Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 93

Translated by: Tinker

The Zhao family sent Er Bao back the next evening.

Third lady Zhao got out of the carriage with Er Bao in her arms. The child leaned against her shoulder, his eyes were red, and he seemed to have cried a lot.

Er Bao could recognize people already. When he saw his mother, he immediately became active. He called out and his two small arms extended to his mother, demanding her to hold him.

Song Luan caught him in a hurry, so Er Bao stopped calling.

Third lady Zhao laughed. “The child cried so much last night that we originally planned for Zhao Sanye to send someone to return Er Bao, but Zhao Sanye didn’t agree. Fortunately, Er Bao already fell asleep.”

Song Luan pinched his son’s face. “He’s too noisy.”

Third lady Zhao looked at Er Bao lovingly and said with a smile, “It’s okay in the daytime. I had a good time with Er Bao. The old lady and the old master like Er Bao very much, saying that he looks smart.”

After a while, she went on to say, “Zhao Sanye also asked about little Zhao.”

After Zhao Sanye retired from court affairs, the whole person was more open-minded and was more interested in children than before.

Song Luan replied following her words: “Little Zhao could have gone with Er Bao, but he still had to go to school. He couldn’t go there until his vacation.”

Song Luan didn’t want to force little Zhao if he wasn’t willing.

“It must be very lively at home.”


Third lady Zhao stayed and had dinner before returning. Zhao Nanyu didn’t hate his stepmother now, not like before, but he also wasn’t close to her.

Er Bao seemed to be afraid of leaving his mother. He grabbed her by the collar the whole night and dared not let it go. However, whenever anyone approached him and wanted to hold him, Er Bao would shake his head vigorously.

Little Zhao wanted to hug his younger brother, and after being rejected, he looked down and ate silently.

Song Luan asked, “What’s wrong?”

“My brother doesn’t like me anymore.” He said softly, with deep sadness in his words.

His younger brother used to like being held by him, but tonight he wouldn’t allow him to hold him.

Song Luan listened to his childish words and laughed.

Little Zhao’s voice was very small. If she didn’t listen carefully, she wouldn’t be able to hear him. “I won’t let him go back in the future.”

He was no longer close to his brother.

Song Luan comforted him and said, “Your brother will want to play with you again tomorrow.”

He said a bit aggrieved, “I’m going to school tomorrow.”

He had to write his homework once he came back, so he couldn’t play with his brother.

Song Luan touched his face. “It will be okay.”

Little Zhao looked at her and his younger brother, “It doesn’t matter. I can accompany my brother after I finish my homework. “

“When your brother is older, you two will be able to sleep together.”

It’s good for two brothers to be intimate.

In the future, if Er Bao would act naughty, little Zhao would be there to discipline him.

At night, Zhao Nanyu saw the child lying in his position. He raised his eyebrows, pointed to Er Bao, and asked, “Why is he in my bed?”

Song Luan came over with another quilt and said, “Er Bao is sleeping with us tonight. “

Zhao Nanyu said, “No way.”

Song Luan thought for a moment and said, “Okay. I’ll sleep with Er Bao. You can sleep alone.”

Zhao Nanyu poked his son in the stomach and said, “Forget it. Let him sleep on his own tonight. Don’t spoil him.”

Er Bao was only over one year old.

And Zhao Nanyu could say such a thing.


On the first day of snow, the market streets of Daliang were very busy. All kinds of craftsmen appeared on both sides of the street.

Zhao Nanyu didn’t want to see her around the child, so he took her out to play and gave the child to grandma Lin.

Song Luan wore a pink cloak outside. Her skin was fair and powdery. She had flower ornaments on her hair and when she took a step, the ornament would shake.

She looked like a maiden who hadn’t been married yet.

Zhao Nanyu wore dark clothes and held her hand tightly for fear of losing her.

Song Luan was holding an oil paper umbrella in her hand.

Zhao Nanyu took the oil paper umbrella in her hand and said, “Come here.”

He opened the oil paper umbrella and held it on her head.

After a short walk, Song Luan felt that someone was looking at them. She was shy and timid and gently tugged at his clothes.

Zhao Nanyu turned aside, lifted his lips, and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Song Luan stood on tiptoe and whispered in his ear, “Put away the umbrella.”

“You don’t want the umbrella?”


Only the two of them were holding umbrellas in this whole street, which made them look strange.

Zhao Nanyu laughed, “Okay.”

Song Luan was dazzled by all kinds of small things in the street. She didn’t feel tired while she was wandering around the stalls.


All of a sudden, Song Luan saw the figure not far away. She poked Zhao Nanyu’s waist with her finger and asked, “Is that Commande Gu?”

With a long sword pinned to his waist and a cold line on his side face, Song Luan could feel the chill radiating off his body.

Zhao Nanyu looked in the direction of her fingers. After a glance, he could already recognize him, “Well, it’s him.”

