Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 88

Translated by: Tinker

Song Luan knew that she didn’t want Zhao Nanyu to die. She was reluctant to part with him.

Zhao Nanyu’s sudden illness wasn’t entirely true, part of it was his own pretend. He thought that she wouldn’t care about his life and death.

It turned out that Song Luan would also be sad for him.

Whether she loved him or not wasn’t important because what mattered was her own heart.

Song Luan saw that he was still smiling and couldn’t help but beat him. “How can you still laugh?”

“I’m really fine.”

“They said you were dying.”

Song Luan was not someone who would believe everything so easily. After he fell ill, she only saw him a few times, but as time went by, she heard more people talk about his illness.

She could see that although she did not cry in front of him, her eyes were swollen and her expression was listless.

Although little Zhao only cried a few times in front of her, she saw how lifeless he was. His eyes were swollen, his expression was listless, and his figure got thinner. She could see how worried little Zhao was.

Gradually, Song Luan began to worry, just now she dreamed that Zhao Nanyu was dead and would never wake up.

With a folding fan in his hand, he stood far away from her, smiling at her. Song Luan watched his body disappear in his sight.

He smilingly stood far away from her with a folding fan in his hand. Song Luan watched his body disappear in her sight.

Then she was so frightened that after she woke up, she ran to Zhao Nanyu’s room.

Song Luan was still very flustered that she grasped his hands so hard. She was afraid that he would never wake up if he fell asleep.

“Okay, okay. I won’t sleep.”

Zhao Nanyu sat up and looked at her, then he patted the bed beside him and asked, “Do you want to lie down?”

Song Luan shook her head, “No need.”

Zhao Nanyu opened half of the quilt, “Come on.”

Song Luan did not resist. She took off her shoes and climbed into the quilt. She shrank on his side and looked at him with grape-like eyes.

She was probably really scared.

Zhao Nanyu felt a little guilty and touched her face, “Really don’t worry…I’m okay.”

Song Luan opened her mouth and said, “Then they…”

Zhao Nanyu interrupted her in the middle of her sentence.

He directly pushed the pot away from him, “They spread rumors indiscriminately.” How dare these people talked nonsense in front of Song Luan without his instruction?

Zhao Nanyu lightly lied to Song Luan.

Song Luan still didn’t believe that he was fine. She pursed her mouth and frowned. “Little Zhao cried. He didn’t dare cry in front of me so he wiped his tears secretly.”

Zhao Nanyu’s mouth pulled up and chuckled twice, “I am his father. He will naturally worry if I am ill.”

“As for others, they’re all talking hearsay. All of it is false.”

Song Luan reluctantly believed his words, but she was still anxious. She had planned to watch over him this time, however, she couldn’t help but feel sleepy in the middle of the night. Her eyelids were fighting to open but she fell asleep in the end.

Zhao Nanyu did not sleep the whole night. He was looking at her sleeping face in a good mood.

It took another month before Zhao Nanyu’s illness receded. He had already lost a lot of weight after recovering.

Zhao Nanyu made up his mind not to ask her if she liked him or not. 

Song Luan felt that it was very good now. She was tired and only wanted to live a peaceful and smooth life.

When Er Bao got older, his waking hours were longer than when he was still a baby. He gave a full play of his lively temperament. The first thing he did when he woke up was to turn over in the bed.

When Er Bao couldn’t turn over fully, he would babble.

Song Luan looked at his rolling appearance and also felt it was funny. She picked up the child with a smile and dressed him.

Er Bao was like a glutinous rice dumpling. Compared with his older brother, he had a more active personality.

The two brothers got along with each other fairly well. Little Zhao liked this younger brother very much. When he had free time, he would run to her mother’s house every day. He took the initiative to look at his brother and play with him.

Er Bao could only babble and couldn’t speak clearly yet, but little Zhao would still play with him.

Little Zhao was very generous to lend his former toys. He placed all of them on the bed.

Although the younger brother couldn’t understand him, little Zhao still pointed to the toys on the bed and asked, “Do you want these?”

Er Bao: *Incoherent babbling*

“You want it? Brother will pick one for you.” He picked an animal with bamboo weaves on it. He gently opened his brother’s five fingers and put the bamboo toy into his hand. “You can take this small one.”

Er Bao’s hand had no strength. As soon as little Zhao placed it in his hand, he released his fingers and the toy fell to the ground.

Er Bao seemed to find it interesting and grinned happily.

Little Zhao’s face was stern: “….”

After a while, he quietly picked up the toy on the ground and put it back to his younger brother, “This time you shouldn’t drop it.”

Er Bao thought that his brother was playing games with him. He pinched the toy and released it again.

Little Zhao’s temper was quite good. He didn’t show any impatience. He bent down and picked up the toy again, but this time he didn’t put it in his younger brother’s palm. “Let’s change.”

Er Bao was lying on the bed with his limbs facing up, smiling stupidly.

Because his younger brother was a bit dumb, little Zhao originally disliked him, but when he saw his silly smile, he didn’t care now, his younger brother was adorable and lovely.

