Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 94

Translated by: Tinker

When Er Bao was three years old, he was already a very naughty child. His mouth was as sweet as honey, unlike his elder brother. He was so sweet and charming whenever people met him. The elders all liked him. Besides, Er Bao was fat and white. He was very cute when he laughed. People could not help but love him.

Song Luan was also very fond of Er Bao. The child was very clingy to her. If she didn’t coax him at night, Er Bao could never sleep well.

Zhao Nanyu was used to his stinky habit. Er Bao’s tears may be useful to others, but they did not affect the front of his cold-blooded and merciless father.

When Er Bao couldn’t see his mother, he would cry. At this time, Zhao Nanyu would just sit by and watch him cry.

After crying and howling for a long time and noticing that he hadn’t attracted his mother, Er Bao would then stop. He immediately stopped crying. He didn’t squeeze a drop of tears and climbed into bed with his buttocks pursed. He took off his clothes, covered himself with a quilt, turned his back on his father, and snorted with disdain.

Zhao Nanyu walked over and pinched his ear mercilessly, smiling.”Why didn’t you keep crying? How can you be willing to stop when the drama is only half-finished?”

Er Bao was caught by his collar and his neck was very uncomfortable. He tried to kick him with his short legs. However, his legs were too short to hurt Zhao Nanyu. He was very angry and looked very fierce. “I want to tell my mother wuwuwu…”

Song Luan already went to bed early. If not, Zhao Nanyu would not dare to blatantly clean up his son.

He laughed. “Go ahead and see if your mother can hear you?”

Er Bao was very hard to coax when he got angry. He stared at his father furiously with his black and white eyes! “Help! It’s murder!”

“Mother, help me!!”

As soon as Zhao Nanyu’s hand released him, the little fat man was left on the bed. He lazily watched his son’s performance. “Even when your voice gets hurt, no one will come to save you.”

Er Bao was nestled in the quilt, only the upper half of his face was exposed. “I must not be your child. You don’t love me at all. “

Zhao Nanyu didn’t know what was going on in his mind. He glanced at the child and said, “I did not give birth to you. You came out of your mother’s stomach.”

Er Bao said, “Then go away and give me my father who will love me and tolerate me.”

Zhao Nanyu pinched the quilt carefully for him and said with a smile, “Go to bed early and don’t think about sleeping with your mother in the future. It’s impossible.”

Er Bao whispered to himself, “That’s not possible.”

Zhao Nanyu heard it but he didn’t care.


Besides Song Luan, Little Zhao was probably the second who loved Er Bao the most

He not only taught him to read and write but also brought him pastries every day after school. But, the three-year-old Er Bao didn’t seem to like playing with his brother very much.

Little Zhao was still a little sad to see that his brother was reluctant to get close to him, but his emotions had always been very restrained and did not show it.

After returning home from school, he saw his brother holding the tree stump in the yard and tried hard to climb up. His white face was somehow rubbed with dirt.

He walked over and took his brother down from the tree. He gently patted the dust off his body and said in a gentle tone, “How can you make yourself so dirty?”

Er Bao moved in his arms and said, “Let me go down, brother.”

He patted his little head and said, “Go ahead and wash your dirty face.”

Er Bao also knew that his brother liked being clean, so he said, “Okay.”

When they entered the house, little Zhao let his servants draw water. After wiping Er Bao’s face, he was satisfied.

“You look good this way.”

“Brother, you let me down.”

Little Zhao pursed his lip and loosened Er Bao. Before he could say anything, his younger brother pedaled his short legs to run to the courtyard again.

When Song Luan entered the room, little Zhao was doing his homework. He seemed to be in a low mood, lowering his eyes and saying nothing.

Song Luan went over and asked, “Little Zhao, why is the sky so unhappy today? Was it scolded by its husband?”

Song Luan rarely saw him showing his emotions.

He put down his pen and looked up at his mother. There was a trace of injustice in his voice. “I don’t think my brother likes me very much.”

His brother refused to let him hug him and didn’t want to play with him.

“Why doesn’t Er Bao like you? He’s just a little playful.” Seeing that he was depressed, Song Luan continued to comfort him, “You are five years older than him. You have to go to school on weekdays, and there is no one in the family to play with him.”

Little Zhao was silent for a long time, “It’s not really because he doesn’t like me?”

Song Luan knew that he was sensitive in mind. If she didn’t make it clear, it would get into the top of his head. 

She said, “Of course not. He is afraid to sleep alone at night. If you accompany him, he will not be afraid.”

Little Zhao was moved by his words and he felt less uncomfortable, “I will tell him a story tonight.”

