Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 83

Translated by: Tinker

Proofread by: Mary

Song Luan didn’t have enough time to be happy with her previous pregnancy before the child was aborted. In short, this was her first time experiencing a full pregnancy.

She felt very happy whenever the child in her stomach moved. She gently put her hand on it, stroked it slowly, and said, “She must be an active little girl in the future.”

Not only Song Luan wanted a girl, but Zhao Nanyu also wanted a girl himself.

It’s best if the daughter followed Ah Luan’s appearance and sweet smile. She would call him father.

Zhao Nanyu’s shallow smile spread through his eyes. His palm that was as cold as ice, touched Song Luan’s abdomen, “Eh? Why isn’t the baby kicking?”

Song Luan said, “Maybe she is tired.”

The baby in the stomach only kicked two or three times, Zhao Nanyu could only feel that the baby was motionless, maybe the baby did not like this father?

This sentence would probably hurt his heart, so Song Luan didn’t say it.

Zhao Nanyu also did not put it in mind, “There will be more trouble in the future.”

He was right, the child seemed to be naughty. It was already tossing and turning.

Song Luan vomited after eating, and couldn’t eat anymore. The only thing she could eat was probably sugar gourd because it was made from sour hawthorn.

She was skinny to the naked eye, and it was a little awkward to touch her skin and bones.

Zhao Nanyu looked at her and was worried. He didn’t mention anything, and just quietly hired a cook from the palace.

Song Luan finally ate the hot and sour kudzu powder made by the cook. Before drinking a glass of water, she vomited it out again.

Song Luan was not very delicate, but she hated vomiting.

Zhao Nanyu poured a glass of water for her and looked at her with pity, “Rinse your mouth first.”

Song Luan’s face was still pale, while she held her arm, “I’m so uncomfortable.” and she pinched the meat on his hand, “It’s all your fault.”

Zhao Nanyu didn’t argue with her and let her vent her temper. “It’s all my fault. What else do you want to eat? I’ll have someone make it for you.”

Song Luan shook her head. “I can’t eat anymore.”

She vomited everything that she ate.

Zhao Nanyu frowned and said, “You are too thin.”

Song Luan pointed to her stomach. “She didn’t want to eat, I can’t help it.”

Zhao Nanyu said, “When she comes out, let’s see how I will deal with her.”

If she was a daughter, Song Luan thought that Zhao Nanyu would be reluctant to punish her.

In the middle of the night, Song Luan poked the man on her side and said, “I’d like rice noodles with a lot of chili sauce meat.”

Zhao Nanyu was sleeping shallowly, and when he looked out, it was still dark. He was afraid that the cook was still outside the residence. He got up from the bed, picked up his clothes, and put it on his body at will. He lit a lamp and whispered, “I’ll go to the kitchen.”

He didn’t know how to cook, and he didn’t eat spicy food very often. Seeing Song Luan eat rice noodles several times before, he thought it wouldn’t be difficult to do it himself.

Song Luan swallowed her saliva, “Then you hurry up.”

Fortunately, there were ready-made rice noodles and sauce prepared by the cook in the kitchen. Zhao Nanyu made a fire and boiled water, and when the hot water was hot, he placed the rice noodles into the pot.

After the rice noodles were cooked, he picked it up and poured it in a bowl together with the sauce.

Song Luan sat barefoot beside the bed. She saw him come in with a bowl. Her eyes were bright. She smelled the fragrance and her stomach was purring.

Song Luan didn’t wear socks. She put on her shoes and walked around him. “Is that good? I thought it would take a long time.”

Zhao Nanyu said with a smile, “Okay, you try it.”

Song Luan licked her lips, picked up two noodles with chopsticks, and put them into her mouth. Only when she tasted the spiciness she craved was she satisfied, “It’s delicious.”

Zhao Nanyu was relieved, but said, “You can’t eat too much.”

It’s too spicy. Eating too much was not good for her.

Song Luan felt full after eating half a bowl. It would be a pity to throw the rest, so she pushed the bowl to Zhao Nanyu, “Do you want to eat it?”

Zhao Nanyu tasted a small mouthful but was choked to the point where his face turned red. But even so, he still ate the remaining noodles.

Song Luan watched him quietly eat the noodles with tearful eyes. With both hands on her chin, she suddenly opened her mouth and said, “Have you ever eaten such spicy food before?”

Zhao Nanyu shook his head, “Never.”

Song Luan said strangely, “I have a  feeling that you have eaten this level of spiciness before.”

This picture appeared in her mind, Song Luan racked her brain to continue thinking, but she didn’t get any clue.

Zhao Nanyu’s face was stunned. His black eyes were staring at her, pretending to be calm. “You remember wrong.”

She remembered correctly.

It’s just that it was a long time ago.

It was a long time ago, in their past life.


As the day dawned, Song Luan’s head fell like a chicken pecking at rice. Zhao Nanyu laughed and put the sleepy woman on the bed.

