Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 96

Translated by: Tinker

The little princess ran out like a gust of wind. The prince couldn’t stop him. He told the guards to follow her closely behind her to protect her safety.

After leaving the palace, the little princess found that she didn’t know which post station the Southwest prince lived in. She was in such a hurry that she forgot to ask her brother.

But she had already run out of the palace. If she went back so disheartened, she wouldn’t feel fulfilled. After wandering around the street two times, she still couldn’t find out his whereabouts. She was a little frustrated.

As it was getting late, the bodyguard who was hiding behind her appeared and warned, “Princess, it’s late.”

She stamped her foot. “I don’t want to go back now. I just want to stay out a little longer!” Then she added, “You are still here so I will not have any accidents.”

She was determined to see the man today, although the little princess had not yet figured out what she was going to see him for.

Maybe just to see if he was as good-looking as he used to be? Was he as cold as before?

It was an ordinary day, the bridge was full of people and there were floating lanterns above the river.

The little princess wore a set of scarlet skirts and her appearance was outstanding. She wanted to cross the bridge, but suddenly, her back was pushed. The little princess screamed out in terror and her body shook. Finally, she fell off the bridge.

With a “plop” sound, she was splashed in the river.

The little princess couldn’t swim. Her limbs were constantly fluttering in the water. She choked several glasses of water in her throat. It’s the month of April and the weather was cold, the piercing cold river water ran into her skin, and her face turned white immediately.

Her wet hair clung to both sides of her cheek. The guards hiding in the dark had noticed that something was wrong when she fell. When they had reacted and wanted to save her, someone had already jumped into the river first.

When the little princess was picked up by a man, she almost thought she was going to die.

With her eyes half-closed, she shivered and said, “Cold.”

It was really cold. She curled up and felt it was warmer.

But after a while, she still felt very cold, her teeth were shaking uncontrollably, “Cold…I’ll freeze to death.”

For a moment of silence, the man that held her took off his cloak and covered her.

The little princess opened her eyes, shook her body, and looked at the man in front of her stupidly. The man was more beautiful than her brother. The corners of his lips narrowed into a straight line, his eyebrows were straight out from the paintings, his eyes were like snow frost.

She was dumbfounded.

The bodyguards reacted and rushed to the front. Some of them knew the Southwest prince. When they saw him, they were stunned for a moment, then they retreated in silence.

The little princess thought for a while before she recognized him. Her eyes suddenly brightened. After she found that she was tightly held in his arms, her ears burned. Although she was shy in her heart, she still boldly held his waist more tightly with both hands. She was not shy at all. She was also tightly buried in his chest as she said, “It’s still very cold.”


“Didn’t you hug me first?”


“Woohoo, I’m freezing to death. Hold me tight. “


Although she did not know what it was like to like a person, she did not hate to be held by this Southwest prince. She felt a little sweet.

I hope he would hold her a little more tightly~

Although Ah Yu sighed, he was still calm. He had never seen such a shameless woman.

Even in the southwest frontier where people were open to the outside world, they had never seen such a thing as this.

Without saying a word, he simply wrapped her up in his cloak and wrapped her tightly. Then he whispered, “Don’t talk.”

“I’ll take you to the inn.”

The little princess was so stupid that she thought he didn’t recognize her. When he was about to lift her, she said, “I can’t get up. Hold me.”


Taking an inch…

Although the little princess was freezing and almost couldn’t talk from the cold, her legs were still working fine. She just wanted to be held by him and used it as an excuse.

Seeing that the man did not speak, she deliberately fell on top of him, “Save me until the end. I am a weak woman, I have no strength and can’t walk on the road wuwuwu.”

He sighed, seemingly helpless.

The little princess thought that he was no different from when he was a child. He was cold and resistant to people.

She pretended to continue: “Forget it, young master. Don’t care about me, let this poor woman die outside. I’m fine, I’m really fine.”

He couldn’t stand it. “Shut up.”

The two words that popped out of his mouth were cold and cruel, but they still satisfied her. He held her in his arms and took her to an inn.

