Wife Can’t Escape – Chapter 98

Translated by: Tinker

T/N: Chapters onward for this arc will be very heartbreaking…prepare your tissues next week!

On the day of her marriage, the little princess felt that she was the happiest person in the world.

In her eyes, her husband was the best man in the world.

She was wearing a wedding dress that her mother had sewn for her. Her face was covered with a gorgeous make-up. Her smile and eyes were bright.

The queen looked at her daughter with tears in her eyes, then she wiped the water from the corners of her eyes with a veil, and said, “This is from your mother’s heart…if your husband does anything wrong, you should go back to the palace and live with your mother instead of him.”

When the little princess saw her mother crying, she also wanted to cry, “No, he is very nice and won’t bully me.”

Although he talked less, he was very considerate.

This marriage was political. At first, the queen had a quarrel with the emperor over this matter.

Her daughter was a precious pearl in the world. Why should she be married to the son of a barbarian in the Southwest?!

When the emperor saw that his daughter was married, he felt bad. His loving eyes followed her closely and said slowly, “My beloved daughter, do not be afraid. He is under the eyes of your father. You can marry him and enjoy happiness. If you don’t like him, you can raise another man you like outside.”

The little princess couldn’t do this kind of thing. She knew from an early age that if she liked a person, she must be purely devoted to him. She couldn’t be indifferent because this would hurt her husband’s heart.

After a long time, the little princess was finally sent into a red sedan chair.

Her eyes were blocked by the red veil, and the little princess could not open it with her hand.

When the sedan chair was carried to the front of the prince’s residence, she could not help but open it and peeped out through the window.

Her husband was riding on a tall horse with a straight posture. He was handsome. This was the first time that the little princess saw this cold and light man wearing red clothes and a belt with cloud pattern flower rolls. The whole person looked beautiful.

His jaw was cold and hard, and his lips were slightly upturned. He looked straightforward with his beautiful eyes.

The little princess felt that he was probably very happy. After all, before he recognized her identity, he said he would marry her.

She thought silently, he must also like her very much.

That’s good. They’re in love.

When the man got off the horse, the little princess quickly put the cover down and continued to sit in the sedan chair.

After a while, the man approached the sedan chair, lifted the curtain, and took her out of the sedan chair.

The little princess couldn’t see his face, but she could smell the fragrance of him. It was very comfortable.

She was blocked by the red veil, but she still took the initiative to hook his neck with her hands and put her small head in his chest.

They saluted and toasted with the guests.

After that, the little princess was sent to her new residence by a large group of people.

She sat uneasily on the bed, her buttocks felt a little painful. After thinking about it, the little princess thought that her husband wouldn’t come back for a while, so she lifted the cover again, looked down, and saw there were peanuts under the quilt.

No wonder it hurt her butt.

The little princess didn’t eat much the whole day, so now she was hungry and her stomach felt a little empty.

She reached out to touch a few red dates.

She was eating happily when the door of her new residence was opened at this time. Her face was slightly red. 

The man with the light-alcohol smell walked in steadily and looked at her with burning eyes.

The little princess also held a red date in her hand. Was it good to eat this right now or not? She then eventually put the red date back into the quilt and pretended nothing happened. She asked, “Why are you coming so soon?”

When her brother got married, his cousins took him to drink for a long time before they returned him very late to his new residence.

Why was Ah Yu’s turn different?

The prince poured himself a cup of tea and drank it slowly to relieve his thirst. He replied, “All the guests have gone back.”

Today those guests should have been informed in the advance. The emperor would not let them drink, so naturally, they did not dare to do such a thing.

Before entering the capital, he had heard how the emperor and empress doted on their daughter. At that time, he didn’t take them all seriously and thought it was an exaggeration.

In the past few months, he was with her, he also realized that the parents doted on this precious pearl.

The only glass of wine he drank tonight was from his royal highness. The prince, who was as warm as jade, looked very gentle. Unfortunately, his character was too soft to be an emperor.

He was not ruthless enough, not cruel enough, and there many things he couldn’t do. The country would be doomed if he sits on the throne. He could not save the declining country.

The little princess took off her shoes and socks and sat on the bed with her bare feet and legs crossed. A red candle was lit at the head of the bed. The candlelight was bright and dim.

