Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 81

Translated by: Tinker

Song Luan could remember some things, which were all in her dreams. It was both intermittent and long, but every time she woke up, she couldn’t remember very clearly, and her brain would hurt after thinking too much. As time went by, Song Luan was not willing to continue to think about it.

Song Luan was a little dependent on Zhao Nanyu. It was cold in late autumn. She always hugged him at night, and her whole body arched into his arms to get some warm heat. 

As long as Zhao Nanyu didn’t force her to say that she likes him, Song Luan felt that she could live like this.

However, Song Luan noticed Zhao Nanyu’s restraint these days. He didn’t talk much these days. So, they often had nothing to say together.

Song Luan couldn’t tell whether this was a world in a book. It didn’t matter if it was. She couldn’t go back to modern times.

After becoming a powerful official in the book, Zhao Nanyu only cared about power and was not very interested in women. He would return from the palace very late every day, and would not say even a few words with the original female lead.

Song Luan felt that she hadn’t seen a man other than Zhao Nanyu for a long time. Before, there would have been his counselors or students visiting the residence to talk about things.

Song Luan still remembered the elegant and handsome scholar who she saw by the window that day.

After he vomited blood that time, Zhao Nanyu’s time with her in the room had become longer. He hugged her all day long, and his fear of long absence even reached into Song Luan’s mind. She felt that Zhao Nanyu’s possessiveness had reached its peak, and was even reluctant to let her leave him for half a step.

Zhao Nanyu had already agreed to let her see little Zhao, but with a condition, he would teach her to write well.

Song Luan couldn’t understand the complicated font of the dynasty. They were as difficult to understand as the seal script, and they were very complicated to write. She only recognized the simple ones, and she only read picture books with few words.

Therefore, Song Luan still had a headache when practicing calligraphy.

However, Zhao Nanyu, who stood by the window to write and read a book, looked like he was enjoying himself. The windowpane was propped up, and the golden sun rushed to sprinkle on his bright face. He was wearing a crescent colored robe, with a jade crown and hair, delicate features, and a blue sachet tied around his waist.

This sachet was embroidered by Song Luan, and her embroidery work was in a mess. Naturally, the sachet was not very good. When Zhao Nanyu took it out to wear it, she lost her temper and said that she would lose his face, but he did not care.

Zhao Nanyu raised his face and waved to her, “Come here, I’ll teach you how to write.”

Song Luan ran to his side and was held in his arms. His broad and warm palms tightly wrapped her small hands and taught her to write one by one.

Song Luan turned her face slightly and asked curiously, “What’s the meaning of this word?”

Instead of answering, Zhao Nanyu asked her, “Do you remember how to write it?”

Song Luan shook her head and replied truthfully, “No.”

Only once, how could she remember?

In a trance, Song Luan always felt that this was the first time they had such a quiet leisure time before. He taught her to practice calligraphy hand by hand. And he would smile calmly towards her even though she did not know what she said to him.

On second thought, it seemed to be her imagination again.

Zhao Nanyu took the trouble to teach her over and over again. He was very patient. Song Luan’s wrist was sour and wanted to drop her pen and say no more.

But whenever she thought of her son, her temper would be pressed down.

In this short time, Zhao Nanyu taught her less than ten words. She was very ashamed that she didn’t recognize any of them.

Zhao Nanyu was a strict teacher when teaching people how to read characters. If she didn’t write correctly, he would beat her palm with a ruler. 

Although the strength was like scratching, Song Luan still felt very ashamed, so she complained in tears that he bullied her.

Zhao Nanyu’s eyes darkened. “What kind of bullying is this.”

Song Luan put her slightly red palm in front of his eyes. “You see, my hands are swollen.”

Zhao Nanyu pursed his lips and chuckled. He took her hand. “I’ll find you some ointment to apply on.”

After applying for medicine, Song Luan was still not satisfied. Her cheeks were full of anger. 

Zhao Nanyu handed her the ruler to her. “You can beat me with a ruler, if that will relieve you.”