He was afraid that she would continue to think about it. 

She didn’t love him.

She’d never like him again in her life.

However, Zhao Nanyu was greedy and occasionally thought that if she remembers everything, maybe she would think of the years when they were once in love.

Zhao Nanyu stood in front of the window with his hands on his back. The morning sun was dazzling. The golden light fell on his side face. His eyes were heavy, and no one could see what he was thinking.


When the servant girl came into the room with water, Zhao Nanyu suddenly said, “Go out, don’t disturb her.”


Zhao Nanyu was afraid that Song Luan would be bored. If he went out, no one would accompany her to talk, so he had to call third lady Zhao to accompany her.

At first, the third lady was shocked to know that she was still alive. Her face was as white as paper.

Didn’t she pass away?

Zhao Nanyu didn’t intend to explain to her, nor did he need to explain to anyone, because now the Zhao family had to rely on him alone. If one day he was in a bad mood and remembered the messy things the Zhao family had done to him in the past, he could turn over and settle old accounts against them.

The third lady forced down her fear and went into the residence.

Song Luan had a slightly protruding belly. She was choosing clothes at this moment when she turned her head and saw third lady Zhao. 

Zhao Nanyu didn’t tell her that third lady Zhao would come.

She thought he was going to hide her for the rest of her life.

Song Luan put down the silk and satin in her hand, “Why are you here?”

Third lady Zhao didn’t believe that she was still alive before she came. She only believed it when she saw her.

Third lady Zhao shook her hand and touched her face, “You…you, what the hell is going on here?”

“It’s a long story.”

She was still confused and also wasn’t completely clear as to why.

She couldn’t answer the question of Third lady Zhao.

Third lady Zhao looked at her stomach with tears in her eyes. “It’s fine since you’re okay. Now that you’re pregnant, you should take care of your body.”

Third lady Zhao still remembered Song Luan’s weak body and bones. In the beginning, she was always ill and often couldn’t get out of bed.

Song Luan laughed. “I’m much better now. You don’t have to worry.”

“You’re still too thin.”

“This child tosses around, and wouldn’t eat well.”

Third lady Zhao laughed, “You also didn’t eat well at that time. It took you half a month to get better. You can get through this.”

After drinking a cup of tea, third lady Zhao hesitated and asked, “No one in the outside knows… what exactly are you and Ah Yu planning to do?”

They only knew that Zhao Nanyu killed his wife and had a new lover who he spoiled to the bones, but they didn’t know that Song Luan was the new lover protected at home.

Song Luan also couldn’t help it. She acted coquettishly and begged, but Zhao Nanyu seemed not ready to give her an identity.

She was not a worm in his stomach. She couldn’t guess what he was thinking.

“You know, he never listens to me. He makes all the decisions at home, and my hands are tied.”

Third lady Zhao also thought that it was Zhao Nanyu who planned this.

But she had no name and no distinction. Zhao Nanyu shouldn’t do this.

But even if she had the intention to help Song Luan, she couldn’t.

She couldn’t advise her stepson.

“I have wronged you.” After a pause, the Third lady said, “In fact, he is willing to listen to you.”

Song Luan was used to Zhao Nanyu’s autocratic style, so she didn’t feel aggrieved. She couldn’t escape from his palm. She might as well live in peace and stability.

The third lady sighed, “Back then, Ah Yu was very despondent. I’ve never seen him so sorrowful. He wouldn’t let anyone touch you. No one could even get into your room.”

“Later, when the fire broke out, I saw his aspect. It was as if his heart was broken into pieces.”

So even though she had ears to hear the rumors, Third lady Zhao did not believe that Song Luan was deliberately killed.

Song Luan listened with an empty heart. This should move her, but she only felt calm.

It was as if listening to other people’s stories. She lowered her head, oh.

Third lady Zhao told Song Luan many things like the news that Zhao Wenyan’s wife was pregnant with a child.

Song Luan was happy for them. She still remembered the kind-hearted girl named Sheng Sheng. She was dying of pain at that time and begged Sheng Sheng to secretly bring her a knife.

Song Luan thought of Huai Jin again, the beautiful boy. She didn’t know how he was now. She never saw Huai Jin again after she fell ill.

Zhao Nanyu suddenly appeared behind her and asked, “Why are you so distracted?”

Song Luan turned and hugged his waist. “Do you remember Huai Jin?”

Maybe her love for Zhao Nanyu had been stripped away, so Song Luan couldn’t empathize with his emotions. She wouldn’t know if he was jealous.

Zhao Nanyu’s body was slightly stiff, “Remember.”

Song Luan then asked, “Do you know what he is like now?”

Zhao Nanyu answered “Yes.”

After waiting for a long time, Song Luan looked at him and poked his hand, “Say it.”

