Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 8 part 1

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After the spring break, the weather gradually heat up. All kinds of flowers planted in the courtyard bloomed, and the fragrance filled the yard.

Zhao Nanyu has been transferred from the Imperial Academy to Dali temple for duty. He deosn’t have much leisure but is also not very busy. The students who took part in the imperial examination together with him were now living in the court. It seems that only he hadn’t been so popular in the past two years.

There were many snobbish eyes in the court. Seeing that he was neither favored nor liked by the emperor, they seldom talk to him. Some young noblemen in the family often treated him as a joke.

Zhao Nanyu often heard people ridicule him. It looked like he didn’t care.

When Zhao Nanyu came home early morning, Shi Ge had just read two pages of the book. When he saw him, the child cried out, “Father.”

Zhao Nanyu stepped forward and touched his head. “Do you understand?”

The child nodded, “I can understand. Uncle taught me.”

“Did your uncle come?”

“Well, I’m waiting for you.”

Zhao Nanyu’s brother was the only one who had a good relationship with him. Zhao Chao was born by an aunt of Zhao Erye. He was also a commoner in the Zhao family, but Zhao Erye treated him well.

Zhao Nanyu saw him in the study, and Zhao Chao smiled at him, “Second Brother”

He said softly, “Well.” After a paused, he asked, “What can I do for you?”

There were major events to be discussed. Today happens to be the first day. Every month on the first day of the month, Zhao family must hold a banquet. Everyone must go to the main yard to feast together. This rule was set by the head of the Zhao. No one dares to disobey it.

Of course, Zhao Nanyu, the son whom was hated by his father, was not paid much attention on this on occasion. He even heard several other cousins talking about him from time to time.

In the family, everyone except Zhao Chao, despised his birth and regarded him as a disgrace.

Zhao Chao said with a smile, “It’s okay. I just happened to come here and teach Shi Ge the lessons. I thought I should wait for you so we can go to dinner together.”

He didn’tt like family banquet either.

Zhao Nanyu was silent for a moment, his thin lips pressed in a straight line, and he said slowly, “I’m afraid I can’t. I’ll wait for your second sister-in-law to finish dressing before I go to the main courtyard. You don’t have to worry about me. Go first.”

Zhao Chao was shocked, and the smile on his face gradually subsided. He said, “Sister-in-law?”

Does that woman deserve to be called second sister-in-law? She was cruel to his second brother. He didn’t know how much face his second brother lost. The most annoying was that she went to the bank to borrow money privately in the Zhao’s bank account under the name of his second brother. This action was directly stabbing the head of the Zhao.

That time, old man Zhao disciplined Zhao Nanyu.

Zhao Nanyu understood what he was surprised about. He didn’t explain, but said, “Go ahead.”

Of course, Zhao Chao refused to leave. He had to know for himself since Shi Ge said that she had changed. At that time, he was not concerned about it. How could a woman’s evil scorpion heart suddenly be better? He didn’t believe it.

“Second brother, can’t you see what kind of person she is? You musn’t let her cheat you.”

Zhao Nanyu gave a slight smile. His eyes looked like it was smiling but it was not sincere. His voice laced with sarcasm, “I know.”

Zhao Chao calmed down. His second brother was much smarter than him, and his thinking was above him. He knew he wasn’t blinded by that woman.

“Then I’ll go first.”


After Zhao Chao left, Zhao Nanyu stayed in the study quietly for a while, meditated under the fragrance of Ban Zhu, and then went to Huai Shui residence.

If you guys can’t google translate the page once you click the meaning of Ban Zhu, I’ll just explain it here: this Ban Zhu is a chinese medicine that is used for clearing away heat and detoxifying; dampness and itching; swelling and pain relief. Main dysentery; sores; eczema; itchy skin; caterpillar puncture; bruises. 

Song Luan just learned that she was going to the main court to have dinner tonight. Many of the things about Zhao family in the book of ‘The Powerful Minister’ were just taken in one stroke without detailed writing. This kind of trivial things were not written.

She knew the fate of the Zhao family. Zhao relatives and servants who bad mouthed Zhao Nanyu fell into ruins, and Zhao Nanyu’s father was deprived of his rights.

These people were not very close to her. They didn’t collude with each other. What made her worried was Zhao Nanyu’s brother, Zhao Wenyan, a 17-year-old, who had an affair with Song Luan!

In the book of ‘The Powerful Minister’, it was written that Zhao Wenyan fell in love with Song Luan after passing the imperial exam. For his lifetime, he stayed single. He rescued her several times she was in trouble. In the days when the original owner was dying of poison and laid in bed, he was the only one who sought medicine for her.

After she died, he was never able to recover, and soon lost his life.

Zhao Wenyan was a very good person. He was devoted to the original owner. But now, she was completely afraid to be involved with him.

Fortunately, Zhao Wenyan was still studying and would not take part in the imperial examination until next year. Song Loan didn’t how Zhao Wenyan fell in love with the original owner. For tonight, she could only avoid him and not let him fall in love with her. This would be a good thing for him.



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