When he was very young, his father used to tell him stories.

Maybe tomorrow Er Bao would let him hug him again.

As the mother and son were talking, Er Bao was carried by the neck into the room by Zhao Nanyu.

The child’s hands were full of mud. He was very uncomfortable as he was thrown into the house. His face was full of anger, “Mother, father bullied me again.”

Song Luan exclaimed, “How can you make your hands so dirty?”

Er Bao’s eyes turned quickly. His dark eyes turned around as he hid his hand behind his back. “There’s an ant nest under the big tree. I can’t help but dig it out. I didn’t mean to…”.

As soon as he finished speaking, he turned his angry eyes to Zhao Nanyu, and pretended to cry twice, “Dad wants to strangle me. Yes, he just wanted to strangle me.”

Young master Zhao was also a good accuser. He dared to open his eyes and talk nonsense in front of his father. Er Bao wanted to go up and hold his mother’s legs and look. 

He silently stepped back two steps and thought he had made a good suggestion: “Mother, let’s throw away father. He is too bad.”

Zhao Nanyu’s eyebrows leaped, and with a cold smile, he said darkly, “If you have the ability, you can say it again.”

Er Bao raised his face without fear, “I and my mother don’t want you anymore.”

His little white hand then pointed to the door, “You go on your own, don’t let us drive you out. “

Song Luan and little Zhao couldn’t help but look at him.


Zhao Nanyu sneered and said, “I think I owe you a beating.”

Er Bao hid behind his mother since his father was still a little fierce.

Little Zhao took a few steps forward, pinched his brother’s wrist, and whispered, “I’ll take you to wash your hands. “

At this time, Er Bao was very obedient and followed behind his brother. He didn’t dare to say any unnecessary words. He was afraid that his father would beat him up.

Zhao Nanyu sighed softly, “If only it had been a daughter.”

Song Luan pretended to be stupid and looked down. “Well, both sons and daughters are good.”

In recent years, Zhao Nanyu had said this more than once. Zhao Wenyan, his younger brother, had a daughter last year. Zhao Nanyu never stopped thinking of having a daughter.

Zhao Nanyu said, It doesn’t matter. We follow what we want and don’t force it.”

Song Luan was stupid to believe his words. However, in her heart, Song Luan also wanted a daughter. When she held Ruan Sheng’s daughter last time, her heart melted. The little girl yawned lovely and was very fragrant.

When Er Bao saw her holding the sister, he lost her temper. The child’s heart was as small as his father’s, and his family and outsiders were separated.

In the evening, the husband and wife were lying in bed talking. Zhao Nanyu took her shoulder and said slowly, “Ah Yan’s daughter started calling people by their names a few days ago.”

Song Luan was a little sleepy and her eyes were half squinting. She reluctantly regained her spirits and said, “I remember that the child is very beautiful and her smile is sweet. “

Zhao Nanyu looked at her delicate and smooth skin, his fingers gradually went downward, as he said, “Yes.”

Song Luan then said, “When I’m free, I’ll go to see her and give her a set of jewelry that my mother gave me before. Although she’s still young and doesn’t know beauty or ugliness, if this lovely little girl was my daughter, I’d dress her up pretty every day.”

Zhao Nanyu had quietly untied her dress belt. With his hands on her waist, it seemed that he was not listening to her, “Well, you can make your own decision.”

The atmosphere seemed to become ambiguous.

Song Luan couldn’t go on anymore, her ears were already hot. “I’m… I’m sleepy.”

Zhao Nanyu couldn’t force her, “Then go to sleep.”

The two of them slept together.

In the middle of the night, Song Luan hugged his waist and naturally went into his arms and fell asleep

Zhao Nanyu woke up at dawn. He got out of bed swiftly, opened the window, and looked at the sky. There were still snowflakes floating outside. He didn’t know when the snow would stop.

The yard had turned white from snow.

Zhao Nanyu remembered how excited she was to see snow every year. Like a child, she went back to make a snowman with little Zhao.

After a while, he closed the window.

When the servant girl heard the noise, she came in with water to serve. Zhao Nanyu waved his hand and lowered his voice. “Go out, you don’t have to wait for us.”

He went back to bed again, looked down at the sleeping woman, and pressed her to his arms in silence. Whether the sleeping woman could hear her or not, he whispered in her ear with a smile, “I’ll take you to make a snowman later.”

Song Luan moved for a moment. He almost thought she was going to wake up. It turned out that she just wanted a more comfortable position. She muttered two words before falling asleep again.

Zhao Nanyu continued in a low voice, “When you wake up and see that it’s still snowing, you will be very happy.”

He was very happy.



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