Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 87

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Er Bao’s full moon banquet was very lively. The guests were in high spirits. They never mentioned the past.

The second family of the Zhao family only sent a gift and didn’t attend the banquet.

Song Luan didn’t care whether they come or not. 

Er Bao had become a lot more lively compared to when he was just born. No one knew who the child got his looks from. He liked to smile and grin at people.

On the day of the full moon, Song Luan almost didn’t let go of the baby. Er Bao babbled and made a little noise, and soon became sleepy.

Zhao Nanyu took the child from her and asked her to sit and have a good rest. She just covered from giving birth and should not be tired.

Song Luan obediently listened to his words and sat in the room for a while. The guests outside were entertained by him, so she didn’t need to worry about it at all.

A lot of people came from the Song family, including her younger unmarried sister, her brother, and her sister-in-law. Aunt Lin sat in the room with her for a while.

When Aunt Lin saw that her daughter grew fatter, she was in a better mood, and her prejudice against Zhao Nanyu had lessened.

“Luan Bao, do you still want to go home?”

Song Luan shook her head, “Not going back.”

Zhao Nanyu won’t let her return! She was silently crying with anger.

Song Luan didn’t hate Zhao Nanyu even when she remembered all the things he had done to her. She couldn’t emphasize with the pictures in her dream. Those memories made her think that she was a passer-by.

Aunt Lin sighed, “I guess it’s okay.”

After long years, deep love and deep hatred can be resolved.

But Zhao Nanyu’s possessiveness was not something she could shake in a few words.

Song Luan looks down at the sweet child sleeping in the cradle. So be it.

Zhao Nanyu treated her very well, and she had no other choice.

Later, the guests were almost gone.

Zhao Nanyu came back to the room with a faint smell of wine. He was not good at drinking. He was filled with two glasses of wine, and his brain was already a little dizzy.

He sat on the edge of the cradle, with a rattle in his hand, and swung it in front of Er Bao.

Song Luan rushed forward, held his hand, and not letting him move. She said angrily, “Er Bao is still sleeping. You will wake him up like this.”

Zhao Nanyu’s black eyes fixed on her and said, “I’m drunk.”

She couldn’t argue with a drunk person.

His white cheeks were tinged with red, and his eyes were a little misty.

Song Luan wanted to take off the rattle drum in his hand, but he was not willing to let go and held on tightly.

Song Luan was helpless. “You can’t coax Er Bao back to sleep if he wakes up.”

Zhao Nanyu reluctantly put down the rattle. Unfortunately, the child had already been woken up by him, but he didn’t cry and only looked at his parents curiously with wide eyes.

Song Luan complained: “Listen to what I just said. Since you woke him up, you come to play with him.”

Zhao Nanyu’s drunkenness disappeared for a while. He picked up the child, gently pulled the corner of the child’s mouth, and then felt wronged. He said to Song Luan: “He wouldn’t smile at me.”

Er Bao usually likes to smile.

Song Luan swallowed this sentence silently, “Er Bao may be tired.”

Zhao Nanyu continued to talk unfailingly. He wouldn’t give up until he reached his goal, “Except for eating and sleeping, how is tired? He obviously wouldn’t smile at me.”

“Then don’t play tricks on him!”

Er Bao then cried after being held by his father. As soon as he cried, Song Luan didn’t have a good face to Zhao Nanyu, “Don’t make fun of him next time!”

When Er Bao came back to his mother’s arms, he gradually stopped crying. At night, the three of them slept in the same bed. Song Luan was afraid that the child might fall so she let him sleep in the middle.

The child always got hungry in the middle of the night. Zhao Nanyu was reluctant to wake up Song Luan. When the child woke up, he went outside and asked the nurse to care for the baby. He also simply lets the nurse take him.

Song Luan was vaguely embraced by him. She didn’t react very much in her sleep. She murmured some words and went to sleep again.

After days had passed, the child grew up and gradually became active. He couldn’t crawl yet, but if he was put on the bed, he would try to turn over.

However, Er Bao often gets stuck in the middle of it. After several times of trying, he still couldn’t turn over. Only when he cried could he attract the attention of adults.

Seeing his son crying, Zhao Nanyu didn’t know how to coax him. He stood on the edge and looked at him with a smile. He waited until Song Luan came in.

She glared at him fiercely, before Zhao Nanyu pretended to hold the child up.

Song Luan also knew that the father and son didn’t get along well.

Every time he was held by Zhao Nanyu, Er Bao would pull his hair with his little hand. Only at this time would Er Bao smile at his father.

Er Bao looked like Song Luan. He got his eyes from her. He would also smile sweetly that warmed people’s hearts.

Although Zhao Nanyu was not very pleased with the child, he still liked his silly smile. Otherwise, he would not let him laugh at him.

However, since they were busy with their kids’ affairs, the husband and wife had not been intimate for a long time. Zhao Nanyu was not a saint, he was ready to take the initiative, but he always couldn’t find the right time.

He went home one day and saw Er Bao sleeping well in the cradle.

