Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 91

Translated by: Tinker

Er Bao’s first word was “Brother”

Little Zhao loved his younger brother very much and naturally, spent more time by his side.

The two brothers were often together. Er Bao laid down while little Zhao sat beside him as he looked at his brother seriously.

The one-year-old child had learned to crawl long ago. Er Bao was lively and active again. He would sneak off behind people’s back and would roll down the bed.

Little Zhao took his brother’s small meaty leg, quietly and gently pulled him in. He looked at his brother carefully and said to him word per word, “You can’t climb down. You will fall..”

When Er Bao heard his brother talking to him, he clapped his hands.

Little Zhao thought that the younger brother hadn’t understood what he said, “It hurts if you fall.”

Er Bao still smiled at him.

Little Zhao frowned as if he had encountered a big problem. He felt that his brother was too stupid.

After sighing, little Zhao thought that if something would happen in the future, he would just help him.

Er Bao seemed reluctant to lie on the soft bed. He pouted his fat buttocks and kicked with his short white legs. He tried to climb down when his brother didn’t notice.

Er Bao tried his best to climb to the edge but was caught mercilessly by his brother.

He pinched his flesh face and said, “Why are you disobedient?”

As soon as Er Bao’s eyes turned red, he opened his mouth as if he would start crying.

Little Zhao’s fingers were still in Er Bao’s hand. His tone was a little helpless, “Do you want me to play with you? But I can’t accompany you for a long time, I still have homework.”

His father would check his homework every night. He couldn’t be vague or confused by this younger brother of his.

What could a one-year-old understand? Er Bao just wanted to play on the ground. If his brother didn’t obey him, he would show signs of crying.

Song Luan brought rice paste into the room. Looking at her sons’ two big and small eyes, she felt a little funny. She walked over with a soft voice, “What’s the matter?”

Little Zhao took his finger out of his brother’s hand. He said in a light tone that seemed to resemble a little like his father’s.”My brother wants to play on the ground.”

She replied while smiling, “Then put him on the ground.”


For the first time, he felt that his mother was a little unreliable. He said, “The ground is too dirty.”

Song Luan laughed. “You don’t have to worry about the floor blanket. I just washed it yesterday.”

Little Zhao lowered his eyes, a little reluctant. When Song Luan had teased her eldest son enough, she laughed and touched his cheek with her warm fingers, “Mother is just teasing you.”

Little Zhao’s ears flushed pink and the skin touched by his mother felt a little hot, but he still seriously explained, “I don’t want my brother to climb down. The ground is really dirty.”

“Well, well, mother knows.”

Song Luan picked up Er Bao and began to feed him rice paste.

However, the child liked to move around and babbled his mouth while being fed by the rice paste.

The spoon that Song Luan was holding was almost caught by his little hand. Although she had avoided it, the rice paste in the spoon accidentally got on her clothes.

Song Luan pointed at Er Bao’s nose with her finger. “How naughty.”

Little Zhao stood aside and carefully found a handkerchief. He wiped the rice paste on her sleeve and also did not forget to teach his brother, “No.”

Er Bao didn’t understand.

If he didn’t understand, he could do whatever he wanted.

So when Song Luan fed him the rice paste for the second time, Er Bao’s restless hand waved away again.

Little Zhao seemed to be angry and stared at his disobedient brother with a stinky face, “I told you no.”

Song Luan silently reminded him, “Your little brother…still doesn’t understand.”

Little Zhao looked at Er Bao obstinately. Then, he grasped his brother’s hand with little effort. “He understood.”

Little Zhao felt that his brother could understand.

Er Bao seemed to see that his brother’s face was a little fierce, so he pursed his lips and cried out loud.

Instead of coaxing him, little Zhao said fiercely, “Don’t cry.”

The pitch-black eyes of little Zhao stared straight at Er Bao.

Er Bao was frightened. His crying was held in his throat and swallowed it back.

Song Luan thought it’s very interesting to see the two of them. She smiled and continued to feed Er Bao the rice paste.

The boy had patted the spoon off several times before all because he still wanted to drink milk and didn’t want rice paste.

After a long time of tossing, she finally fed a small bowl of rice paste into the child’s stomach.

She then put Er Bao on the floor blanket and let him crawl.

Little Zhao hesitated to speak, “Mother..”

Song Luan knew what he wanted to say. She rubbed his son’s face and joked with him, “You know your brother is still young, and can only crawl on the ground.”

Little Zhao pursed his mouth and did not speak.

Er Bao was crawling happily on the ground. When he fell, he did not cry and quietly recovered his previous posture, then arched his small body forward.