Song Luan took the ruler and hit him twice in the palm of his hand. She didn’t dare to use her strength, nor dare to take an inch.

The two people made a fool of themselves and went to bed right after. Song Luan didn’t know what happened later, but when she came back to her senses, she had already been thrown into bed.

The strong and fierce man was extremely energetic, and Zhao Nanyu was particularly keen on this activity these days.

Song Luan’s belt was thrown on the floor. Her long hair was also scattered, her cherry mouth slightly open, and her chest heaved up and down.

Her sweat continued to trickle down her forehead, and her white and small ears were slightly red.

Zhao Nanyu’s hands were on her two sides, his deep eyes that resembled the inner depths of the cold pool were staring right through her.

Song Luan felt that he was trying to eat her. She covered her chest with hindsight and said, “You need to put on a light face on broad day light.”

Zhao Nanyu nodded and threw his belt out of the bed. Song Luan pulled his hand to keep him from moving. She played coquetry with him with sweet words, “Lord Zhao, this is harmful to your body, you should be a little bit more restrained.”

Zhao Nanyu’s hand slowly moved down to her abdomen. His warm palms caressed her, as he chuckled softly. He almost bit her earlobe and said, “Luan Bao, let’s have another child.”

Song Luan was called ‘Luan Bao’ and her whole body became soft. Soft and sweet words like honey could come out from his mouth.

It turned out that Zhao Nanyu wanted a child.

But Song Luan still couldn’t forget the pain she had when she had a miscarriage. The overwhelming despair made her unable to breathe.

Song Luan shrank back in a small voice, “I’m a little scared.”

Zhao Nanyu felt pain in his heart. He kissed her lips with pity and said softly, “It’s all my fault. I won’t hurt you this time. Let’s have a child.”

She was in good health and well-being, and it would never happen to her again.

Every time Zhao Nanyu recalled her pale body lying in his arms, and his palms covered with her blood, he would feel pain.

All the sins he had done today and before, he couldn’t blame others for it. He could only blame himself for his lack of heart.

Song Luan bit her lips and bowed her head without saying anything. She was still unwilling.

Zhao Nanyu said with a smile, “Maybe you already have our child in your stomach now.”

A long time of hard work would always be rewarding.

Song Luan stared at him and said seriously, “You don’t like children so much.”


“The child depends on the mother. As long as it is born by you, I will like it very much.”

Song Luan covered his mouth and snickered, “You can say love words.”

He used to scare and threaten her.

From the evening until it was completely dark, soft moans came and went. The maid who was guarding the door blushed and her heartbeat fast. 

For several days and nights, the beautiful girl in the room had been tossed about like this. No one knew how her small size could tolerate such strenuous activity. It’s really hard for her.

After a long time, the candlelight in the room was lit. The man put on a coat and opened the door. His expression was slightly cold, as he ordered,  “Prepare water.”

The servant went to the kitchen and carried the hot water to their room.

Song Luan, who was served by Zhao Nanyu, leaned in the tub with her eyes closed. She didn’t have to do anything. 

After bathing, he wiped her dry. He took her clean clothes and put them back on the bed, and tucked in the quilt corners for her.

If one day, Song Luan also remembered the past, she would hate him.

For the first time, he killed her for the sake of the country.

Zhao Nanyu’s hand was on her waist. Song Luan habitually drilled into his chest, her small head in his arms, her limbs on his body, as murmured in her sleep, “Ah, I want to eat sugar gourd.”


As soon as the light of day broke, little Zhao was called by his father. 

Zhao Nanyu looked at the child whose height was already on his waist. His heart softened. “You’ll see your mother in a moment.”

Little Zhao thought that his father was forcing him to recognize the woman as his mother. He lowered his head and felt lifeless. “This son knows.”

Soon after, he was finally led to the courtyard where he was never allowed to venture.

Little Zhao was standing outside the gate of the courtyard.

The servant girl behind him urged, “Young master, please hurry in.”

“Shut your mouth.” The tone was low, young, and majestic. The coldness radiating out from his body made people respect him.

