook his head. “Never.”

Aunt Lin then said, “I dreamt of her, several times. She told me that it was cold below. She had nothing to eat, and nothing to wear that was warm. She was bullied every day. My daughter, who is golden, is so miserable. I don’t want to live now. I just go down with her. I can protect her when I go down.”

Aunt Lin still remembered Song Luan’s appearance when she was just born. She was much more beautiful than the other children. She didn’t cry or made any noise. She kept her eyes closed. Her little white flesh hands were pinched into two small fists, and her two feet were kicking around. It was very lovely.

The doctor also told Song Heqing that if aunt Lin’s pent up spirit was not untied, the disease wouldn’t be cured.

But Song Luan was dead, and Song Heqing couldn’t find a way to cure her heart disease.

However, words of consolation still had to be said.

“Take care of your body, only then can Ah Luan go with peace of mind.”

Aunt Lin could not listen to any other words, nor could she find any hope to live on.

Song Heqing clenched his teeth and said, “If you go like this, Ah Luan’s hatred will be unrequited.”

These words were just a motivation for her to live.

Aunt Lin was also very clear on that matter, and she said with a sarcastic smile, “I can’t avenge my daughter even if I live.”

Aunt Lin remembered how Zhao Nanyu was holding the corpse of her daughter and even refused to let anyone touch her. It wasn’t enough for him to kill her daughter, and he even burned her daughter’s body in a fire.

The servant of the guard suddenly came to report, “Young master, that…there’s a Zhao family member who came to visit.”

After hearing this, aunt Lin looked grim and said, “Let them go back! If they refuse, just beat them to death!”

“But…but…but it’s the young master Zhao Zhi 1 it’s little Zhao’s name who came here…”

Aunt Lin’s face looked a little better. The Zhao family and the Song family had turned upside down a long time ago and had stopped contacting each other. Little Zhao never came to the Song family, so he was not familiar with the people here.

With a strong breath, aunt Lin said slowly, “Bring the child in.”

He came into the room without any expression and knelt on the edge of the bed. “Greetings, Grandmother.”

Aunt Lin looked at her grandchild who was half of Zhao Nanyu’s blood. She had no good face and asked in a cold voice, “What are you doing here?”

Little Zhao raised his clean face, his eyes were slightly red, “Mother did not want me, and grandmother also does not want me?”

He was selling pity.

Aunt Lin was soft-hearted, so her voice was not as cold as before. After a little calming down, she said, “If you still want to come to the Song family in the future, no one will stop you.”

Looking at this child with a face similar to Zhao Nanyu, no matter how soft she was, she couldn’t say any more good words.

With his head and eyes drooping, he murmured, “My father is going to marry another woman.”

Aunt Lin almost couldn’t breathe and squeezed her hand tightly. “What?! How dare he…”

How long had Ah Luan been dead?! Zhao Nanyu couldn’t wait to take wild hooves home. Maybe he was afraid that if Ah Luan was still alive, they couldn’t get together!

Little Zhao’s black eyes were still staring at the carpet. No one could see what he was thinking.

He just wanted that woman to die.

He only had one mother.

Knowing that he was too young to kill the woman on his own, he came to find his grandmother.

At a young age, he could use a knife to kill a person.

He hated the woman in his father’s arms. Even though he couldn’t see her, he saw how his father hid her so well. He must like her very much.

Little Zhao kneeled on the ground, and silently shed tears.

Aunt Lin was so angry that she said, “Well, Zhao Nanyu deceives so many people.”

She looked at his eyes and gritted her teeth and said, “Your father is really good at it.”

Song Heqing was afraid that she would say inappropriate words in front of the child. No matter what Zhao Nanyu was like, this child was innocent and pitiful.

If he knew that his mother was killed by his father, he would never be happy in his life.

He took little Zhao in his arms, touched his face, and sighed, “No one will not want you. If you are not happy, you can come to play with your uncle. Your father will not say anything if he knows.”

