Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 92

Translated by: Tinker

Although Zhao Nanyu’s father didn’t like his son very much, he was surprisingly good to his two children.

Er Bao was cute. He was the favorite of the elders. He had a round, fleshy face that could pinch water. When people saw it, they couldn’t help but pinch it.

After a few years, no one knew when Zhao Sanye figured things out and accepted his fate. He didn’t dislike Zhao Nanyu as much as before. However, it’s hard to say how much he liked his son.

Occasionally, Er Bao would be brought back to Zhao’s house by Zhao Sanye to meet his elders and recognize his relatives, so that the child would recognize his grandmothers and grandfathers in the future.

Naturally, Song Luan was reluctant for them to take her child back, but she couldn’t open her mouth. After all, it was not too much.

Er Bao stayed there for one night.

Zhao Nanyu was eager for his father to take Er Bao away. The child only knew how to eat and sleep. As a one-year-old, he was ignorant and had learned to play tricks. He would stick to his mother away all the time.

At night, he would make a lot of noise so he could sleep with his mother.

Little Zhao didn’t see his brother when he came home from school. He asked, feeling it was a bit strange, “Mother, where’s brother?”

Song Luan was still tossing the bonsai on the windowsill. She saw little Zhao and narrowed her eyes, “Your brother was held by your grandfather to play.”

Song Luan added, “If you were at home, grandfather would take you together with Er Bao.”

He sat on the chair silently. After a while, he said in a very low voice, “I don’t want to go back. “

Song Luan asked, “Don’t you like grandfather?”

He shook his head and replied, “No.”

He just didn’t like the younger brother and sister of the second aunt’s family. It’s too noisy. They were not as cute as Er Bao.

Song Luan touched his face. “If you don’t want to go back, no one will force you. It’s okay.”

After little Zhao finished his homework, he was still absent-minded and couldn’t help asking, “Mother, when will brother come back?”

“He’ll be back tomorrow.”

“Oh.” The expression on his face seemed to be disappointed.

To make him happy, Song Luan hugged him and placed him on her lap. She kissed him on his face again and again. You only have your brother in your heart and not your mother?”

The child had not been held by her for a long time. His ears were pink and his face was a little hot, “No. I like both of you.”

Song Luan liked to tease his serious son who had a red face. She said, “I thought that you didn’t like mother anymore.”

Little Zhao said he couldn’t and simply pursed his tight mouth. His small head gently laid on her shoulder.


Without Er Bao, the night wouldn’t be so lively.

Song Luan’s hair was half dry. She sat on the bedside, lazily looking at the paintings in her hand to pass time.

After taking a bath, Zhao Nanyu came out from the inside. His skin was very white, his dark hair fell lazily on his back, his eyes were slightly lifted, and his cool noble spirit showed a trace of magnificence.

Song Luan retracted her eyes and continued to look at the paintings in her hand.

The man went to her side, lifted his hand, and took away the painting. He chuckled, “Er Bao is not here. The room is much quieter. “

Song Luan also admitted that he was not wrong. Er Bao would toss and babble at night, always waking them up.

These past months, they would wake up in the middle of the night and would see Er Bao crying.

It seemed that his crying would not stop if his mother wouldn’t come to hold him.

Song Luan stretched out, “I don’t know if he is accustomed to sleeping there tonight.”

Zhao Nanyu took off his clothes in front of her and went to bed. He laughed and said, “He should be accustomed. It’s better to let him suffer a little bit.”

At first, little Zhao didn’t sleep with his parents for a few days after he was born. He slept in the same room with his father before he was two years old, but after he turned three, he slept by himself already.

Little Zhao was sensible and obedient, while the younger brother was mischievous.

Song Luan snorted, “Why do you care about this kind of thing for a child?”

Zhao Nanyu squinted, his expression was not good, “Who let him have all the good things?”

Cried for a whole day. He only knew how to cry.

If his father wouldn’t come, he wouldn’t cry, but when he would, Er Bao’s tears would fly out, it’s as if he lost all the money in the world.

The maidservant would always knock on their doors several times saying that Er Bao was crying again, making a fuss for his mother to hold him.

Zhao Nanyu got out of bed gnashing his teeth. He opened the door with a black face. After listening to the cry of the baby for a moment, his throat felt strained.

Zhao Nanyu had no choice but to carry him into the room.

As long as Song Luan appeared in the child’s eyes, he would stop crying. She took Er Bao, put the baby in her arms, and gently coaxed him to sleep.

This had happened more than once.

It’s no wonder that Zhao Nanyu had resentment.

“Let’s not talk about the child.” Zhao Nanyu said as he untied her belt and gently pulled it. He did not know where to throw the light ribbon in his hand.

