Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 97

Translated by: Tinker

Since the little princess knew the inn where he stayed, she came to him happy every day.

The Southwest prince had never shown his dissatisfaction with this, but he still had an expressionless face towards the princess.

She didn’t feel strange at all, and every time, she would call his name sweetly.

Ah Yu’s attitude towards her gradually changed quietly, and the tone of his speech was much better than before.

The little princess ran to him again that day. She was dressed in a man’s clothes and her sleeves and neckline were a little too big. It was obvious that it didn’t fit her.

Her long hair was pulled up high, revealing a clean face.

No one knew whether she was deliberate or she just didn’t care about the defense between men and women, because when she came up, she grabbed his sleeve, shook his hand, and said, “My brother told me that there is a cockfight in the capital tonight. Do you like to see it? I’ll accompany you.”

The little princess’s thought process was very simple. Since they would eventually get married sooner or later, they should cultivate their feelings now. She also wanted to see what kind of person her husband was.

After this period of observation, she found that although he was cold, he was still very kind-hearted. It was nothing bad.

The prince stepped back two steps in silence and pulled out his hand.

The little princess winked at him. “You don’t want to go? You must have never seen a cockfight from other places!?”

The Southwest prince smiled silently, cockfight? They didn’t have one.

Seeing that he was not moved, the little princess said to him, “I tell you, I chose a fierce rooster, and I’m sure mine will win. Are you sure you don’t want to have a look?”

Deep in her heart, she wanted him to have a look and see the scene where she picked out a majestic rooster.

But this person seemed to have no interest in cockfighting. The little princess didn’t expect this before she came. She was a little depressed and didn’t know what to do for a moment.

The little girl lowered her head. It seemed that her soul was immediately taken away.

He rubbed his brows, knowing where his inexplicable softness came from, or perhaps he didn’t want to think about it.

“Let’s go.”

The little princess’s face immediately became vivid, and she raised a big smile at him and said, “Let’s walk now! Otherwise, it will be too late.”

When the two of them arrived, there was a circle of people outside. The little princess grabbed him tightly by the cuff and made a way out of the crowd to take him to the innermost circle.

The little princess went to the edge of the stage and found a small man. She took the cage from him.

In it was the rooster she had bought.

She carried the cage, pushed it to his side, and said triumphantly, “See? This is the big rooster I bought.”


Suddenly she asked, “Do you have any money?”

The man quietly took out his pocket bag from his waist, handed it to her, and asked, “What do you want money for?”

The little princess got his money bag impolitely, and then took out all the silver she had on her body and said, “Gamble!”

The Southwest prince always thought that she was very good and lively, but was not brave. Who knew she liked to participate in fighting roosters and even gambling? It really impressed him.

“How to bet?”

“We put all our money on my rooster. As long as he wins this game, the other party’s money will be ours, and the owner of the venue will also compensate us!”

What she said was very clear. It seemed that she had done this kind of business before. Although the emperor was cruel and had killed numerous ministers if he was not satisfied, he still had a good daughter.

Or he didn’t know whether to say she was good when the daughter was cultivated to have this kind of temperament.

The Southwest prince nodded, “Okay.”

He didn’t think the little princess’s rooster would be the best, but he still threw all the money in.

The princess opened the cage, and the rooster in it flapped its wings and ran out. After it stared at its bigger and fiercer opponent, his momentum faded completely.

“Cluck cluck” The rooster clucked as it ran in full circles.

The little princess was worried to death. Her money and Ah Yu’s money were all on the chicken. If she lost, she would have no face.

After all, she vowed to win in front of Ah Yu.

Before half a stick of incense, her rooster was defeated.

The little princess was so angry in her heart that her mouth pursed unhappily. She turned her eyes and when she saw the man on her side, she immediately retracted her sight.

After a long time, she slowly moved a few steps closer to him, bowed her head, and apologized, “I’m so sorry, I lost all your money. “

The Southwest prince didn’t seem to take it seriously. “Well, I didn’t think it would win at the beginning.”

The rooster was big, but it didn’t have any fighting spirit.

The little princess was surprised, “Then why did you throw all the money in!?”

The Southwest prince pursed his lips and made no noise.

When she was far away from the cockfighting ground, the little princess suddenly realized that this person was the Southwest prince! He must have a lot of money.

Unlike her, although she was a princess of a country, her brother only gave her little silvers every month.

She’s worse than him.

Ah Yu couldn’t guess what was in her heart at all. It was already getting late after they walked around the street. In a twinkling of an eye, it was time for the little princess to return to the palace.

The Southwest prince seldom took the initiative to say, “I’ll take you home.”

The word “okay” whirled around her mouth and was abruptly swallowed by her.

She had been lying to him these days. She said her family lived in a certain alley in the capital.

If she let him take her home, he would find out?

She was not very good at lying. Facing his deep eyes, the little princess stuttered and said, “No, no. I can go back by myself.”


The Southwest prince didn’t know that teasing her was fun. He looked at her with a smile and said, “This is not good. If something happens, I will feel regretful.”

“I’m afraid to delay your time.”

“No problem, I’m not busy.”

“I like to walk alone.”

He replied, “I’ll be five steps away from you.”

Now…what could the princess do!

She remembered that she could go into an alley and just go back to the palace after he leaves.

Then she said, “Well, take me to the entrance of the alley.”

Ah Yu opened his mouth but was interrupted by her, “If you take me home directly to the gate of my house and let the neighbors see, then my reputation will be broken. I’ll have to marry you. If you will not, my reputation will not be clean, and my parents will live in shame all their lives.”


After a silence, the Southwest prince laughed, “Okay.”

The little princess has been wandering in the streets of the capital for so many years. It was not difficult to choose an alley where there were no people around.

The two people walked slowly on the silent road. The end of the lane couldn’t be seen by a naked eye because it had already gotten dark.

The little princess was suddenly afraid. She stopped, turned to him, and said, “I’m here. Go back. Thank you.”

“You live here?”

She nodded, for fear that he would not believe it, “Yes!”

“Well, you go in first before I’ll go.”

The little princess’s scalp was numb. She walked ten steps inside. When she felt that he was no longer there, she decisively turned back.

But she felt that someone was staring at her in the dark. The more she thought about it, the more afraid she was, and the faster she stepped up her feet, almost running.

Before running three or two steps, her wrist was pulled from behind.

She was pinned against a wall, and she was too scared to move.

In the dark alley, she couldn’t see the clear outline of the person in front of her. The little princess just smelled his body and felt it was very familiar.

The man, who was covered by the dark, raised his hand and lifted her chin. He lowered his head and took a bite on her lovely earlobe.

His lips and teeth lingered on her soft lips.

The little princess stiffened, and the man’s deep voice whispered in her ear, “Then marry me.”

The little princess said unkindly, “You, you, are you in love with me?”

The man said with a low smile, “Yes.”

Who knew whether these words were true or not.

She was so gullible that she believed whatever he said and never doubted.

The little princess hesitated for a moment, thinking that they had not been honest with each other. She said, “But I already have a fiance. What should I do?”

The Southwest prince touched her face and it was as delicate as he imagined. He said softly, “Okay, I will help you.”

Ah? No way! Why was it like this!

In a hurry, the little princess put her arms around his neck. “No, no, no, it doesn’t matter. I can quit this marriage. He should also be a good man and won’t force me in this marriage.”

She made the Southwest prince laugh.

At this time, he did not realize how happy his smile was.

In the beginning, he seduced her and went everywhere with her, all to make her fall into this big net of love and use her. 

Now, he had also unconsciously fallen into the trap he designed.



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