He nodded, “Okay.”

Aunt Lin was so angry that she hated Zhao Nanyu in her heart. In front of the child, she said, “What else can’t your father do? Huh? He even stabbed your mother to death.”

Before, little Zhao’s tears were disguised, but after hearing her words, he cried, and a slap of tears rolled down one by one and fell on his sleeves.

Song Heqing wrung his eyebrows and said to Aunt Lin, “Keep your mouth shut!”

“Am I wrong? Can’t he listen!? When he grows up in the future, he won’t know anything. Maybe he will complain about Ah Luan! What can’t be said? Zhao Nanyu dares to do it, but we need to be afraid of saying this?! What a joke!” Aunt Lin laughed as if she had gone mad.

Song Heqing had no choice but to take little Zhao out first.

After this, aunt Lin started to drink medicine.

She was stimulated.


After little Zhao came home, he began to lose his temper, refused to have a proper meal, and even threw things.

When the housekeeper reported this, Song Luan listened quietly. She clenched the chopsticks in her hand, and her heart leaped up and down.

Zhao Nanyu got up and said, “I’ll go and have a look.”

Song Luan grabbed his arm and looked at him eagerly, “I want to go too.”

Zhao Nanyu touched her face affectionately, “It’s not the time yet.”

He used these words to send her away from little Zhao these past two days.

Song Luan thought that Zhao Nanyu wanted her to give in and watch her willingly stay with her. She had to live in his humble circle for him to be satisfied.

Looking at Zhao Nanyu’s back, Song Luan thought silently that all the words in that man’s mouth were all bullshit. She shouldn’t believe a word.

Zhao Nanyu said that she would not be under his custody, but when she woke up from a hangover that day, she had a mute servant girl placed close to her.

At first, Song Luan thought it was Zhao Nanyu who ordered her not to talk to her. Later, she realized that her tongue was pulled out.

Song Luan felt a chill in her heart, even a little afraid. She felt very painful just thinking about this matter. However, it was not Zhao Nanyu who did it himself. He would not harm a servant girl by his own hands.

Most of the time whenever he says something, the people at the bottom would follow his orders.

Song Luan didn’t know sign language, and the little maid didn’t know how to read, so they couldn’t communicate at all.

Song Luan asked the housekeeper why her servant girl’s tongue was pulled out?

The housekeeper replied, “She made a mistake before, and the master pulled out her tongue and sold it.” The servant looked at her pitifully. “If you don’t like her, I will change her immediately.”

Song Luan waved her hand. “No need.”

Even if she changed a servant, the next one would also be mute. 

Song Luan couldn’t figure out how Zhao Nanyu blackened so much. She was the only one who was in pain! His road to success was even more smooth than the original book.

She was lying in bed, while looking down at the love marks Zhao Nanyu left, and sighed.

Although Zhao Nanyu was not clear-minded before, he was indeed much better than now. 

He was a beast in bed. 

Song Luan couldn’t remember exactly what she said that night, but she could guess that Zhao Nanyu didn’t like to hear it, because later when he got up, his face was not very good-looking.

Song Luan didn’t plan to go against Zhao Nanyu anymore. Her arms and thighs were twisted, and she gave in.

When Zhao Nanyu came by, the child’s eyes were swollen. He seemed to have cried.

He asked, “What’s the matter? Refusing to eat is the most childish means, you are not an ignorant child.”

Little Zhao looked up and his eyes were still. He looked like Song Luan when she looked at him.

“Did you really kill mother?”

Little Zhao only remembered that after talking to his mother that day, she was already gone.

He didn’t believe it, but he didn’t think his grandmother would lie to him on such things.

Zhao Nanyu’s long finger knocked on the table unintentionally, and he slowly opened his mouth, “Who did you hear this from?”

He said, “Someone told me.”