Little Zhao looked at the courtyard carefully and sneered twice. The hatred in his heart became deeper and deeper. The yard was almost the same as the place where his mother lived before.

The garden was also planted with flowers that his mother loved.

Little Zhao raised his small face, his footstep was slow as he walked to the door. He didn’t wait for a reply when he pushed the door from the outside. Since the servant girl was scolded once, she dared not open her mouth to urge him a second time.

Song Luan who was in the room felt inexplicably nervous as she walked around the table. Today, she wore a pink short skirt with light make-up. She looked very elegant.

Little Zhao stood for a long time and finally walked into the room expressionlessly.

He had made up his mind that he would never give any face to the people in the house today.

Before he came, grandma Lin had advised him to be more polite to the new wife. She was beloved by his father that she could blow a deaf ear in front of his father, and it could probably cause the father and son to be separated from each other.

But the new wife would have a baby sooner or later, and his status would fall by then.

Little Zhao laughed instead, his eyebrows rose,  “Why is she so worthy?”

This was something.

Grandma Lin sent him out of the door with worried eyes.

The room was very quiet, he could hear the sound of his footsteps.

The woman was sitting by the window, her feet hanging in the air, and her embroidered shoes were swaying in the air. Her back faced him, her long hair spread on her back, and only her side face could be seen in the dim light.

Even if it was only half her face, it was enough for little Zhao to recognize her.

The child was frozen in place, motionless, and his eyes were filled with water and his cheeks were stained wet with tears.

He couldn’t say clearly, “Mother, mother?”

Song Luan turned around, her heart beating like a drum. She took a deep breath, and she gradually relaxed. She put on a bright smile in front of little Zhao, “Well, it’s mother.”

She then said, “It has been a long time, did you miss me?”

Yes, of course.

Sometimes he would cry secretly in bed.

In front of his mother, he was only a fragile child. He often shed tears, felt wronged, and was even afraid.

His eyes were red, as he ran to his mother’s side, abandoning shyness. He tightly hugged her legs, crying out to the point he was breathless.

Song Luan embraced his back and gently coaxed him, “Don’t be afraid. Your mother is back.”

Even when Zhao Nanyu entered the room, he still couldn’t stop crying. His eyes were red and swollen, his cheeks were moist, and he was still hiccuping.

There was a smile in the corner of Zhao Nanyu’s eyes as if he was laughing at his son.

Song Luan held his son in her lap and looked at Zhao Nanyu. “What do you have in your hand?”

“Sugar gourd.” He added, “Here you are.”

Song Luan swallowed. She really wanted to eat sugar gourd these two days. She reached out to him impolitely, “Since it’s for me, please give it to me.”

Her son was crying. Since she and her son was half in one, it would be fine to share it with him!

Zhao Nanyu raised his eyebrows and laughed, “You are only allowed to eat it yourself, and the rest are not allowed to eat it.”

Neither could their son.

Except for himself, of course.

Song Luan smashed her mouth and said, “I know, stingy.”

She took a small bite. It was a little sour, but she liked it! 

Sour flavors were the best!

After eating one, she lowered her head and asked her son, “You like to have a taste? It’s delicious.”

“I don’t want it. You can eat it.”

Song Luan ate two more in one breath. Later he realized that there was still a big man standing in front of her. 

Since he bought it, It was not good not to give him a taste.

Song Luan pretended to pass the sugar gourd in front of him, “What about you? Would you like a taste?”

She remembered that Zhao Nanyu didn’t like to eat these snacks, either it was too sweet or too sour.

Unexpectedly, he nodded.

He stooped slightly, took another bite on the sugar gourd she had bitten, tasted it carefully and swallowed it down his throat.

Song Luan blinked. Ah, she asked curiously, “Don’t you feel that it’s sour?”

Zhao Nanyu was still in the mood. “It’s not sour, but it’s sweet. “

Sweet fart, she hadn’t tasted the sweet part yet!

After a long time, Song Luan realized that the one he ate was bitten by her.

Hey, talk about hygiene.



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