Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 8 part 2

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Zhao Nanyu entered the room after a while. He walked quietly and stood at the door. The golden afterglow sprinkled on his shoulder. He looked at her with quiet eyes.

Song Luan was contemplating and seemed to have no awareness of his arrival. She sat in front of the vanity mirror, holding her cheeks in both hands, and her pink mouth grunted unhappily. She seemed to be talking to herself as she pulled her hair. She knocked her head on the vanity table right after. Zhao Nanyu looked at her and realized she was a little cute.

Zhao Nanyu finally came out and asked, “Ready? It’s time to go.”

Song Luan was startled by the sudden voice. Almost immediately, she sobered up and raised her head, her round eyes looked dumbfounded. She didn’t even know when he came.

The man stood under the window kilt. He was dressed in green shirt, and he looked gentle and elegant. Half of his body bathed in the sun, shining with holiness. He was sacred and could pass as a high-ranking official.

Song Luan replied, “Okay.”

Zhao Nanyu nodded to her. “Now that we are ready, let’s go together.”

In the past, they never went to the main courtyard together. The original owner was extremely disgusted with him and only wanted to come after him.

Song Luan was dressed very beautiful tonight. She had on bright clothes, lotus-colored tulle skirts, red embroidered shoes, and wore exquisite makeup. It magnified her facial features even more. Her eyes were bright and her smile was sincere.

They walked side by side. Song Luan did not dare to lean too close to him, for fear that he would be annoyed. They had nothing to say along the way.

They first went to pick up their son. Zhao Nanyu didn’t ask her to lead the child, but it was the child who walked beside her. The awkward family of three went to the main courtyard together.

They arrived on time, but most of the relatives were already there.

The old lady Zhao told him to bring their son into her room first. It seemed that she hadn’t seen this great grandson for a long time. She wanted to see and talk to him.

Zhao Nanyu didn’t stop him, just told him to listen.

After hearing this, Song Luan glanced at him and found that he was the most obedient child she had ever seen.

The decoration of the main courtyard is better than that of the small courtyard where they live. There was a small pond in the middle of the courtyard with liod heads inlaid on the stone pillars.

They younger generation of the Zhao family stood by the pond. Their cousins were all about the same age, all of them were gorgeous. They talked and laughed together.

No one knew who saw Zhao Nanyu first. He raised the fan in his hand and the words he uttered were not respectful. He called out, “Second brother, how did you come?”

Song Luan looked over where the voice was. The face was just barely handsome. His laugh was a little vicious.

It was Zhao Bao, the youngest son of uncle Zhao, whose qualifications were quite ordinary. He failed in the imperial examination the year before. Since he was a child, he didn’t like this talented and bright second brother. He was the eldest son of the extended family. He had a noble status. He doesn’t think Zhao Nanyu, whose mother was a prositutre, was not worthy of being his second brother. For this reason, he didn’t talk about his wrong doings in private. In front of him, he was always sarcastic of Zhao Nanyu.

“Not yet.”

The implication was that he was not too late.

Zhao Bao’s mouth drooped down, as if he was not very happy. “That’s the same. It’s impossible for you to meet grandmother.”

The whole family knew that Old lady Zhao didn’t like Zhao Nanyu. Meeting once in a year, of course, there were no good words between them.

Song Luan stood beside him like a wooden man, pretending that she could not hear anything that had nothing to do with her. She lowered her eyes and stared at the tip of her shoes.

Her mind had drifted away.

She’s so hungry. She’s really hungry. She’s starving to death.

Zhao Nanyu’s thin lips slightly pursed, without a squeak.

Zhao Bao didn’t reap the benefits of his insults. He snorted, glanced at him with so much contempt, and turned to enter the room.

Song Luan didn’t know that there was someone at their back. The lean figure was standing five steps away from her. He frowned and looked at her. He was disgusted from the bottom of his eyes. Then he raised his eyes to Zhao Nanyu. His tone was impatient, “Second brother, why are you coming with her?”

Almost at the same time, Song Luan noticed that Zhao Nanyu’s mood on her side suddenly fell to a freezing point, a sign before a storm.

Her wrist was held tightly and she was pulled behind him. Zhao Nanyu bit his words and asked in a cold voice, “What about father?”

Song Luan’s heart was startled. She raised her eyes in surprise and stared at the young man in front of her. This was Zhao Wenyan who was going to die for the original owner??? Why was he so disrespectful??

She cried in a low voice. The man who held her wrist used his strength. It hurt.

Song Luan’s eyes turned to Zhao Nanyu and asked him to stop holding her hand with so much strength. She didn’t know what she had done to make him angry. She was really wronged.

The man was fierce. Suddenly, he became even fiercer.

She’s a little scared.



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