Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 95

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The little princess and the prince of Southwest had known each other since childhood. Every year when the Southwest king sends people back to the capital to pay tribute, the little prince would go back with the tribute team. He was beautiful ever since he was a child. When he was five or six years old, he met the princess. When he was seven or eight years old, he began visiting the capital alone.

The princess had a delicate temper because growing up, she had been raised in the palm of the emperor’s hand. The scene where she and the Southwest prince met for the first time was not very good. The little white cat that her prince brother gave her disappeared somehow.

The little princess liked the cat very much. If the queen didn’t scold her, she would sleep with the white cat every day. The people in the palace had looked up and down, but they hadn’t found it.

It was winter at that time. The weather was cold, so she was afraid that the cat would freeze to death, and that some palace ladies and eunuchs with short eyes would kill the cat.

The little princess sneaked out of the palace and went to the royal garden to look for the cat. She couldn’t find the cat, however, she saw a young boy with red lips and white teeth in the royal garden. He stood wearing a pure white cloak like a fairy in the snow.

The little princess stared at him as she asked, “Who are you? Why haven’t I seen you in the palace before?”

The young master seemed reluctant to pay attention to her. The little princess guessed that he didn’t know her identity, otherwise he would not dare to ignore her words.

She was a little annoyed. “Why don’t you talk!?”

The boy still did not say a word, his lips slightly pursed up, as if reluctant to pay attention to her, and even after hearing her voice, he turned to the opposite side.

Because of this, the little princess was angrier. No one dared to do this to her.

“Do you know who I am?! I tell you, I am…”

The boy didn’t even listen to her. He left and didn’t turn his head.

The little princess didn’t know what she was doing, but she knew that she didn’t want to see him leave. She carried her skirt and dashed up. The road was slippery because of the snow. When her feet slipped, she instantly fell to the ground. Her posture looked very embarrassing since her hands subconsciously hugged his legs.

The boy in front of her stopped, looked down at her with his two eyes in silence, and then took out his legs in silence.

The little princess thought he was mocking her. Was he laughing at her?

She was strong enough to get up from the ground. She patted the snow on her body twice and three times before saying, “You’re intolerable.” Then she grabbed his arm and said angrily, “Stop! Where are you going?! Are you laughing at this princess?”

“Princess?” He was a little surprised, but the expression on his face was a little light.

The little princess raised her neck and looked up, “Yes, I’m not a person that anyone dares to offend. If you offend me, I’ll let the prince take care of you tomorrow.”

She was just talking nonsense with her mouth, bluffing, to scare him.

“What? You’re scared, aren’t you?” The little princess looked at him and said, “Tell me who you are, and I will let my brother let you go.”

The boy tightly pursed the corners of his lips. Even though he knew she was a princess, his mood did not change much.

In the past, others rushed to flatter this little princess, but this time, she had given up her face and even failed to ask his name.

Before leaving, the boy pointed to the hairpin on her head, his voice was shallow when he said, “Your hairpin is crooked.”

She blushed hard and bashfully panicked. She did not expect to lose such a big face in front of a person she did not know.

The people in the palace were looking for her. When they saw her coming back safe and sound, they kneeled on the ground with a thump and trembled, “Princess, where have you been?”

“I went out for a walk.”

The old servant’s face was white. Fortunately, the princess came back safely. If something happened, they would all lose their heads.

“Your cat was found, but when Grandpa Li found it…”

The little princess asked, What’s wrong with the cat?”

The old servant gnawed her teeth and said, “It froze to death behind the rocks.”

Although the cat had not been with her for a long time, the little princess still felt very sad. Her eyes were red. “I want to see.”


The old servant replied, “The prince has asked the servants to bury the cat.”

After hearing this, the little princess was sadder. She wiped away her tears and ran to find her prince brother.

The elder brother was several years older than her. He was a tall and straight young man with slender stature and a beautiful appearance. He looked at his sister who was crying and lowered his voice and asked, “What’s the matter?”

The little princess sobbed, “My cat is dead.”

The prince touched her head and lovingly said, “Don’t cry. Tomorrow brother will give you a more obedient one.”

But she didn’t want it anymore. She shook her head and said, “I don’t want it anymore.”

The little princess grabbed her brother’s wide sleeve and wiped away her tears. She hiccuped and asked, “I saw a boy as old as me in the imperial garden today. He is so beautiful, but he won’t even tell me his name. Do you know him, brother?”

The prince pondered for a moment, “A boy?”

She nodded heavily, “Mm-hmm, taller than me, and very fair as if he was shining. He didn’t like to talk and didn’t pay attention to me.”