There was a slight smile on the crown prince’s eyes. He said, “It turns out that girls lift their bridal veil by themselves.”

The little princess was flushed with shame. She picked up the red veil on the edge of her leg and put it on herself. “Now it’s good!”

“How clever the little princess is.” He laughed and clapped his hands, seemingly very supportive.

She was angry. “I am a royal princess, if you continue to bully me like this, I will let my brother take care of you.”

She bared her teeth and claws, but still looked very soft.

Just like the kitten he raised before.

With a flick of the finger, the man fell.

He pretended, “The little princess is so fierce.”

“I’m scared.”

When Ah Yu teased enough, he took a bath and changed clothes. After the bath, he came out without even wearing a coat. His long black hair fell on his back at will, his dark eyes were slightly wet, and his smile was loosely casual.

The little princess was not ashamed now. She was staring at his naked upper body. After seeing enough, she moved her buttocks to make room for him. She patted her side position very generously, “Come here.”


Ah Yu’s mood was complicated. Was she too naive to understand or she just didn’t know, or maybe she knew everything but thought it was nothing?


The little princess had never experienced the love between men and women, but she had heard of it from others.

If the person you love, loves you back, it must be something that makes people very happy.

She couldn’t wait!

The Southwest prince went to bed, and when he raised his hand, the candle went out.

The little princess laid on her side holding her breath. Her heart pounded. She waited nervously for a long time, but the man didn’t seem to move.

Oh, yes, he should be shy.

Her little hands crawled way up to his body like an ant and reached his waist.

With a ‘hiss’, he took a deep breath. His cool palm covered the back of her hand, and his hoarse voice sounded, “What do you want to do?”

The little princess looked at him and said, “Have you forgotten something?”

The Southwest prince did not forget. She must be tired today so he didn’t make a move. It was rare that the prince showed kindness.

But what she had done now was clearly saying that she did not need pity!

The little princess winked at him, and then cried, “Don’t you like me anymore? uwuwu…”


He did not answer.

The little princess continued, “It doesn’t matter. Ah Luan can still suffer this kind of injustice. You don’t have to worry about me.”


“Ah Luan doesn’t need your hug and kisses. She can be alone.”

The man laughed and his hoarse laughter spread from the quiet air.

The little princess looked at him with a good smile. When she came back to her senses, she completely left her heart of shame. “Ah Luan is sad. She’s still a little cold. Can you hold her?”

The Southwest prince sighed and took her into his arms as she wished.

“Ah Luan wants a kiss.”

The man patted her back patiently, then he clasped her wrist and pressed her under his body. 

His eyes showed a dark light and whispered, “You did this yourself..”

He gave her a chance, but since he was provoked by her, he wouldn’t be a man if he could bear it.

The little princess said with a smile, “I’m not afraid.”

However, before the next day, the little princess regretted her words.

Pain, sore, and tired.

She was still uncomfortable.


In a twinkling of an eye, they were already married for more than three months.

The two people mixed the oil with honey, and their relationship looked very good.

His position in the Taichao hall was a little idle. He had no real power and had nothing to do. When he was free, he would take the little princess to play everywhere.

This winter, it snowed early in the capital.

The little princess especially liked snowy days. She liked to laugh loudly while running in the snow in bright clothes.

The little princess saw him and called him out loud, “Ah Yu! Come here. I’ve just made a big snowman. My hands are freezing off. “

The Southwest prince held her cloak for her. After hearing this, he could not help laughing, and his eyes narrowed with laughter.

The servant behind him looked at him anxiously. 

It seemed that as long as the little princess said something to her husband, he would be happy. He stepped forward two steps, his warm voice reminded, “Southwest prince, the letter from the Lord arrived yesterday.”

At that moment, he saw the smile on the Southwest prince’s face stiffened, “I know.”

He looked up at the snow.

He knew that maybe he had already loved the little princess.

But in the face of the grand plan, his feelings were insignificant.

He closed his eyes and said in a cold voice, “Let my father rest assured that I will not let him down.”

Ah Yu opened his eyes and looked at the smiling woman in the snow. He thought that he might have to kill her himself when the time of the reign changes.

The little princess was naive and romantic.

At that time, a clean death was her best ending.

However, Ah Yu didn’t know what was the cause of the pain in his heart.



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