Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 89

Translated by: Tinker

Zhao Nanyu’s body had a clear smell, which reached the tip of her nose. Song Luan randomly wiped him twice with a handkerchief, “Okay.”

Song Luan just chose the most peaceful life for both herself and her children.

It is part of a human’s instinct to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages.

It was rare for Er Bao to be held by Zhao Nanyu. His mouth was slightly open as he looked at his parents foolishly. His saliva flowed out unconsciously and Song Luan took out a new handkerchief to clean the corners of Er Bao’s mouth. Zhao Nanyu looked at him a little disgusted, “It’s dirty.”

Song Luan gave him a white look. “You must have drooled when you were a kid. Don’t always say bad things about your son. Don’t think he won’t hate you just because he is still young.”

“I was much better than him when I was a child.”

When Zhao Nanyu was a little child, Er Bao was not like him–active and lively.

Song Luan stretched out her hands, “Then you give the child to me, you go out.”

“I’ll hold him. This child is a bit troublesome.”

Er Bao leaned on his father’s arms, peacefully resting. He only moved his eyes occasionally.

Song Luan took out the silver bracelet in the locked drawer and put it on the wrist of Er Bao. She looked at it with satisfaction, “It’s beautiful.”

The silver bracelet that was put on Er Bao’s wrist was refined in a shop. Although the workmanship was superior, Song Luan felt that it was not exquisite enough.

Er Bao seemed to like this new bracelet very much. He moved his meaty hand and grinned foolishly.

Song Luan looked at the man in front of him, yawned, and said, “You can take him. Don’t make him cry while I take a bath.”

Zhao Nanyu had a serious problem. He liked to watch Er Bao cry. Every time the child cries, he wouldn’t take the initiative to coax him, and instead, stares at him with interest.

Song Luan had just finished bathing and putting on her clothes when she heard Er Bao’s cry.

Song Luan heard Er Bao’s cry as soon as she finished putting on her clothes. She hurried out from behind the screen and said in a huff, “What’s wrong with you?”

Zhao Nanyu was innocent. “I just put him on the bed, and he cried.”

“You hold him.”

“You spoiled him.”

Song Luan helplessly said: “I didn’t know you were enemies.”

When this father and son were alone, they wouldn’t get along.

Song Luan originally wanted to hold Er Bao up but was stopped by Zhao Nanyu. He raised his eyebrows and said slowly, “Let him cry. After he cries enough, you can coax him again.”

Song Luan was a typical loving mother. She was reluctant to see her child suffer. Moreover, Er Bao was cute and good-natured. She said, “what if he cries so badly he will hurt his throat?”

“No way.” Zhao Nanyu said with a little truth, “If every time he cries and you hold him, he will be used to it.”

A boy should not be so coquettish.


Little Zhao also had things that Er Bao had.

Song Luan treated the two children equally. However, little Zhao was sensible and seemed reluctant to wear the silver bracelet. He hid his hand behind his back and looked unnatural as he said, “Mother, give it to younger brother. I don’t need it.”

Song Luan pulled his hand out. “Your brother has it. What’s the matter? Don’t you like this one?”

Little Zhao blushed red, “Mother, I’m five years old.”

Song Luan was at a loss, “I know.”

Little Zhao lowered his face and said in embarrassment, “I already stopped wearing them in a long time.”

And silver bracelets were only worn by children.

Song Luan suddenly realized it and touched the top of his head, “It’s mother’s negligence. Does little Zhao have anything that he wants?”

He shook his head.

He didn’t want anything.

Every month his father would give him money. If he wanted anything, he had the money to buy it.

When Zhao Nanyu returned home, Song Luan was playing with her two children. She got along well with the children. Little Zhao liked her, and Er Bao also liked her.

Hearing the sound of footsteps, Song Luan turned her head and whispered, “You are back.”

Her face was pink and a few strands of hair fell on her cheek. She sat cross-legged on the soft bed while her clothes were pulled by Er Bao.

Zhao Nanyu went forward to put her hair back behind her ears and asked, “What are you playing that you are laughing so happily?”

Song Luan’s face was a bit naive, delicate, and lovely, “We’re not playing, little Zhao and I are teaching Er Bao to turn over.”

Zhao Nanyu couldn’t help but raise the corner of his mouth, glanced at Er bao, and mercilessly ridiculed, “Too stupid.”

For such a long time, the silly kid still couldn’t turn over by himself.

Little Zhao, from the bottom of his heart, felt that his younger brother was also stupid, but he did not say it out loud. His younger brother was stupid, there was nothing more pitiful than this, so he couldn’t laugh at his brother.