Zhao Nanyu’s eyes flashed a cold light in his eyes and sneered. He ordered his guards outside, “Go and find out who chewed his tongue in front of the young master and kill him.”

“You don’t have to check. My grandmother told me that. Are you going to kill her?”

After a long silence, Zhao Nanyu only said, “Your mother will come back.”

The servant ran from side to side, his legs were almost broken, his mouth was dry and his voice choked a bit. “My Lord, Madam said that she had a stomachache and asked you to hurry back.”

Zhao Nanyu looked at his son and said before he left, “Eat well. Don’t mess around.”

Simple eight words, but there was an edge of anger.

The hatred in the black eyes of little Zhao deepened a lot. Now he wanted to kill the woman who was hidden.

She deserved to be called ‘Madam’?

His father’s favorite person should be his mother, but now she could easily call his father away with a casual word.

Little Zhao’s eyes dropped. He was silent as he thought that he would certainly kill her.


Song Luan waited anxiously for a long time for Zhao Nanyu to come back. Little Zhao refused to eat, Zhao Nanyu would certainly punish him heavily. She called him back, so he would not be punished.

After a while, there was a footstep outside the house.

Song Luan immediately laid on the bed, pretending to grunt twice.

Zhao Nanyu approached and saw through her disguise at a glance. Instead of exposing her, he asked, “Does it still hurt?”

Song Luan covered her stomach and nodded, “It hurts.”

Zhao Nanyu sat down beside her. The sun was shining on his porcelain white face. His facial features were straight. There was a shallow smile in the deep of his eyebrows. He put his palm on her abdomen and rubbed it gently.


Song Luan was rubbed by him and was about to fall asleep. She replied, “Much better.”

Zhao Nanyu’s hand continued to rub her stomach and said, “I don’t think it’s good. I’ll let the kitchen make painkillers for you. You must drink it all in a moment.”

Song Luan frowned, “I don’t want it. I don’t want to drink.”

She couldn’t do anything because after the medicine was cooked, it was directly sent in front of her.

Song Luan covered her nose and drank most of the bowl. After drinking, there was no sweet candy offered to her.

She had a bitter face… Zhao Nanyu must have seen her act and was deliberately correcting her.

Song Luan raised her eyes and looked at him seriously. She said, “Zhao Nanyu, bring little Zhao to me.”

Zhao Nanyu murmured.

Song Luan felt that he was perfunctory, but she still had a bitter taste in her mouth. Then she said, “Let’s live a good life. I’ll stay by your side and I won’t run away. I’ll be very obedient.”

After hearing this, Zhao Nanyu’s mouth rose slightly, but the smile was a little ugly, “Ah Luan, do you like me?”

Song Luan opened her mouth and was ready to say ‘like’. However, her throat seemed to be choked, and could not spit out the two words.

She tried to say it, but couldn’t make a sound. It was as if someone was pinching her by the throat.

The radian of Zhao Nanyu’s mouth dropped slowly. He raised his hand to touch her lips and whispered, “Why don’t you speak?”

He just wanted her to like him, too.

Song Luan was stunned, puzzled, confused, and was at loss.

Her heart won’t throb towards Zhao Nanyu. His face was clearly what she liked, but now the feeling of blushing and heartbeat didn’t happen.

Song Luan was even a little confused. Why was he so persistent in these words? She had said she won’t run. Was there anything else she needed to do?

Zhao Nanyu imprinted a kiss on her lips, looking at her ignorant eyes, heartbroken.

Song Luan felt that he seemed very sad. Every time Zhao Nanyu kisses her, her mood would become very good, but this time it seems different.

Song Luan herself was aware of her heart. It was as it would never beat for him.

Song Luan stood on tiptoe and put her arm around his neck. She also gave him a heavy kiss on the corner of his mouth.

That’s it.

Zhao Nanyu won’t force her to say she liked him.

No worries after a kiss.

Her kisses were sweet and delicious.



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