Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 9 part 2

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Translated by: Tinker

In the quiet night, Zhao Sanye’s angry voice raised several toes. Song Luan was not far form them. It was difficult for her not to hear anything.

To be reasonable, Song Luan was very reluctant to see Zhao Nanyu being scolded by his father. Zhao Nanyu must not want her to see such a shameful scene.

In other words, she actually felt that Zhao Nanyu was a little pitiful. Now he had no power. He was looked down upon by other and despised by her own father. But thinking of her death in the future, she felt more pitiful than him.

She was sighing when Zhao Nanyu had come to her. The moonlight lengthened his figure, and a pair of black eyes looked at her coldly. “Let’s go.”

After holding her son for a period of time, Song Luan’s hands were aching. Her son was a little heavy. She blinked and summoned up her courage to sell her cuteness towards the man, “My hands are sour.”

Her son hugged her neck without any care, buried his face in her neck, and was sleeping quietly.

Zhao Nanyu silently took the little bun from her arms, and went straight to the backyard.

Song Luan followed him, and when he was about to enter the room, she carefully opened her mouth and asked, “Where are you sleeping tonight?”

Zhao Nanyu seldom sleeps on her side in the past few days. He only slept twice and never touched her. Song Luan thought that he really hated her.

So she naively thought that Zhao Nanyu was just visiting the house and then would leave after.

Zhao Nanyu lifted his eyelids and asked, “What do you think?”


Zhao Nanyu saw enough of the wonderful colors on her face, and he mercifully gave his reply, “I’ll sleep here.”

Song Luan hung her head, “Oh.”

She hasn’t forgotten the last time she was drunk and was bitten by Zhao Nanyu in the corner of her mouth. And everytime she was alone with him, Song Luan was naturally afraid. His eyes were deep as if he wanted to eat people.

Zhao Nanyu laid his son on the bed of the side room, covered the quilt and walked out. The servants just prepared the hot water. Song Luan sat at the table in a hurry. When she saw him, she tood up. “Go to the bath first. I’ll first take off the makeup on my face.”

He nodded and began to undress in front of her. After leaving a covering, he walked to the screen. Song Luan’s face was not hot, but the sound of the water made the temperature on her rise.

After a while, the sound of the water stopped.

Zhao Nanyu’s voice came to her through a screen. “Bring clean clothes for me.”

Song Luan had only two sets of his clothes in this room. She soon found them from the closet. Her hands began to sweat. She closed her eyes tightly and did not dare take a look at him.

Zhao Nanyu was lying in the tub with his upper body naked. His delicate face was hidden in the misty water. He suddenly pulled her close to him into the water.

Song Luan called out in a low voice. She was terrified. She fell into the water, her thin clothes were almost imeddiately wet by the warm water.

Zhao Nanyu’s burning eyes fell on her slightly wet neckline. He stood up, wiped the water off his body and put on his clothes. Then he looked at her still lying in the bucket, with a smile on his eyes, “You should wash too.”

He found that every time he saw Song Luan’s sad and weak appearance, his heart seemed to be more joyful.

Song Luan reluctantly washed herself with the water he used, and then climbed to bed in a strict manner. She slept inside the quilt, her limbs were tight, and she didn’t dare to occupy more space and even breathe heavily.

Zhao Nanyu, as usual, put out the light and covered himself with the quilt without doing anything. Even his hands did not touch her, so Song Luan’s sitff body gradually relaxed.

In the dark, Zhao Nanyu moved for a moment, and his palm suddenly fell on her waist, pinching the flesh on her skin intentionally. Song Luan closed her eyes and pretended to sleep, tolerating his actions.

Zhao Nanyu was a scholar, but his strength was strong, so everytime he pinches her, it hurts to death.

His lips gradually came close to her neck. When he was about to bite them, Song Luan could not longer hold herself, and opened her eyes.

Zhao was not surprised at all. His lips hooked, and his smile was as fresh and beautiful as the green mountain after the rain. He said, “Awake?”

Seeing that Song Luan’s eyes were moist, his lips began to smile, but his eyes were still cold. “It’s my fault that you woke up.”

When Zhao Nanyu used to look at her before, he would only feel sick, let alone touch her. But recently, he not only didn’t resent her, but also bit her. He could also laugh when he’s with her. Seeing her tearful eyes that were pleading for him like she was wronged, he felt that she was very charming.

Although he said that, Song Luan didn’t see any guilt in his eyes.

The hyprocrisy!



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