This is just a random section of my translation site. Sometimes I’m possessed with inspiration that I can’t help but write everything down. I’m not a professional poet. The poems written down are just drafts that I someday wish to publish. I’m following in Lang Leav’s footsteps LOL.

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#1 12/17/20

Even after ten years, your face still lingers in my dreams.

The nostalgia feeling back then haunts me to this day.

I’ve done everything to escape you

But no matter what I do, the curse you inflicted dominates me every time.

When I finally thought I could move on,

thoughts of you, your smile, and the way you used to look at me, would come crashing in like avalanche.

It’s hateful that my whole fucking world still revolves around you, when you had long ago forgotten about me.


#2 12/17/20

Have you truly liked me?

If you had, you wouldn’t be swinging your arms around her, as if I had never existed in your memories.

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