Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 90

Translated by: Tinker

Song Luan slept until it was dark before she woke up lazily. Her face was rosy and bright. Her sight turned around the room twice. It turned out that she was still in Zhao Nanyu’s study.

She still remembered that she listened to her husband and son’s discussion when she fell asleep. The sunshine, which was soft and warm, fell on her face. She had unconsciously put down her guard and fell into a good sleep.

Zhao Nanyu had taken off her clothes. 

Before she prepared to go out barefoot again, she slowly put on her clothes first.

Thinking of Zhao Nanyu’s advice, she took back her feet in silence and put on her shoes before she went out.

The candle was extinguished, and the man was sitting under the lamp with a delicate outline of the jaw. The faint candlelight sprinkled on his shoulder as he looked down seriously.

Song Luan walked over and asked, “Where are the children? “

Zhao Nanyu raised his head. His dark eyes were covered with heavy light, and his voice was a little cold. “Grandma Lin took them both.”

Song Luan, for a moment, seemed speechless.

Zhao Nanyu put down the pen in his hand and walked to her from behind the desk. His thin white finger gently touched his forehead and asked, “Are you hungry?”

She had been sleeping for an hour, and it was long after her dinner time. Zhao Nanyu had not asked the servants to put food. He was waiting for her to wake up.

Song Luan’s finger was grasped by him. She seemed not quite awake yet and nodded in a muddle. “I’m hungry.”

Zhao Nanyu then asked the servants to bring up the dinner that was prepared early. Song Luan began to eat with her head down and didn’t care to talk to Zhao Nanyu. 

It was like being hungry for several days.

No one could blame Song Luan. She didn’t eat much at noon and just woke up from hunger.

Otherwise, if she wasn’t hungry, no one knows when she would wake up again.

After eating two bowls of rice, Song Luan put down her chopsticks, licked her lips, and asked, “I still want to eat some desserts.”

“It’s difficult to eat too much at night.”

He was implicating that he wouldn’t allow it.

Song Luan curled her mouth and looked unhappy.

Zhao Nanyu did not look soft-hearted.

Song Luan didn’t like sweets very much, but she just wanted to have a taste today. She was not happy to be under such control. She looked at Zhao Nanyu angrily and found that the man’s face was cold and indifferent.

She was even angrier and got up.

Zhao raised his eyes and asked, “Where will you go?”

Song Luan replied, “I’ll go out for a walk to help digestion.”

She gnashed her teeth at the last words she said.

Zhao Nanyu pretended that he didn’t see her face. He held her small hands. “Let’s go. I’ll accompany you.”

The garden of their new residence was very elegant. The path was covered with pebbles and green bamboos were planted on both sides.

The moon was bright, and it shined on the ground like a layer of phosphor. It was cool at night and the wind was a little breezy.

Song Luan looked at the man on her side–his adam apple, his full and soft lips, and his straight nose. His eyes were very beautiful. His lips were curled, and he seemed to have a shallow smile.

Song Luan knows that although Zhao Nanyu often smiles, he was still a ruthless man.

He didn’t care much about anyone.

Zhao Nanyu suddenly stopped and lowered his gaze to look at her, smiling, “Are you looking at me?”

Song Luan withdrew her sight and tried to pretend that she was not looking at him at all. “No. I’m looking at the flowers behind you.”

The smile on his lips grew deeper and deeper, trying to hold back his smile, “Is that right?”

Song Luan’s ear tip was tinged with pink. She forgot that there was no flower blooming in this season.

She said stiffly, “Yes, the flowers are beautiful.” and added,” It’s also nice even if they’re not in full bloom.”

Zhao Nanyu couldn’t help rubbing her head. “Whatever you say.”


After a few days, Ruan Sheng came to see her with her big stomach.

Song Luan was very happy to see her again. Ruan Sheng, who was pregnant, looked a little less chubby.

“Second sister-in-law.”

“You are pregnant, why did you come here?”

Ruan Sheng came to find her because she had something to do. She couldn’t speak because there were servants inside the room. Song Luan saw her dilemma, so she sent out all the servants in the room, closed the doors and windows, and then poured a cup of warm water to Ruan Sheng. “You can say it now.”

Ruan Sheng hesitated while she held the cup. She didn’t know whether to open her mouth or not. After the second brother and the second sister-in-law moved out, the original courtyard was vacated. But two days ago, she noticed some movements in the yard.

At first, she thought it was a thief and checked it carefully but found nothing had been stolen.

Ruan Sheng finished eating that day and walked in the yard for a while. Suddenly, a boy appeared on the wall, which shocked her.

As she was about to call someone, the beautiful boy asked, “Where is Aluan?”

He probably didn’t know what happened in the capital. Seeing that his clothes were worn out and he had a good wound, Ruan Sheng asked, “What can I do for you?”