He took Song Luan’s hand and brought her to bed. Her delicate body was locked in his arms.

Her face turned red and she faltered, “Let’s change rooms. I think the child will wake up.”

Zhao Nanyu gave a very disdainful smile, “He sleeps like a pig. He will not wake up.”

After a long time of restraint, he couldn’t wait. He untied her clothes rudely, clasped his hands around her neck, and lowered his head to bite her white neck, intentionally leaving little red marks on it.

Song Luan had long discovered that Zhao Nanyu likes to bite her. She was tired of it.

Just like what she said, her intuition was amazing because Er Bao suddenly cried. He seemed to be deliberately making trouble.


Song Luan couldn’t help but push him away. Zhao Nanyu neatly pulled the belt and tied her wrist.

Song Luan’s face was even hotter.

Tying her up, Zhao Nanyu wanted to do kinky play! 

Zhao Nanyu quickly got up, picked up the crying child, opened the door, and gave directions to the servant girl. He said in a cold voice, “Go and stay away from this room.”

Troublemaker little brat.

Song Luan was absent-minded, still worried about Er Bao, “You let me go. Er Bao is crying so badly. He couldn’t be coaxed without me.”

Zhao Nanyu directly blocked her mouth.

He never asked whether the child was more important than him in Song Luan’s heart because he already knew the answer.

He was only satisfied with this stable life.

Of course, Song Luan also thought the same.

In the blink of an eye, Er Bao was already six months old.

When Song Luan was pregnant, she seldom went out of the house, and when she had Er Bao, she didn’t go out not even once. Zhao Nanyu didn’t want her to focus all her attention on the child. That night, he wanted to take her to a restaurant to listen to opera.

Song Luan didn’t want to go.. “Just the two of us?”

Zhao Nanyu buttoned up her clothes for her, “Don’t think much about it. We won’t bring the kids.”

“All right.”

If he didn’t want to bring them, then okay.

The clothes Song Luan wore were all selected by Zhao Nanyu. If it wasn’t for the married woman’s hairstyle, people would mistake her for a 16 or 17 years old.

Good looking couples would attract people’s attention when they go out.

Along the street, many girls blushed and whispered when they saw Zhao Nanyu.

Song Luan was standing beside him so she naturally couldn’t avoid their stares. She said with a smile, “You are very popular with the ladies. They can’t move their eyes when they look at you.”

“They also look at you.”

Song Luan smiled brilliantly, very proud, “Because I am beautiful.”

After listening to the play, just when they got out of the restaurant, Song Luan’s eyes flashed.

She felt as if she saw the Taoist priest, but she couldn’t find him after seeing him for a moment.

Zhao Nanyu squeezed her hand and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Song Luan shook her head and thought that maybe she had made a mistake, “Nothing. It was the wrong person.”

“Then let’s go back.”


After that day, Zhao Nanyu suddenly fell ill.

Song Luan didn’t take it seriously in the beginning. She thought it was a little cold and would get better after taking medicine for two days.

But Zhao Nanyu’s face was getting worse and worse. If it not because he was breathing, Song Luan would probably think that he was dead.

Song Luan touched her heart as if it was blocked by something, making her stuffy and uncomfortable.

Zhao Nanyu did not allow her to go. She stayed in her room.

The new emperor sent a lot of doctors to see him. They all shook their heads and went out of the house, saying that there was no way.

If they couldn’t see the symptoms, they couldn’t start the treatment.

Song Luan was awakened by a nightmare in the middle of the night. She rashly got out of bed and had no time to put on her socks. 

She stepped on her shoes, and with disheveled hair, she rushed to the room where Zhao Nanyu lived.

The room was dark and had no light.

Song Luan dashed to his bed and looked at his pale and weak figure.

She asked, “Are you going to die?”

She seldom saw Zhao Nanyu so weak that she couldn’t utter any more words.

“Maybe.” Zhao Nanyu tried to smile and asked, “Luan Bao, will you cry for me once?”

Song Luan frowned, but her eyes were still dry. She wanted to cry, but she couldn’t squeeze out tears.

She grabbed his hand. “Why are you going to die all of a sudden?”

Zhao Nanyu was dizzy, remembering that he had seen the mysterious Taoist priest when they came out of the restaurant that day.

They only talked in dreams before.

After sending Song Luan home, Zhao Nanyu saw the priest again.

The priest wanted to return Song Luan’s complete soul.

And Zhao Nanyu would bear all the consequences.

He nodded in agreement.

Then he fell sick and was nearly dead.

Zhao Nanyu comforted her, “Luan Bao, I’ll sleep for a while.”

Song Luan felt very sad. She thought she wouldn’t be moved, but when she saw Zhao Nanyu dying, she wanted to grab him and cry.

“No! You are not allowed to sleep.”

Song Luan herself did not realize that her face was wet with tears. She wiped her face, “I’ll go and find a doctor for you.”

Zhao Nanyu held Song Luan down and kissed her on the corner of the mouth. His smile was beautiful as he looked at her with bright eyes, “Luan Bao, I’m very happy.”

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