His mother said that he should love his brother.

Song Luan poked his waist with her fingers, “Stupid. It’s also your child.”

Zhao Nanyu playfully squeezed her round fingers, “Yes, I have to raise him well.” 

He clasped her palm, turned his eyes to little Zhao, and whispered, “Take your brother out. I have something to say to your mother.”

Little Zhao carefully took away his babbling younger brother.

Song Luan thought Zhao Nanyu had something to say to her. She raised her ears and looked serious.

Zhao Nanyu suddenly pulled her over and let her sit on him, his one hand around her waist, and the other hand unkindly reached into her collar.

When Song Luan was about to react, she was eaten by his mouth. She was stopped completely.


When she could open her mouth to speak, the corners of her mouth were bitten red by him.

“You liar!”

After Zhao Nanyu succeeded, the smile in the corner of his eyes was deeper and his laughter was deep and pleasant.

His eyes were dark and his voice was hoarse, “It’s been a long time since we had sex.”

“It’s only been four days!” Song Luan said, gnashing her teeth.

Zhao Nanyu’s desire to control her in bed was 100 times greater than before. If she didn’t follow his wishes, she wouldn’t even be able to sleep for the whole night.

“You remembered clearly.” He said with a rather smug smile

Song Luan couldn’t do anything else and just stared at him. Zhao Nanyu grinned and rubbed her round little face. 

She asked knowingly, “You think four days is long?”

Song Luan was tightly embraced by him. She wanted to get up from him but couldn’t. Her face was flushed red with anger, “You let me go. I’m thirsty, I want to drink water.”

Zhao Nanyu pretended not to hear, and his fingers were uneasy as he tried to touch her belt. Song Luan patted off his hand, “What do you want to do?”

Zhao Nanyu’s eyes were bright. He almost said the word ‘you’.

He took back his hand and put his head on her shoulder dejectedly. “I’ll listen to you. I won’t touch you.”

She listened to Zhao Nanyu’s aggrieved tone.

Although he didn’t touch her intimately, he pressed Song Luan on the soft bed and played with her for a long time.

Song Luan’s face was powdery and her clothes were not neat. Zhao Nanyu’s eyebrows were dyed with a smile.

It was almost evening when a visitor came.

It turned out that Gu Yan came to the door. According to reason, the two of them had nothing to do with each other. There was no conflict of interest and no friendship between them.

After fixing his clothes, Zhao Nanyu reluctantly went to the study. Gu Yan was dressed up as a commander with a long sword pinned to his waist.

Gu Yan was not bad in appearance. He radiated a fierce aura. He looked cold on the surface. If Zhao Nanyu was timid, he might be frightened by his aura. He was not young and still had not married yet.

Zhao Nanyu said with a smile, “Commander Gu. You rarely came to visit.”

Gu Yan still had on his cold face as he arched his hand to Zhao Nanyu, “I came to ask you something.”

Zhao Nanyu raised his eyebrows, “Commander Gu, please speak up.”

Gu Yan was upright, old-fashioned, and seldom asked for help. This time, he was forced to say, “A few days ago, Dali Temple arrested a man named Xu Yuanqing. To tell you the truth, this man is my distant cousin. I have also inquired about it. What he committed was not a serious crime. I hope Lord Zhao will show mercy and release him.”

Zhao Nanyu had a good memory. He had heard of Xu Yuanqing. He punished him only yesterday. Dali temple was a place where if you enter, you wouldn’t easily come out.

He said with a smile, “Commander Gu, to be honest, your cousin has suffered a lot. It’s fine to let him go. I just hope you don’t blame us when you see him.”

Gu Yan replied: “Of course not.”

Zhao Nanyu pondered for a moment and said, “Tomorrow, I will send him to the gate of Gu’s residence.”

“Thank you very much.”

Gu Yan was a commander. It’s nothing for Zhao Nanyu to give a favor. Xu Yuanqing wasn’t so important, so he could just let him go.

Gu Yan was about to leave when he saw Song Luan appear in front of the study door, holding the hand of little Zhao. She was wearing a long silk embroidered dress. Her body is graceful, her facial features are exquisite, her eyes and teeth are bright. 

At sunset, the dim yellow light evenly sprinkled on her fair-complexion, which could make people look stupefied for a moment.

Gu Yan stood in place and didn’t move before he silently took back his eyes.

Zhao Nanyu’s face changed. When he saw this, he was very jealous. He blocked Gu Yan’s sight and asked her, “Why are you here?”

Song Luan pointed to little Zhao, “This child encountered an article in his homework that he did not understand. I took him to ask you.”

