Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 82

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After little Zhao cried enough, he straightened his back and sat on her lap. His black eyes that were washed by tears were now clean and clear. His eyes were motionless, as he looked up at his mother.

Not only the appearance was the same, but also the aura was the same–fragrant and sweet.

Song Luan was worried about scaring little Zhao, but the child’s bearing capacity was much better than she thought. He just refused to climb down from her lap. She pursed her mouth tightly and asked nothing.

Song Luan changed her hand to support his waist and lowered her face. She looked gentle. “Look at you. Your eyes are swollen with tears. People will laugh at you when they see it.”

“I’m not afraid of them laughing.”

Song Luan wiped the tear marks from the corners of his eyes with her finger, and coaxed him, “Let’s stop crying, okay? Mother will be distressed.”

This was her first time seeing little Zhao cry so fiercely. His tears flowed down like the river for a long time.

Little Zhao choked and nodded, “I won’t cry anymore. I won’t cry.”

But he couldn’t help it. Just hearing his mother’s voice, he couldn’t help but cry again. He thought he had lost his mother.

His father would have other wives in the future, and he would have to call someone else mother.

Little Zhao vented all the grievances he had been holding back these days in front of her. Song Luan continued coaxing him, holding him, and gently patting his back.

She raised her eyes and glared at Zhao Nanyu. She didn’t know how he took care of the child in recent months. Her heart was broken when she saw her son crying like this.

Zhao Nanyu didn’t say anything to stop him from crying. Instead, he took out a handkerchief from his sleeve and handed it to Song Luan, “Wipe it for him.”

Little Zhao obediently lifted his cheek that was wet with tears, and Song Luan softly wiped his cheeks clean. She gently placed a kiss on his forehead.

It took a long time to coax little Zhao.

Song Luan had already ignored the presence of Zhao Nanyu in the room. She was full of concern for little Zhao. She asked, “Have you had a good meal these days while I was not around?”

Little Zhao was a picky eater before. At first, he didn’t want to eat the food, and later, he couldn’t eat the food.

He hung his head. “Sometimes not.”

“You can’t do this in the future.”

Zhao Nanyu, who had been silent, suddenly uttered a voice. His deep voice came from their backs, “You will be hungry if you don’t eat.”

His gaze swept across little Zhao. “You spoiled him and got used to it. If he gets hungry for two more meals, he won’t be picky.”

Song Luan imitated his tone and said, “You are the fierce one. You will only be satisfied if he does not go against your orders.”

Zhao Nanyu laughed like a spring breeze. He didn’t seem to care about being choked by her. “You think he’s too fragile.”

He was a child raised by him. His temper and character were like his. Although he was a lovely innocent child, he was not weak at all. At a young age, he learned to make use of his mother.

Zhao Nanyu did not know whether he should be pleased.

“Can you go out? I want to talk to my son alone.” Song Luan lowered her voice and muttered.

Zhao Nanyu opened his lips and spewed out four words. “Cross the river and demolish the bridge 1 Chinese idiom: kicks away the people who have helped him. .”

Song Luan was frightened by his eyes and trembled. After thinking about it, she didn’t want to push forward and challenge his bottom line.

It’s scary.

Little Zhao said, “Mother, there’s something you don’t know.”

“What’s the matter?”

“Grandmother is ill. I went to see her once. It seemed very serious.”

In the beginning, Song Luan just wanted to die to end the pain, but she forgot that aunt Lin could not bear it. 

Aunt Lin loved her child since she was a baby. Since she was gone, aunt Lin naturally had nothing to live for.

She was dumbfounded, as she murmured, “Yes. I didn’t know it.”

After returning to this world for no reason, Song Luan began to hide with Ayun. Later, she was brought back by Zhao Nanyu. She rarely went out of the door again. All the news that came to her was through Zhao Nanyu’s mouth. If he didn’t want to tell her, she would not know.

Besides, Aunt Lin was not a child. How could Song Luan meet her now? Even if she stood in front of aunt Lin, it would be hard to believe.

After all, piercing a knife in the heart couldn’t be fake.

Song Luan angrily looked at Zhao Nanyu and complained, “Why didn’t you tell me about my mother’s illness?!”

Zhao Nanyu looked innocent. “I didn’t know.”

He pretended to be aggrieved. “Your mother blamed me, then hated me. Our two families even became enemies. Even if I wanted to visit the Song family, your mother would blow me out.”

Song Luan was suspicious. She remembered the fate of aunt Lin in the book was much worse than now. At least she was still alive. As long as she was, there was still hope.

She lowered her head and said in a murmur, “Is there any way I can meet my mother?”

Aunt Lin would be very happy to see her alive.

Zhao Nanyu said, “Yes, just wait for it.”

Song Luan sincerely said thank you to him, and then muttered, “Actually, it’s okay to invite my mother over.”

Zhao Nanyu replied, “I’m afraid our servants will be driven away by your mother before they can arrive at the door. She won’t want to come.”

Little Zhao, who was in Song Luan’s arms, flushed red because when he listened carefully, it turned out that his stomach was grunting loudly.

Song Luan snickered and quickly asked the servant to set the meal.

