Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 9 part 1

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  • Zhao Sanye – Zhao Nanyu’s father
  • Zhao Wenyan – Zhao Nanyu’s younger brother. His mother is Zhao Sanye’s official and current wife.

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Even though Zhao Wenyan was still only 16 years old, he already had a bad temper. His face was still tender, eyes were bright and his expression was impatient. Although he and Zhao Nanyu were not were not born of the same mother, they had similarities in appearance. Standing together, anyone can see that they were brothers.

He looked at Song Luan with disdain, as if he was looking at something dirty. He was afraid of getting too close to a disgusting thing, “Father will come later.”

Zhao Nanyu nodded. “I see.”

Zhao Wenyan was more and more angry. He didn’t like his second brother very much, but he didn’t want to see him being gossiped around in the family. After the second sister-in-law who didn’t know how to behave entered their family, the gossiping became even more intense!

Song Luan was a beautiful woman, but her mind was too poisonous. She had a lot of mistakes and made second brother lose his face.

“It’s almost time. Come in.”

A large number of people came except for the eldest son of uncle Zhao, who was sent to Beijing and still hadn’t returned. Everyone sat on the chair in their order.

Old man Zhao sat in the middle. He was over sixty-years-old, and still in good spirits. He stroked his white beard, glanced at all the people on the table, and said, “Eat.”

Although it’s a family dinner, Song Luan still felt that the atmosphere was very stiff. She held her chopsticks and didn’t dare to move around. She was very smart and sensible. She would like it if no one noticed her, but she still felt that there were several pairs of eyes watching her move, as if she was the main character of this family dinner.

Her eyes were only glued on the food while chewing the meal that taste like wax. It was almost an hour and most of the people had already put down their chopsticks one by one.

Old man Zhao valued every grandson very much. Those who didn’t have reputation would ask lessons one by one. Those who had reputation would ask about things in the court. In short, they were very attentive.

After the meal, Old man Zhao took a step away from the grandsons, and told them they were not allowed to follow him. Old man Zhao looked at Zhao Nanyu deeply, and said, “Yu Er, stay with me for a game of chess and then you can go.”

Zhao Nanyu said, “Yes.”

The Old man took out his best white jade chessboard. When the two people played chess, the others stood by and watched.

Zhao Nanyu’s chess skill was not inferior than his grandfather’s, and he didn’t plan to let Old man Zhao win the chess. Every step was critical. After a long time of playing, the old man gradually fell behind.

This made other relatives look both jealous and funny. They were jealous because he had the ability to compete with his grandfather in chess. The funny thing was that he would not let his grandfather rile him in chess.

“Yu Er’s chess skill is quite advanced.”

“Grandfather’s praise is too much.”

The Old man pud down his chess pieces. He didn’t seem to be angry about losing, but he was very happy. This was the reason why he only let Zhao Nanyu play chess with him every time. He won’t let him win just so he can play happily.

After playing chess, the old man let them go with a wave of his hand.

Just after leaving the main court, Zhao Sanye said to Zhao Nanyu behind him with a cold face, “Come with me. I have something to say to you.”

Zhao Nanyu lowered his head, so no one could see the expression on his face.

Song Luan was standing not far from them with her sleeping son. Zhao Sanye’s face was dark and ugly. His face was full of unhappiness.

Zhao Sanye was in a bad mood at the moment. He had a lot of complains about his son, even some disgust. He was even more disgusted with his mother who was born in a lower class family. He didn’t make any achievements in the court, so he couldn’t be pleased by the old man. However, the son he didn’t look forward to was more popular with the old man than him, which made him feel uneasy.

“Your mother’s relative is also on duty in Dali temple, right?” Asked Zhao Sanye.

The ‘mother’ in his mouth was not Zhao Nanyu’s biological mother, but Zhao Sanye’s current wife.


There was a flash of fierceness in Zhao Sanye’s eyes, pointing to him with angry voice, saying, “Your mother told you to take care of her relatives more. Why did you turn a deaf ear? Not only did you not take care of him, you also did not help him when he’s in trouble.”

Zhao Nanyu smiled. Not only did he not help, but even the man was dismissed.

“My father looks up to me too much.” The light sarcasm in his tone was like a slap to Zhao Sanye’s face.

Zhao Sanye was beaten back by him. He couldn’t exhale in one breath. He was chocked in his chest. He pointed to him and opened his mouth. “How could an evil son come from me?”

Zhao Sanye’s face was red with anger. He was too angry.

It was not the first time that Zhao Nanyu has been scolded by him. When he listens to a word like ‘evil son’, his heart would still be calm.

He bowed his hand and there was no fault in his respect, “If father had nothing else to say, I will go back first.”




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