When little Zhao saw Er Bao’s joyful appearance while playing, he had a headache. He didn’t understand…he was smart, his father was smart, but why was his brother so stupid?

He thought, maybe it was because his younger brother was more like their mother, so he was naive.

When Er Bao climbed to his brother’s leg, his pair of fleshy little hands suddenly hugged his wrists and looked back at him with his chubby face.

To be honest, little Zhao had a serious habit of cleanliness. When he looked at his brother’s hands touching the carpet, a trace of disgust flashed in his eyes, which was only for a fleeting moment.


He took Er Bao’s feet out lightly. His brother’s hands were a little dirty and couldn’t stand it.

With perseverance, Er Bao climbed forward with his buttocks pursed, and once again held his ankles with both hands.

Little Zhao looked at him and said, “Let go.”

The younger brother refused to listen to him. He even took his wrists as a toy and had the impulse to gnaw.

Little Zhao’s mood was not very good. He took back several steps because he couldn’t throw him away.

He then raised his eyes and turned to look at his mother. “Mother, my brother is too dirty.”

Song Luan squinted, “Don’t be afraid.”

Little Zhao was still not convinced. “Should I take my brother to wash his hands?”

Just as Song Luan was about to reply, Zhao Nanyu opened the bead curtain and came in. He looked at them and his silly son sitting on the carpet and asked, “Why is he sitting on the ground?”

Song Luan solemnly replied, “Children need to liberate their nature so that they will become smart in the future.”

Zhao Nanyu raised his eyebrows and said, “Is that right?”


Er Bao’s sight was immediately attracted by Zhao Nanyu’s leg. He released his brother’s wrist and climbed to his father’s leg and hugged it.

Zhao Nanyu moved his leg but didn’t kick him away.

“What’s wrong?” As he said this, he picked up the baby. Er Bao didn’t cry and even let him obediently hold him. He was lively, his slick eyes looked around while his hands were dancing in the air.

With a snap, Er Bao’s little hand patted his father’s lips.

Zhao Nanyu had no patience and lifted Er Bao’s little hand.

Little Zhao’s expression was complicated and hesitated to tell his father that his brother had just rubbed his hands on the floor blanket. He felt that after he would say it, his little brother would get punished.

When he was about to say it, his throat stopped.

Something was holding him from saying it.

However, Er Bao was addicted to playing with his hands on Zhao Nanyu’s face, forcing him to put it into his mouth.

Zhao Nanyu slapped him lightly on the back, “Be obedient.”

After he was hit, Er Bao was obedient.

Little Zhao thought that his brother would act naughty again, so he whispered, “Father, let me take my brother to wash his hands. He just rolled around on the ground and his hands are dirty.”

Zhao Nanyu’s face was gloomy.

Didn’t this baby just touch his face??

Little Zhao could already hold his younger brother skillfully. He washed his younger brother’s hand with warm water and used a handkerchief to wipe his fingers over and over again.

Little Zhao looked at Er Bao with satisfaction, and said in a happy mood, “You’re not dirty any more! And even smell good.”

Er Bao held his brother’s neck and uttered some simple syllables.

He didn’t know what he was muttering about.

Zhao Nanyu also had a smelly face. With a handkerchief, he wiped his face several times and the place that was touched by his son, but still felt he wasn’t clear yet.

Song Luan silently handed him a wet handkerchief and said, “Tt’s not so dirty.”

Zhao Nanyu’s throat strained, closed his jaw, and enunciated, “Little brat.”

Zhao Nanyu, with a painful expression, said to her, “You wipe it for me. If you don’t wipe it clean, my face will rot.”


“If it rots, I won’t look good.”


“Are you willing?”


He’s really good.

Song Luan took his handkerchief and wiped his face again. She sighed and asked, “Is it comfortable now?”

Zhao Nanyu tugged at her hand and let her sit on his legs. Their faces almost touched each other. 

He looked down at her. Song Luan’s long curled eyelashes were like small fans fluttering, her skin was pale, her cheeks were pink, and her ears were tinged with red.

Zhao Nanyu’s slender fingers rubbed around her neck. When he was ready to speak, little Zhao came back with Er Bao in her arms.

Song Luan got down from him and her small face was slightly hot. she didn’t like letting her children see this.

Er Bao held out his hand as if wanting her to hold him.

Zhao Nanyu was sitting on the chair. Although his face was not worried, there was a trace of impatience in his dark pupils.

Er Bao was not discouraged and still stretched out his fleshy hand in the air, “Yah yah”

When Zhao Nanyu’s body leaned forward, Er Bao’s hand suddenly grabbed his hair decisively. It looked like he just caught an interesting toy and dragged it down.


It hurt.

It really hurts.

He took a breath and wanted to kick this son out.



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