She couldn’t teach little Zhao.

Gu Yan, who stood on one side, heard it and frowned. He thought that Song Luan had nothing to offer except her beauty. She was shrewd and didn’t listen to people.

Little Zhao was very polite. He respectfully greeted Uncle Gu whenever he meets him.

Gu Yan was a little embarrassed. He wasn’t married yet and naturally had no children. He didn’t know how to get along with children. He gave a cold hush which was considered his normal response.

Zhao Nanyu coughed twice, “You go inside first, I’ll send him off, and then I’ll come back and teach him.”

Song Luan poked out her head and gave a fake smile to Gu Yan. She spoke, her words were like spears, “I thought Commander Gu came to my residence to search people!”

Even if it was a fake smile, Song Luan was still bright and beautiful.

Gu Yan pulled up the corners of his mouth and said, “Madam Zhao is much more polite today.”

He was making a mockery of Song Luan’s shrew behavior that day.

She was rarely called ‘Madam Zhao’, so Song Luan didn’t respond when he addressed her.

Besides, Gu Yan’s words were not very nice, and Song Luan wanted to have a good debate with him.

Can’t wait for her to play mouth gun skills, Zhao Nanyu is already can’t see down, pinching her wrist, “first take know brother son to go in, have what words to say later, not in a hurry for a moment.”

When she was about to use her mouth-gun skills, Zhao Nanyu pinched her wrist, “Take little Zhao inside. If you have words, you can say it later. We’re not in a hurry.”

Little Zhao pulled her skirt, “Mother, the bookshelf in father’s study is too high, I can’t reach the books.”

Song Luan had a keen intuition. Zhao Nanyu still didn’t like her talking with other men just as before.

Tyrants do not change

She took little Zhao’s hand and said, “Let’s go.”

After walking two steps, Gu Yan stopped, turned around, and said, “Madam Song is the same at home?”


“Rude and disrespectful.”

Zhao Nanyu’s eyes were dim and said, “When did Commander Gu care so much about my family affairs?”

Gu Yan was usually not nosy with other people’s affairs, but this time he didn’t know why he couldn’t help saying more. He said, “I just don’t think Miss Song is very suitable for you.”

What the hell?! Are you in charge?

Zhao Nanyu’s smile gradually sank.

His voice fell to the ground, Gu Yan also noticed that he had made a slip of the tongue, “Sorry. Those were unintentional words. Lord Zhao, don’t take it to heart.”

“No harm.”

Even if Gu Yan didn’t say it, Zhao Nanyu knew that even if he saw Song Luan, he would know she had no feelings for him.

But he had already looked away. Song Luan had a knot in her heart, and he could wait for her slowly.

Song Luan stood on tiptoe in the study, helping little Zhao take the book, “Is this the one?”

Zhao Nanyu walked over, raised his hand, and easily took the book out and gave it to little Zhao.

He didn’t seem very happy. The corners of his mouth were bent downward.

Song Luan did not want to coax him, and just pulled his sleeve, “Go and teach little Zhao.”

Zhao Nanyu avoided her, instead began to tell her, “If you see Gu Yan, don’t talk to him.”

Song Luan thought it was funny, “What’s the matter? Are you jealous?”

“He’s not married. Shouldn’t I be jealous?” Zhao Nanyu said with disdain: “He is older than I am, and no girl is willing to marry him. I can see that he is not very good.”

Zhao Nanyu slandered other men in front of Song Luan. He was not honest at all.

Song Luan felt that Zhao Nanyu was very naive in this kind of thing. She said vaguely: “Maybe Commander Gu has high requirements.”


Song Luan saw that Zhao Nanyu hated Gu Yan, so she didn’t talk anymore.

Zhao Nanyu was sulking. If Song Luan took the initiative to coax him, he wouldn’t be angry anymore. 

He took little Zhao’s textbook and began to teach him lessons.

Song Luan didn’t understand and didn’t want to listen to classical chinese. She had nothing to do so she laid beside the window.

On the windowsill, there were small potted plants that she had carefully maintained.

Song Luan stared at it for a short time and fell asleep.

When Zhao Nanyu and little Zhao finished the last article, they raised their eyes and saw her sleeping face.

She was born extremely fair, and her serene face was more delicate in the afterglow. She slept soundly as her mouth pouted slightly. They could hear her steady breathing.

Zhao Nanyu walked over, his movements were very gentle, for fear of disturbing her. He held her in his arms and covered her with his clothes to block the wind coming through the window.

When little Zhao was about to speak, his father made a silent gesture to him.

【Don’t wake your mother.】

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