She stayed in her room and ate with them.

It was rare for the family of three to get together.

Looking at a table of light dishes, Song Luan suddenly lost her appetite. Before Zhao Nanyu was separated from the Zhao family, she was forced to follow the kitchen’s menu of eating very light food every day. Now that she finally got away from the old lady Zhao’s hand, how could she still eat so light?!

She couldn’t eat much herself, so she put food in little Zhao’s bowl for fear that he would be hungry.


“Eat more.”

Little Zhao wrung his eyebrow. He seemed to be pondering.

Song Luan found that the child secretly picked out the vegetables from the bowl. She coughed twice, “I saw that.”

Little Zhao reluctantly put the vegetables back in the bowl. He frowned as he placed vegetables into his mouth.

Song Luan took two bites, then put down her chopsticks. The taste was a little greasy, it made her stomach uncomfortable.


The servant girl who served close to her first discovered that something was wrong. Madam’s monthly period did not come this month, and her appetite was not good. She had a bold guess in her heart, but she did not dare to say it.

She didn’t know if it was her psychological prenotion, but she felt that madam’s stomach began to swell up.

The servant girl didn’t dare to hide it again, so she told the master about it.

After hearing this, Zhao Nanyu was extremely calm. He invited the imperial physician from the palace and confirmed that it was a happy pulse.

Song Luan was the only one who was confused about this whole process. Was she pregnant again? Why so fast?

In fact, according to Zhao Nanyu’s strenuous energy, it was expected for her to be pregnant, but now she seemed to be in a dream of clouds. She couldn’t believe it, so she subconsciously touched her stomach and blurted out, “You won’t tell me to abort this baby this time?”

Song Luan didn’t mean to ask this question, but she was very afraid. It was painful to drink the medicine and the blood pouring out did not stop.

Zhao Nanyu clenched his hands and hoarsely said, “No.”

Song Luan nodded, but there was not much reaction. “Okay.”

She wanted her baby to be a daughter so that her son and this daughter could play together.

After it was discovered that Song Luan was pregnant, there were more servants around her, including the old maid from the palace, and an experienced nurse. Song Luan was surrounded by these people all day long. Her stomach grew bigger day by day, which made her more thin and delicate.

She often slept in the daytime and after the sun went down as well.

Song Luan dreamed of the original owner again. What Song Luan thought before seemed to be different from the original novel.

She liked Zhao Nanyu. In her first year of marriage, when she was still pregnant with little Zhao, the relationship between her and Zhao Nanyu was not particularly bad. 

Zhao Nanyu would help her massage her legs at night, although they didn’t talk much.

But suddenly one day, the original owner was kicked from behind and fell to the lake, she…couldn’t swim, and struggled in the water. She was almost not rescued.

Fortunately, someone passed by the lake at that time, so she was quickly saved.

The original owner was unconscious and kept babbling nonsense.

“I hate you.”

“Why are you lying to me?”

“Did you marry me just to take advantage of me?”

Finally, she was talking about her empress mother and her emperor father. She would occasionally jump to “son of the world” and “southwest prince”.

It was three days before she woke up.

She was dead and lifeless.

After choking some water from the lake, the original owner was like a changed person. She didn’t have a good face towards Zhao Nanyu. 

She ridiculed him as a villain and also said that he was not worthy of her.

It seemed that the original owner couldn’t stand being with him any longer, and decided to leave him.

But Zhao Nanyu was like an invulnerable monster, no matter what she said or did, he would not be affected.

Song Luan watched the struggle of the original owner like an outsider. She was a little sad, but she couldn’t tell where this sadness came from.

When she woke up, she found that she was just taking a nap.

Song Luan felt that there were many things she didn’t know. 

Flashes of memories and pictures appeared more and more in her mind. She seemed to understand that it was not in a book, it was more like a story that happened in a previous life.

Zhao Nanyu saw that she was sleeping in the yard with nothing to cover her. His eyes were cold. 

The servant beside Song Luan immediately knelt. “It was this servant’s negligence. Please forgive me.”

Zhao Nanyu said coldly, “Go out.”

Song Luan yawned but still felt sleepy. Zhao Nanyu untied his cloak, wrapped her tightly, and sighed, “You’re still very capricious.”

Song Luan was held by him and shrunk in his arms. “I’m not cold.”

Finally, she patted her stomach very cleverly, “The baby said it was not cold.”

Song Luan often made moves of intimacy with him. She would take the initiative to hold him, would hook his neck to kiss him, and would occasionally boldly stick out her tongue to lick his lips.

But whenever she did these things, her eyes were clean and didn’t have any affection.

It was as common as talking in a meal.

Every time Zhao Nanyu looked at her blank eyes, his heart would feel pain.

The setting sun lengthened their shadows. The man’s lingering eyes fell on the woman in his arms and asked, “What do you want to eat today?”

“Sour and spicy soup” Song Luan did not hesitate to answer.

She just wanted to eat sour.

“You’ve been eating sour foods for half a month, aren’t you tired of it?”

Song Luan answered him with a straight and strong voice, “The baby in my stomach is not tired of it.”

“Ah!” She suddenly cried out, “She kicked me!”

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