Song Luan was going to pretend that she didn’t see, while Zhao Nanyu walked away in a lowkey manner. However, Commander Gu seemed to notice them. He turned around and his eyes were shining. Then no one knew what he said to the girl in front of him because they saw the beautiful girl leaving with tears.

Gu Yan hesitated for a moment, then walked forward a few steps, “Lord Zhao.” 

Seeing Song Luan beside him, he didn’t know what to call her.

Gu Yan heard that Song Luan didn’t like to be called Madam Zhao. When the emperor was still alive and her father was very popular, others called her Third lady Song in private.

Now, the Song family was gone, but Gu Yan was not sure whether she would get angry if he would address Mrs. Zhao in front of her?

On second thought, what does Song Luan have to do with him?

Gu Yan said to Song Luan without expression, “Madam Zhao.”

Song Luan thinks that she is very curious. She smiles at Gu Yan for the first time. “Gu Tongling, is that girl just now? “

Song Luan considered herself a very curious person. She smiled at Gu Yan for an unprecedented time, “Commander Gu, who is that girl just now?”

Gu Yan frowned, and before he made a voice, Zhao Nanyu took the initiative to answer for him, “That’s Commander Gu’s fiancee.”

When Song Luan saw Gu Yan last time, he didn’t seem to have a girl. At that time, Zhao Nanyu laughed at him with a very ironic tone, saying that Gu Yan was nearly 30 years old and had not yet married.

She didn’t expect that the selfless commander would have finished his life in a few months.

She didn’t expect that this iron-faced and the selfless commander could finish the important milestones of life within a few months.

“Congratulations to Commander Gu.”

It seemed that Gu Yan was not very satisfied with the marriage. He was cold faced to the beautiful girls and he left them all crying.

Gu Yan’s face was light. “I’d like to thank Mrs. Zhao first.”

Holding her finger, Zhao Nanyu said to Gu Yan, “Commander Gu, don’t forget to invite us if the marriage date is fixed.”

Gu Yan tightened his back and no one could see the expression on his face. He said in a cold voice, “Naturally.”

“I have something else to do. Goodbye.”

Song Luan looked at Gu Yan’s back in silence and said, “In fact, Commander Gu’s appearance is also every girl’s favorite.”

He was tall.

Zhao Nanyu thought deeply, “Is that right?”

“Hiss.” her fingers were pinched by him. It hurt a little.

“You let go of my hand. It hurts.”

Zhao Nanyu loosened his strength but did not let her go. Instead, he continued, “Gu Yan is very fierce. The little girl is afraid of seeing him. No wonder no one has been willing to marry him for so many years.”

All of these were Zhao Nanyu’s bullshit.

Although Gu Yan was a bit fierce and cold tempered, many girls wanted to marry him in these years. He had a distinguished family and a high position, so there was nothing to dislike.

Song Luan pondered, “Maybe. I feel sorry for his fiancee now. It seems that Gu Yan doesn’t like her very much.”

And Gu Yan was not the type of man that would love girls. His words were few and his personality was dull.

Zhao Nanyu asked curiously, “How do you know?”

Song Luan winked at him, “Is it necessary to ask? I can tell whether someone likes a person or not.”

They couldn’t hide it if there was love in their eyes.

Zhao Nanyu was stunned for a moment. Then he gave her a brilliant smile. His dark pupils looked at her straight, and his voice was rusty. “Do you see anything in my eyes?”

She was the only one left in his eyes.

No one could resist Zhao Nanyu’s affectionate eyes. The temperature on Song Luan’s face slowly rose. She was embarrassed and avoided his sight. “I, I, I can’t see.”

“I am blind!

“Yes, yes, yes, I am blind!”

Zhao Nanyu pulled her into his arms. The white snow fell on her. He lifted his hand to brush the snow from her body, almost biting her ear. “You’re in my eyes.”

She was not only in his eyes but also in his heart.

Song Luan blushed and stammered, “I, I, I am also deaf.”

What he said…she couldn’t hear.

Zhao Nanyu rarely said these words. Although it was sweet, it was also very shameful.

Fortunately, Zhao Nanyu didn’t intend to go on, “Come on, don’t you want to eat Xuji’s chestnut? You won’t be able to buy it later.”

Song Luan was led forward by him in a trance. She looked up at the man in front of her. He has excellent facial features and every part of his body is her favorite.

Perhaps, there was her presence in his eyes.

Song Luan followed him like a little tail. His body covered more than half of the falling snow for her. 

She said, “I still want to eat rose cakes.”

“Let’s buy it back together.”

Song Luan licked her lips and said, “Let’s buy more. Little Zhao loves it.”

“He can’t eat too many sweets. His teeth will hurt.”

Song Luan murmured in a low voice, “When can I eat them all alone…”

“Yes, I will only give it to you.”

Zhao Nanyu was very stingy. He refused to let his son have it.



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