The boy pursed his mouth and didn’t speak. He just squeezed the things in his hand.

“Is she okay?” After a long time, he suddenly asked.

Ruan Sheng nodded, “Second sister-in-law is very good.”

“Oh. She’s okay…then I’ll go now.”

Ruan Sheng felt very strange. After thinking about it, she came to tell her second sister-in-law.


Song Luan was silent for a long time after listening to it and looked stunned. He should be Huai Jin.

It was a good thing that he was still alive.

Song Luan laughed heartily, “I see. Thank you for telling me this.”

Ruan Sheng was very restrained and didn’t ask her much about it. They talked more before she went out.

Song Luan stood by the window for a long time. Her mind was wandering and no one could see what she was thinking.

Zhao Nanyu came into the room with the child in his arms. 

She looked at his bright eyes and curved mouth.

“What made you so happy?”

“I won’t tell you.”

If he didn’t want to say it, she wouldn’t ask.

The door was half open and the sunlight outside penetrated the room. The expression on the man’s face was very gentle, his eyebrows and eyes were picturesque, and there were no flaws in his white and pure face.

“How can you have the patience to hold Er Bao today?”

“In a good mood.”

Zhao Nanyu’s willfulness was reflected in his trivial life. When he was in a good mood, he would tease his son and would hug him generously. If he was in a bad mood, he certainly wouldn’t have any patience to coax the child.

“It’s strange that he didn’t cry when he was held by you.”

In the past, whenever Zhao Nanyu held him in his arms, Er Bao would always cry at the top of his voice.

Zhao Nanyu’s lips were crooked and he pinched his son’s round cheek. “It seems that he is also in a good mood today. “

“My son is drooling again. You’d better wipe it for him first. “

Zhao Nanyu was half dead in disgust and immediately put Er Bao in the cradle. He was afraid that his son’s saliva would stain his clothes. 

He frowned and wiped the corners of Er Bao’s mouth. He gave the child to little Zhao and asked him to play with his brother.

Little Zhao didn’t dislike his dirty younger brother.

The first thing he did whenever he came back from school was to go talk to his younger brother as if he could understand his brother’s babbling voice.

Song Luan sat in front of the dressing table and took down all the hairpins on her bun. Her skin was very fair and looked even fairer after putting on her make-up. Her face was very beautiful.

Zhao Nanyu suddenly appeared behind her and said with his usual voice, “I saw you being absent-minded when I came back.”

Song Luan opened her mouth and said, “Huai Jin seems to have looked for me.”

“Well, I know.”

Song Luan was surprised, “How can you know?”

Zhao Nanyu didn’t hide it from her and said directly, “There are servants outside the yard.” and said with a low smile, “He is also stupid. He climbs the wall every time. “

Song Luan nodded and agreed with him, “Yes, he’s very naive.”

She was encircled in his arms while she looked up at his chin. Her eyes gradually climbed up and fell into his cold and clear eyes. His eyes were deep as if there were much unspeakable sadness.

Song Luan raised her hand involuntarily and stroked his eyes. Zhao Nanyu did not stop her movement and stood still.

She thoughtlessly said, “This is fine now.”

She did have small regrets but didn’t want to dwell on it.

Zhao Nanyu understood what she said. He took her hand and said, “Yes.”

Just like she said…it’s good now.

They had decades more to go.

Zhao Nanyu’s eyes curled up, and suddenly held her face and put a kiss on her watery lip. She was very careful and regarded it as a treasure.

Song Luan’s face was buried in his neck socket, smelling the fresh fragrance from his body.

She held his clothes tightly with cool fingers and slowly said, “I never had a love affair with Huai Jin.”

She did not know why she wanted to explain to Zhao Nanyu.

She just felt that Zhao Nanyu’s sadness in his eyes was related to her.

Zhao Nanyu stopped for a moment and hugged her more forcefully, “Okay.”

Song Luan raised her head, raised her chin, looked at his eyes stupidly, and asked, “Then you shouldn’t be sad now, right?”

“No sad ah.”

Song Luan nodded and said, “I like to see you smile.”

Although she still didn’t have much deep love for Zhao Nanyu, she just wanted to see this man smiling. It’s as if he should be like this.

He should be a young man with a clear smile.

Song Luan thought that she probably had liked his smile before.

The two children on the soft bed were talking. Little Zhao worked hard to teach Er Bao to speak over and over again, but Er Bao only grinned at his brother foolishly.

Life was quiet and everything went well.

And she would stay with him forever in this life.

That’s good.

Whether she loves him or not, Zhao Nanyu still had a lifetime to wait for her answer.


T/N: Thank you so much for staying with me!! It was a great story <3…Please read the 19 extra chapters after this. It will be in the order of:

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