Little Zhao had a good memory. Instead of stuffing it in Er Bao’s hand, he put it on him and let him toss it.

After playing with the toy he gave him for a while, Er Bao threw it aside and looked at his elder brother with his eyes.


Little Zhao dared not hold him since his younger brother was too heavy. He was also afraid that he would drop his younger brother to the ground.

He put down the book in his hand and his eyes turned to his younger brother. “Are you hungry?”

Er Bao: *Babbling*

“I’ll go and get the nurse.”

Little Zhao had just put down the book when he thought of a dilemma–if he went out, there would be no one to look after Er Bao. If the younger brother tumbled over and fell, what would he do?

Er Bao: *Babble babble Babble*

His voice became louder and louder. It seemed that he couldn’t wait.

Song Luan lifted the curtain and went to the inner room. Her heart became soft after seeing her two children. 

She asked, “What’s the matter? I heard Er Bao’s cry outside.”

Little Zhao replied: “Younger brother is hungry.”

Song Luan squatted down and couldn’t help but kiss little Zhao on the cheek. Seeing her son’s red face, she was satisfied and asked, “How do you know that?”

Er Bao couldn’t speak yet.

Little Zhao’s cheek was burning slightly. He was already a big boy. His father said that he could not be kissed casually, but he could not tell this to his mother.

“I guessed.”

“Little Zhao is so smart.”

While Song Luan nursed Er Bao, he went outside to review his lessons.

Song Luan naturally untied her lapel, and Er Bao began to drink the milk happily.

Zhao Nanyu just went to her house. She never changed her clothes. She looked at her child and asked, “how can you eat it again?”

Zhao Nanyu came into her room as soon as his work in the court was finished. He hadn’t changed his court clothes yet. He glanced at the child and asked, “Why is he still drinking again?” When he went out in the morning, the child was being breastfed. Still, drinking?

When he went out in the morning, the child was sucking. How could he still be drinking after he came back?

Song Luan was seen countless times by him, but she was still shy every time. Even her ears were red as she said: “He just drinks and sleeps the whole day.”

Zhao Nanyu looked at his son’s meaty face and refused to comment. He ridiculed: “Little fat man.”

When Er Bao heard the two of them talking, he refused to be breastfed. He looked at them curiously and seemed like he wanted to listen to them.

Song Luan couldn’t help but stretch out her finger and point to his nose, “You, you, how are you like a girl?”

Zhao Nanyu’s eyes were too hot. Song Luan couldn’t stand it anymore and Er Bao refused to eat anymore. She closed her lapel and thought he was evil. She said to him, “If you look again, I’ll dig out your eyeballs.”

She looked fierce.

Zhao Nanyu smiled disapprovingly, “Don’t talk about eyeballs. I’ll let you dig out my heart instead.”

Song Luan stammered, her face flushed. How could Zhao Nanyu say such a nasty thing!? So terrible!!!

“Shut up.”

Don’t talk.

She was embarrassed.

Song Luan felt that he was too idle so she directly gave the child to him, “You coax Er Bao.”

As soon as Zhao Nanyu took the child, Er Bao vomited on his neck. Seeing the situation, Song Luan wasn’t kind enough and laughed out loudly.

When Er Bao saw his mother smile, he also laughed.

At that time, Zhao Yuli wanted to give birth to the baby.

At this time, Zhao Nanyu wanted to throw the baby that was in his arms. This little kid was born to go against him every time.

He gently slapped Er Bao on the butt, “Brat.”

Er Bao was still smiling, but when he was beaten by his father, he immediately stopped.

There were grievances in his little eyes.

Zhao Nanyu was fierce towards the child, “Don’t cry.”

Song Luan stepped forward and squeezed the flesh on his waist. It didn’t hurt much since Zhao Nanyu had clothes on.

She said, “He’s only a few months old. You can’t do that. The child should be spoiled.”

Zhao Nanyu thought that this was a little nemesis, not a baby.

Little Zhao was very well-behaved when he was a few months old. He didn’t cry or make trouble.

Song Luan scolded him and began to coax the child, “Er Bao, don’t cry. You are still a baby. You get revenge when you grow up.”

Although Er Bao couldn’t understand what his mother was saying, he would still babble after her.

Zhao Nanyu coughed, “Wipe my neck for me.”

There was the spilled milk that Er Bao vomited on his collar.

Song Luan handed her handkerchief to him, “Wipe it yourself.”

“I’m still holding the baby,” Zhao Nanyu said. “I don’t have extra hands.”

Her handkerchief seemed to carry the smell of her body. It had her faint fragrance.

Song Luan had no choice but to stand on tiptoe to wipe the milk stains on his neck.

Zhao Nanyu said with a smile, “You didn’t wipe it clean.”

Song Luan pursed her mouth and looked up at her neck, “No more.”

His voice was a little hoarse. “You can see if you get closer.”

Song Luan didn’t move so Zhao Nanyu took the initiative to step forward. The two bodies were almost close to each other.

He bent over, leaned in her ear, and asked softly, “See?”

They’re too close. Song Luan didn’t know where to put her hands, and couldn’t utter a word.



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