The prince thought about it carefully, and already knew who she was referring to. Earlier today, the queen of Southwest took her son into the palace. He had seen the little prince several times before. He was young and had a calm personality. He didn’t like to talk much and was cold-blooded.

He looked at his sister complicatedly, “I know.”

The southwest king’s son and his sister’s engagement had been made since childhood. The marriage was proposed by his mother. Naturally, the southwest king did not dare to disagree.

If the prince was not controlled, it would bring a great disaster in the future.

The little princess looked at her elder brother. There was a sense of urgency in her voice. “Who is he?”

The prince said, “The youngest son of the Southwest king. He will go back tomorrow.”

The little princess had heard of the Southwest king. He guarded the border area and hadn’t returned to the capital for a long time.

The proud boy she saw was the son of Southwest king.

No wonder he ignored her.


The next afternoon, the emperor and queen personally sent the Southwest queen to the gate of the city. The little prince stood upright beside his mother with no expression.

The queen led the little princess to her and said with a smile, “Have these two children met yet? In a few years, Ah Yu will come again to the capital. This time, he came and will leave in a hurry. There was no time to introduce the two children to each other. “


The little princess was also a little embarrassed. Today, the queen dressed her up beautifully and her jewelry was shining with gold.

The Southwest prince looked at her and said, “We have seen each other.”

The queen was surprised, “Is that right? When did you see each other?”

“She fell down and threw herself at my feet.”

It was short and concise. There were no redundant words.

When the little princess’s embarrassing scene was told in public, she naturally became angry. She wanted to smile at him, but when it became like this, she refused to laugh. 

She complained to her mother, sobbing. “I fell and he didn’t even help me…”

The Southwest queen laughed awkwardly, touched her son’s head, and whispered, “Don’t do this in the future.”

The youngest son in the palace had such a temperament.

He wouldn’t help his cousin when he fell, let alone the little princess whom he had never met.

The Southwest prince hummed.

The queen laughed and said, “How can there be anger among the children? There’s no harm.”

The carriage arrived early. The little princess watched the beautiful boy climb on the horse’s back with her own eyes. He seemed to look back at her coldly.

The little princess reacted quickly–she glared at him and made a big face.



It had been several years since the little princess saw the boy again. She grew from a little girl to a beautiful lady. Her greatest joy every day was to sneak out of the palace in her brother’s clothes.

Her brother’s clothes on her, of course, would be very big. She would be found out by the guards. Later, the little princess learned to be clever. She stole the prince’s token instead of her brother’s clothes.

If she took the token, she could get out of the palace.

The 14-year-old princess was very beautiful. She had bright eyes and bright teeth. She had a sweet smile and her eyes were full of freshwater.

Her engagement with the Southwest prince had been announced to the public. People in the capital also knew that the Southwest prince had set out from the Southwest border to get married.

The little princess was the apple of the emperor’s eye. Since she grew up in a honey jar, everyone guessed that the marriage would be very grand.

But the little princess, who was about to become a bride, was not very happy and felt very dejected.

Her prince brother met her and asked, “Why are you so depressed these days? Who has provoked our royal highness?”

She bowed her face and kicked the pebble under her feet and said, “Father and mother are so bad. They didn’t ask me for my opinion and found me a husband of whom I have never seen before.”

She was worried about what to do if her husband was ugly and fat?

The prince laughed, thinking that his sister’s memory was really bad. “You have seen him.”

The little princess glared with her round her eyes. “When?”

“Have you forgotten? It’s the young boy who ignored you.”

Only when she was reminded by her brother did she remember that there was such a person.

In the capital, many people doted on her–her uncles, cousins, and her father had never neglected her.

She vaguely remembered that he seemed to be a good-looking boy.

“Oh. “The tip of his ear was pink. “I remember him.”

He was beautiful, delicate, and full of dignity at a young age.

The prince was also very reluctant to part with his sister. “He arrived in the capital a few days ago and lives in the post house. I went to see him and he looked very good.”

The little princess poked her finger. “But he doesn’t like me.”

If she remembered correctly, that person would not even talk to her.


The prince laughed. “Ah Luan is so lovely that no one will not like you.”

When they get married in the future, the Southwest prince would stay in the capital. He would let him bully his sister.

Over the years, the southwest King’s power gradually expanded, and he refused to hand over his military power. If it were not for the serious hidden danger, the marriage between the Southwest king’s son and his sister wouldn’t happen.

The little princess was easily flattered and thought the same way.

She was such a good person. After he lived with her for a long time, this future husband of her would surely love her.

The smile on the little princess’s face suddenly brightened up, “Brother, I’ll go find him now!”



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