The little princess secretly wrote down the name of the inn.

The Southwest prince ordered a bucket of hot water and said to her, “I’ll send a set of clothes in a moment. You can change your clothes and go home after.”

The little princess stood behind the screen and leaned out half of her body. She looked at him with dark eyes and asked subconsciously, “Where are you going?”

He raised an eyebrow, “It has nothing to do with you.”

The little princess hadn’t seen him for several years, so she was reluctant for him to leave.

She said pitifully, “Can you stay? I’m afraid.”

The Southwest prince sneered, thinking that the saint of a princess was a pig head.

How dare she say that to a strange man?

“Stay? “He asked coldly.

The little princess nodded and explained, “Stand at the door until I have finished changing my clothes and come out. I’ll be fine soon.”

After she comes out, she must not let him run away easily.

His face softened. “You go in, I’ll be outside.”


The little princess smiled sweetly at him, “Okay.”

The Southwest prince was in a complicated mood. He knew from a young age that he had a marriage contract with the daughter of the emperor, but he didn’t want this marriage deep in his heart.

The emperor and queen lived extravagantly. How could the little princess, who was adored by these two people, be better?

In his heart, he even disdained this marriage.

Before entering the capital, his father had already told him that they only had one chance.

He came to the capital ahead of time only to dispel the suspicion of the emperor.

And the Southwest prince had also sent people to check the little princess. These two words: naive and ignorant were enough to summarize her.

This kind of person was easy to control.

Just now, the reason why the little princess fell into the river was actually that the Southwest prince deliberately pushed her.

It’s just his trick to save the beauty.

He was cold-blooded. The love between men and women was worthless. Besides, he never thought that he would like anyone.

Instead of going out, he sat in the room and poured himself a cup of tea, savoring it.

The sound of the water behind the screen penetrated his ears, mingled with the singing of the little girl.

She seemed very happy. He didn’t know what she was happy about.

The little princess was afraid that he would run away, so she quickly took a bath, put on her clothes, and walked out with her wet hair.

Her little face was tender, white, and pink.

He did not expect her to suddenly run out, still barefoot on the ground.

The little princess’s heart was filled with stones. “It’s good that you haven’t left yet. By the way, I don’t know your name yet? Since you are my savior, I will repay you in the future.”

“Ah Yu.” He put down his cup and stood up.”Call me Ah Yu “

The little princess flushed red, “Well then…you call me Ah Luan!”

The little princess found that he didn’t like to talk, but it didn’t matter, she didn’t mind!

Not at all!

Her mother also didn’t talk much, but every day her father would change his ways to amuse her mother.

She could do this too. If he didn’t like to talk, then she would initiate first!

“Where are you from? Do you live in this inn?”

Instead of answering her, he said, “It’s time for you to go home.”

It was already getting dark and the sky reflected a gloomy appearance as if it was going to rain.

As if she didn’t hear him, the little princess moved beside him, chirping like a little sparrow. “I think you live in this inn. You are not from the capital, are you? Do you still eat when you come from other places? By the way, how can I find you in the future? The capital is so big. If I lose my savior, the Bodhisattva will not let me go.”

The Southwest prince felt it was refreshing and did not find it annoying to listen to her constant rumbling words.

He casually swept her pretty face and her glossy lips. His adam’s apple rolled up and down, and his heart moved. Suddenly, he felt that his voice was very dry.

The Southwest prince licked his lips, did not say a word and continued to listen to her talking.

Although the little princess did not get a response, she still persevered. Once she opened her mouth, it seemed that she could not stop.

“How old are you this year? Where do you live? Do you have a girl you like? Has your family arranged a girl for you?”

The prince stopped, turned aside, looked at her from above, and sighed, “Aren’t you thirsty?”

After all that talk, wasn’t she thirsty?

She nodded. “A little bit.”

The prince said, “Since you are thirsty, you should speak less.”

The little princess looked at him eagerly and said, “I want to drink water.”

“Go get it yourself.”

She hid her hands behind her and blinked, “I don’t have hands.”




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