Song Luan shrunk her shoulders and her eyes were full of worry. She was still thinking about her child and asked, “What if Er Bao bothers them?”

Zhao Nanyu did not know when he tore off her clothes. He clasped hands on the head of the bed and his lips were slightly hooked. He casually said, “Don’t worry. He is very clever.”

Zhao Nanyu gazed at her face, his adam’s apple rolled, and his eyes were deep. He suddenly lowered his head and bit her white neck as he continued to coax her, “besides, he has a good brother over there.”

Song Luan knew who he was talking about–Zhao Wenyan’s child, who was born a few months ago, was also a boy. He didn’t like to talk and only looked at people with his cute eyes.

After seeing this brother only twice, Er Bao was generous to share his toys with him. It could be seen that he liked this younger brother in his heart.

When a man is restrained for too long, once it’s opened, they’re out of control.

Song Luan didn’t know what he had said in the middle of the night. She was tortured by Zhao Nanyu that even if she wanted to sleep, she couldn’t.


Zhao Nanyu not only used more methods in bed but also added more dirty words. He also whispered in her ears several times and said shameless things.

The next day, of course, Song Luan got up late. She had back pain, her skin felt tender, and her shoulder had a lot of blue and purple marks.

Song Luan slowly got up from the bed, but the man who worked hard last night didn’t feel anything. He looked refreshed, and Song Luan felt it was unfair.

It happened that on this day, little Zhao didn’t need to go to school. He took his previous homework to his father and stood in front of him with his head down.

Zhao Nanyu turned page by page. After reading all of them, he said, “Very good.”

Little Zhao was not arrogant and impetuous. Even when he got his father’s praise, he did not show a smile while his small face was tensely tight as he straightened back.

Song Luan always felt that Zhao Nanyu was too strict with their eldest son. She couldn’t bear it and took the child’s hand and asked in a warm voice, “Is there anything you want to eat?”

She was free today, and it was just in time for their next meal.

Little Zhao subconsciously looked up at his father’s expression and then dared to ask carefully, “Mom, I want to eat your glutinous rice cake.”

Song Luan said with a smile, “Okay, I’ll cook it for you this lunch.”

She was a good cook, and little Zhao wasn’t picky, so as long as it’s something she made by herself, he’ll eat it up.

Zhao Nanyu was half bathed in the sun and his beautiful eyes narrowed slightly. “Luan Bao, I want to eat dumplings.”

Song Luan smiled at him and replied kindly, “If you want to eat, you can make it yourself.”. After a pause, she said, “You don’t have to make it yourself. If you go down, someone in the kitchen will bring it to you.”

Although Song Luan scolded Zhao Nanyu, she still cooked a bowl of dumplings for Zhao Nanyu.

Little Zhao ate the glutinous rice cake cleanly, and not a piece of it was left.

Song Luan was afraid that eating a lot of food would not be good for the child, so she let him walk around the house two times.

In the afternoon, when the sun was at its best, Zhao Nanyu leaned lazily against the soft bed, holding a book in his hand, but hadn’t turned a page for a long time.

Song Luan and little Zhao were sitting opposite each other, playing Go.

The woman’s face looked troubled as she held the white piece in her hand. She then finally placed it on the top of the chessboard after a long time.

Her lower lip bled after she bit it.

Zhao Nanyu’s heart moved. He got up lazily, walked behind her, and held her little hand to set the pieces down. “It should be here.”

Song Luan was smiling at first but then stopped. She pushed him back with her elbow. “A true gentleman can watch people play chess without speaking.”

Zhao Nanyu raised his eyebrows. “I am a hypocrite.”

Song Luan choked. He said this so rightfully with confidence!

Little Zhao looked at his mother and sighed. His mother’s chess skills had not improved much, he could win her without much effort.

Unlike every time he played chess with his father, he never won.

Little Zhao already secretly gave away several chess pieces, if the mother still loses, she would be very sad.

He said, “Mother, my eyes are a little sour. Can we play this next time?”

Song Luan refused without even thinking about it, “No, we have to finish this.”

Little Zhao secretly looked at his father.

Zhao Nanyu put his hand on her shoulder and said in a slow voice, “The chess game can be saved. It’s okay if you continue playing tomorrow.”

By tomorrow, Song Luan might have forgotten already.

Song Luan didn’t seem to hear him. She was completely immersed in her world. 

Her stare in the chessboard could make out a hole. She felt strange and murmured, “I’ve won against Zhao Nanyu. How can I not win against my own son?!”

This was not reasonable.

She suddenly realized something and turned around to glare at the ‘innocent’ man. “Did you deliberately let me win?”

Zhao Nanyu lied without changing his face, “I didn’t.”



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