Zhao Nanyu suddenly grabbed her wrist, and there were thin blood threads in his eyes. He bit his teeth and said, “When you got sick, he went back to Nanman.”

Nanman, that mysterious country.

Song Luan looked sad. She thought Huai Jin was probably aware of her illness and went back to find her medicine.

Her heart was a little blocked. She was afraid that Huai Jin would die in the snow like the original book.

Song Luan suddenly found that the man’s face was a little heavy, because the corners of his mouth pursed into a straight line, and his facial features were cold and hard.

She was puzzled and asked, “What’s the matter with you?”

She thought that Zhao Nanyu was unhappy because she mentioned other men.

She was quite helpless, this man had a strong desire for monopoly. She couldn’t even mention others. It was tyrannical.

Zhao Nanyu said, “Ah Luan, I like you, you know that.”

Song Luan drooped her eyelids and made a low sound.

Zhao Nanyu stroked her hair. “For your good, don’t mention other men in front of me.”

Zhao Nanyu was afraid of hearing Song Luan say that she likes another man one day.

Song Luan said, “He’s alone. I’m just a little worried about him. I don’t mean anything else.”

Afraid that Zhao Nanyu would not believe her, she said, “You don’t have to be afraid. I won’t let you wear a green hat.”

She couldn’t even get out of the door!

Zhao Nanyu took a deep breath and forced down his inner irritability. There was a taste of rust in his throat. He gritted his teeth and said, “Okay.”


After another five or six days, Song Luan was able to eat. She rarely vomited. 

After drinking the tonic for several days, she looked rosy and had more flesh on her cheek. Somehow, she was not so fragile anymore.

Zhao Nanyu led her into the palace, and Song Luan fell asleep unconsciously. They needed to walk in the inner palace, and couldn’t ride a carriage. 

She had just stepped down from the carriage when Zhao Nanyu picked her up.

So many people were watching them, and Song Luan was embarrassed and blushed, “I can walk by myself.”

“Don’t you have a sore back?”

She couldn’t sleep last night because it was so uncomfortable. Zhao Nanyu had to massage her back for half an hour.

Song Luan put her hand on his shoulder. “My back is fine now.”

Zhao Nanyu didn’t listen to her. He took her outside the main hall and put her down.

After fixing her clothes and hair, Song Luan remembered to ask, “Is there some reason you brought me to the palace?”

Zhao Nanyu clasped her fingers. “Here’s the seal.”

Song Luan suddenly realized. Her lips curled and laughed, “You’re going to give me a name, right??”


“I thought you’d let me live in your backyard all your life.”

“Don’t talk nonsense. “

“Well, let’s get in.”

The emperor was not surprised to see her. He probably knew from Zhao Nanyu that she was still alive.

However, the new emperor still had some grudges about her helping Ayun hide.

“Miss Song, go and see Ayun. She misses you very much.”

Song Luan thought that the new emperor’s words were evil, but who cared about him being an emperor.

Song Luan was mentally prepared when Ayun was captured by Gu Yan that day. Her life would be difficult.

But when she saw Ayun locked up in a splendid palace, she was still shocked.

Ayun tucked her legs in the corner. When the door opened, and the light came in, she was frightened.

Ayun hugged herself, as if afraid of others coming in.

Song Luan called her name in a low voice.

When Ayun heard her voice, her tense body gradually relaxed, “Miss Song, it’s you!”

“It’s me, but how can you hide in the corner?”

“I’m afraid he’ll come.”

Every time Li Han comes, she hides. But where could she hide in such a big place? He could still find her every time, and he would mock her.

“He didn’t hit you, did he?” Song Luan was afraid that the slag emperor would get up and fight Ayun.

“No, he never hit me.”

Li Han’s methods were much crueler than using his hands.

Ayun called out and found that Song Luan’s stomach seemed to be bulging. She asked, “Do you have a baby?”


Ayun remembered that she had a baby with Li Han before.

Even if it wasn’t her child, Ayun felt happy.

She carefully touched it and her eyes were bright. “Can I hold her after the baby is born?”

“Of course.”

With a smile, Ayun said, “I thought you didn’t like Zhao Nanyu.”

She must have liked him well enough to give birth to him.

Song Luan was stunned and said, “Yes.”

Ayun felt strange, “You want to stay with him even if you don’t like it?”

“My life is consistently flat. He’s handsome, and I will not suffer any loss if I stay. As for love, it’s too vague, my heart won’t be moved by him.”

Li Han and Zhao Nanyu stood outside the house, listening silently, not a word didn’t fall into their ears.

“Mr. Zhao turned out to be a little white face, and Miss Song was only interested in your skin.” Li Han said coolly, seeing the excitement.

Zhao Nanyu looked cold, and sneered, “But your skin is not appreciated by others, unlike mine.”

Zhao Nanyu thought it was not enough, so he added, “We have two children. How about you?”

Li Han’s face suddenly changed, “Shut your mouth!”



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